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A 1/4-Mile Tail Stand That Makes Bobby Flame Jealous


This is pretty amazing, and something that Bobby Flame could only dream of.

Comments (10):

g rod says:
12/14/2016 10:04:00 PM

pretty impressive.

especially for a skidoo. lol.

Mac says:
12/15/2016 5:59:00 AM

I have no idea how much riser he is using, but I just ordered it on Amazon..
mopars&cats says:
12/15/2016 12:26:00 PM

Color combination look familiar? .....
LanceFromMars says:
12/15/2016 12:55:00 PM

Looks like the new 2017 ZR 6000 R sx or cx, they are some nice. G rod your on the wrong site if your looking at skidoos.
John Sandberg says:
12/15/2016 2:16:00 PM

I think what's especially important here, is that none...NONE! of this would be possible without future hall-of-flamer Bobby Flame.
Mike Feil says:
12/15/2016 4:42:00 PM

This guy has epic tailstanding skills, but how is his freestyling and ditch banging game? Bobby Flame has it all....
G rod says:
12/18/2016 8:49:00 AM

Lance it is definitely a skidoo. The vid was by Ben hall on fb. Stock doo
G rod says:
12/18/2016 8:52:00 AM

It's a skidoo freeride 137
Bobby Flame says:
12/20/2016 2:56:00 PM

I wonder if he used a lightweight silencer.
Dinosaur Dan says:
12/22/2016 11:43:00 AM

Bodacious move for sure, but he is losing massive style points to Bobby because he is not wearing his red,green and yellow plaid baggy riding pants!!!!!

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