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2021 Arctic Cat Events and Demo Ride Information


Arctic Cat just released a list of events where you can see and/or demo ride the new 2021 models including the all-new BLAST, RIOT X, M 8000 Mountain Cat ALPHA ONE with ATAC and other 2021 models.

On a recent visit to the Arctic Cat factory, we learned participating Arctic Cat dealers will be receiving a select number of 2021 models for demo rides/display very soon. In addition, Factory Reps will be visiting dealerships with their 2021 models.

If you don't see an event near you, visit a dealer.

We will do our best to share those dealer locations so you can go visit them to ride, look or touch a 2021.


17-19: Eagle River, WI. World Championship Snowmobile Derby. 2021 Display and Demo Rides.

25-26: Elk River, MN. Midwest Ride-In. 2021 Display and Demo Rides.


6-8: Bemidji, MN. MNUSA Winter Rendezvous. 2021 Demo Rides

21-22: Sauk Centre, MN. Country Cat. 2020 and 2021 Demo Rides

21-22: Salamanca, NY. ISOC National Snocross. 2021 Display and Demo Rides.


6-7: Colebrook, NH. Go North Snowfest. 2021 Display and Demo Rides.

6-7: Old Forge, NY. SnoFest. 2021 Display and Demo Rides.

9-10: Laval Quebec. Sneak Peek Tour, Place Sports Expert (Place Forzani), 2021 Display

13-14: Quebec City, Quebec. Sneak Peek Tour, Complexe Capitale Helicoptere

13-14: Grand Rapids, MI. ISOC National Snocross. 2021 Display and Demo Rides.

13-14: West Yellowstone, MT. Spring Fling (Snowmobile Expo) 2021 Display and Demo Rides.

17-18: Kanata, Ontario. Sneak Peek Tour, Bell Sensplex, 2021 Display

19-22: Jackson Hole, WY. Jackson Hole Hillclimb, 2021 Display and Demo Rides.

20-22: Lake Geneva, WI. ISOC National Snocross Grand Finale, 2021 Display and Demo Rides.

20-21: Barrie, Ontario. Sneak Peek Tour, Bradford Greenhouses, 2021 Display

25: Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sneak Peek Tour, Red River Exhibition Park, 2021 Display

27: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Sneak Peek Tour, Prairieland Park, 2021 Display

29: Edmonton, Alberta. Sneak Peek Tour, Servus Credit Union Place, 2021 Display

See or Demo the All-New Blast at an Event near you

2021 M8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One with ATAC

2021 RIOT X Alpha One

2021 ZR9000 Thundercat

Comments (32):

Shawnson says:
1/14/2020 11:23:00 AM

I would sure like to see some in Minnesota.
Maindihar says:
1/14/2020 11:26:00 AM

Unbelievable that Arctic Cat is made in Minnesota and there are no shows in Minnesota?? It is crazy to spend serious money on something you have never seen.
Kale says:
1/14/2020 11:41:00 AM

I agree, I would love to have seen rounds of Minnesota demos mentioned in this list, but it didn't happen, but I know AC is working on those. Ill update as soon as MN stops are shared with me.

If you didn't catch the part about participating dealers getting demos soon, or Factory reps touring (to dealerships and other areas) with 2021 units to demo, you now know. Visit your dealer to ride, look and touch a 2021.
Robert Klapperich says:
1/14/2020 11:53:00 AM

Re: MN demos - I know one dealer that has requested demo sleds this spring and expect that will happen. Just waiting for confirmation. Had a great time last spring riding the Riot.
Lawrence says:
1/14/2020 12:53:00 PM

Why is it that Arctic Cat never has any demo events east of Quebec? I am from NB and have ridden nothing but arctic cat since I was 12. I am now 37. With the limitations on buying a new one, combined my local dealer choosing to stop selling AC do to said limitations, it makes it very difficult, or next to impossible for a consumer like myself to attend any demo events. With the inability to test ride a new one or even see a new one just points a consumer like myself in the direction of the competition.

VERY disappointed in the way AC has handled their brand in the last couple years. Seeing less and less on the trails and fewer in the future as parts are not even available anymore.
Brandon Michaelis says:
1/14/2020 1:00:00 PM

Yes, a stop in MN would be great. Country Cat or ERX??
TP says:
1/14/2020 1:51:00 PM

Same here in PA. It's like we don't matter. Yet at one time Pa was a top state for Cat products. Time to start looking elsewhere.
Richard Buresh says:
1/14/2020 2:08:00 PM

Trying to understand why they did not have a display last week at the Canterbury Races? Every other year they had a display, this year they had a three day event full of snowmobilers and they want preseason orders and they decide not to have a display? How is that promoting 2021 sales?
mitch says:
1/14/2020 2:28:00 PM

I live 4 hours from my closest dealer and I can't even order parts any more on the website like I could a couple weeks ago.

jim butler says:
1/14/2020 2:55:00 PM

Visit my local dealer? Textron closed my local dealer of 29 years. who in the last13 years I have bought 9 new sleds. This was a dealer who took very good care of there customer's. They now sell skidoo. I'm on the fence till april 1st. and then i'll snow check some thing. No Minnesota demo's? I'M looking for some kind of positive sign between now and then.

Kale says:
1/14/2020 5:49:00 PM

Richard Buresh - There was no Canterbury display because the 2021 models for demos weren't ready yet. I agree, it would have been nice to have them there. AC would have stole the show. Especially with the Blast.

Mitch and Jim Butler - Sorry to hear your local AC dealers are so far away. I wish that weren't the case.

Lawrence and TP - Ill say this again. There might not be a planned Event stop near you, but very good chance your nearest dealer will be getting demo units (arriving soon) or the Factory Rep in your area will be visiting dealers with units to drool over and potentially demo ride.
Matt says:
1/14/2020 7:49:00 PM

My local dealer is 2 hours away and I’ve already been back for a code for exhaust valves and now issues with primary self adjusting clutch bearing on my 2020 zr 8000 rr hopefully this is the last issue. It’s a long summer waiting for the winter season and the last thing i want is to have a new sled in the shop.I sure wish the local cat dealer here was still open it would be so much easier for service work. I still think cat has a great product and realize all brands have issues but driving 2 hours just plan sucks especially for a brand new product! My dealer has been very accommodating and great to deal with I can’t say enough good things about them. I ride with a fellow that use to be a rep for cat and it’s embarrassing to hear the guys from doo tell us cat is junk and going out. This guy ate slept and drank Arctic Cat for years and still does. Hopefully Textron gets things straightened around as I would hate to see Cat out of snowmobiles or have to think about myself and fellow riders switching brands or totally getting out of the sport that we are all so passionate about.
Tom White says:
1/15/2020 3:02:00 AM

The Midwest Vintage Ride In the January 25th and 26th at ERX would provide great exposure for the 2021's to about 8,000 rabid snowmobilers.
1/15/2020 6:48:00 AM

No excuse for no Mn shows, been with Arctic for 50 years, Is there no marketing people at Arctic? I've already moved on to Polaris with my side x side, Looks like they are there own worst enemy!
Ken says:
1/15/2020 7:26:00 AM

Great to see Cat getting some product out there but someone still has to explain to me why there are not dealers in every little town like years ago. I have said this before and on other forums and will continue to ask why. Since dealers do not have to stock any units and it's still order only, why can't this be. I know we can order PG&A on the internet. Now I see we can order our sled online too. Would it not be nice to visit my dealer in town? See and touch a few demo models, order my sled and pick up some PG&A. I see nothing but sales and profit for boat dealers, local repair shops, car dealers and any other business in the motor sports industry to become a Cat dealer. Stock some PG&A and a few demo units. They already have mechanics. Send them to Cat school so they can do maintenance and repairs if needed. The biggest complaint I see and read about is lack of Cat dealers. It's a day to transport my sled to my dealer for them to do recalls, repairs and maintenance and then another day to go pick it up. Not convenient and very expensive for me. I see lost sales and profits from Cat because of this. I hope Cat is working on this.
Derek says:
1/15/2020 11:39:00 AM

My AC dealer and sponsor in Yellowknife, NWT (Aurora Cat) is shutting down April 1st. Now I have to deal with Diggerz Powersports in Hay River, NWT. This will increase me overall costs in terms of shipping my cargo that I order from Diggerz. Yellowknife and Hay River are on a highway system which connects to southern Canada via the province of Alberta.

For those of you that don't know about Canada's North, I live in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut which is located on the south eastern side of Victoria Island, and is only accessible by air.

With Textron/AC shutting dealers down, they may loose customers to other brands. I know a company has to streamline their operations, but at what costs?
mitch says:
1/15/2020 12:47:00 PM

Kale and Ken,

Even though I am 4 hours from a dealer, up until a week or so ago, I was able to order parts through the AC website. That is no longer the case, only accessories, oil, clothing, and such not parts.

Was nice when they would be shipped right to me door. Sitting with 2 sleds not running and waiting until I can get to the nearest dealer to pick them up.

I have a Polaris and Doo dealer right in town, I might just have to trade in after 52 years of riding nothing but Arctic Cats.
Jason says:
1/15/2020 3:38:00 PM

Kale, trying to figure out if I can bolt on the new 2020 front spindle onto older procross. Looks like change top a arm and spindle only. Showing same part number on tie rods and shocks. Only question is shock length the same? I read lower a arm mount 1.5 inches lower. Part numbers are same but just trying to be sure. My dealer didnt want to be bothered.
Butarctic says:
1/15/2020 9:59:00 PM

Kale alot of people here in Quebec are not happy that there's no 9000 RR again next year, they don't want Tcats, really can't understand Cats thinking on this one, I've ordered a new 21 Tcat (even thou I haven't put 1 mile on my 2o Tcat) no snow yet in southern QC but I have 3 buddies who would put a deposit down tomorrow on an 9000 RR if their was one, but they won't snowcheck a Tcat
Flintstone says:
1/16/2020 12:55:00 AM

I’ve been dreaming about a 2021 thunder cat. But when the steering got sloppy on my 1100 turbo and I saw that the steering post bracket was broke. I don’t think I can in my right mind invest in a new one, that’s a safety issue completely out of my control. I thought they had this handled on mine under a safety recall. I just put 10,000 miles on a Death trap!! Go to order the parts and my local dealer is marking them up past the suggested retail and he looks to see if what I need is on back order or not and the web site is broken/not working/down.

So I stroll over to the showroom and they have a 2018 800 z r at the same exact price as a 2020 x c r 800?

How come Levi Lavalle has a garage full of 2020 Polaris doing you tube vids selling them? Does tucker Hibbert have a garage full of 2020 cats and a you tube video selling those?

This is a very confusing time in cat history to try and move forward with them. IMO
Looking at options says:
1/16/2020 8:23:00 AM

Unless a dealer gets added back up in the Hayward, WI area in the next few months, I think I'll be moving on. The dealer losses are bigger than no major redesign of the chassis in my eyes. The updates they have made to the chassis since my last buy have been significant and enough to have kept me on a cat (Iact/ATAC, updated spindles, new 800 motor), but the loss of dealers, and now the back order issues I've recently started noticing is what will make me switch to another brand of sled for the first time. Arctic Cat has just become too difficult to do business with in a time when they needed to become easier to do business with.
Kale says:
1/18/2020 11:00:00 AM

Ill try to address this stuff with my $.02 real quick:

1. MINNESOTA demo rides are starting to appear (See Elk River event). Watch this page, AI Social Pages and pay attention to Arctic Cat's website and social event pages.

2. Sorry to hear of AC Dealers closing. I have no explanation or insight. I wish this stories weren't the case. Hoping you all stick with the brand but understand a great dealer is part of a satisfying purchase. For those of you needing to order parts, great sponsors of this site, Country Cat and Thomas Sno Sports both offer a great online parts selection and quick shipping.

3. Jason - Swapping new front end on to Procross is possible, but I don't know full details. Ive seen others do it on sites like Facebook Arctic Cat Trail Riders.

4. ButArctic - No 9000RR in Quebec? Historically, the numbers of that model sold were low. And when the Thundercat got the option of iACT (now ATAC), the firm setting was like riding an RR, so that eliminated offering a 9000 RR.

5. Flintstone - The short of it...Levi Lavallee is a Paid talking head. Tucker is retired.
krom says:
1/19/2020 8:30:00 AM

Any word on if they will be sending blasts to dealers, for demos and to look at?
Dale says:
1/23/2020 11:51:00 PM

I started with Yamaha and doo in the 1970s I switched to Cat in the 80s then bad management sunk that boat literally, lived the dry spell of 90s junk sleds and went back to Yamaha for the incredible 3 cylinder years, then I came back to Cat because a twin spar rode phenomenally, and Crossfire 8 was tough to beat and a 'M' was a pretty great mountain sled... then change happened and i went and added a 2014 M8000 with great power ok handling, and fortunately i did not experience any of the problems the new riders had, having seen and talked to riders with the current newer versions of these derated fuel spitting fire prone gutless wonders of which there does not seem to be many on the trail or hill, my current collection of Cats and Yamahas are looking really good compared to the stuff being sluffed off as new technology sleds. worse Cat is killing off dealers left right and center. leaving no parts outlets or service and with Yamaha being a cat version its looking like the "other guys " are my future options, full circle I suppose.
Disappointing turn for Cat who are now near the bottom of the barrel pick no i dont want a one "lungger" sled again or a blue arctic cat or a 165 hpish that puts out less power to the ground than my 800HO. Cats change has totally gone in the wrong direction and like Extinction in 5 years, when Textron gets tired just like they did with Polaris when they owned that brand. My kids learned to ride 500cc, 600, and 700s not something that sounds like an old briggs and stratton lawn mower.
Stale Candy says:
1/24/2020 4:48:00 PM

Hey Dale eat a Snickers. You get a little crazy when you're hungry.
Greg Winterburn says:
1/26/2020 7:24:00 AM

sure would be nice for us northern ontario riders to get arcticat to come up where most southern ontario riders come to our trails that run into april ! but oh no they just forget us up here like even our own goverment does! shame on cat to for not helping out dealers with all the 2018 and 2019 still in the showrooms because the price of early booking new 2021 are basicaly the same price! i would not want to be a dealer ! im working for one and have bought a 2019 that cat has made no incentive for! time for textron to get there head out of there ass!
JimR says:
1/27/2020 10:45:00 AM

Here in Minnesota it is getting harder and harder to find carry overs. My local Dealer has just two left and I think one is sold. Country Cat, the largest dealer in the states for cat has very few left. I bought a 2020 ZR 6000 Limited iACT and it has been the best sled I have ever ridden Greg. I got it at a great price. Cant wait for my local to get in some of the Blast models as I really want to test one out. Might trade my 2018 in on an LT so I have something to pull my fish house around with at times.
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ToddB says:
3/4/2020 1:05:00 PM

Is Arctic Cat going to have all of the models there? I already went to the one at Country Cat, They only had the 2021 Blast and Riot sleds that were for this upcoming year. I wanted and the article stated that the Demo would be 2021 sleds and I test drove a 2019 demo sled. Any difference between that and a 2021, I couldn't tell you. But I'm trying to decide between a T-Cat and a ZR8000 Limited. I would like to ride a 137 ZR 8000 and a 137 T-Cat. Country Cat had a ZR 8000 129. Maybe the same and maybe not. IDK. Any help on this would be appreciated.
ToddB says:
3/4/2020 1:07:00 PM

I forgot to state that I'm going to the Jackson Hole event.
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