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Arctic Cat Tidbits from Star Tribune Story


Arctic Cat CEO Chris Metz. Photo by StarTribune.

I learned a few interesting tidbits from THIS Star Tribune story with Arctic Cat CEO Chris Metz.

Arctic Cat employees moved into their new corporate HQ in downtown Minneapolis last week. This new facility might have been the bait to get the newspaper reporter to visit, as well as employment consideration for some people who wouldn't otherwise work in Thief River Falls, but the stuff that's going to affect those of us who buy and ride the machines is the truly meaningful info. And that is:

- Ongoing construction on a research-and-development center and test track at Cat's St. Cloud engine plant

- A new paint line at the ATV factory in Thief River Falls thats operational.

Plus...According to the reporter, the SVX 450 Snow Bike will ship to dealers in December.

[I haven't been officially told dates. If this is correct, my hunch is that these units shipping to dealers in December will be demo units and not for sale. - John.]

And finally:

"...a redesigned Wildcat X four-wheeler...features more horsepower and a new bounding suspension system designed by NASCAR racer Robby Gordon. The shock-absorbing suspension makes wheels angle upward instead of stressing outward with each heavy landing.

“This hugs the surface of the ground, makes it more stable and avoids the ‘tire scrubbing’ ” that riders despise, Metz said.

[This is consistent with the Wildcat shown to the public (below) and a few journalists at last year's Sand Sports show.]


Arctic Cat Wildcat with new rear suspension.

Arctic Cat Wildcat with new rear suspension.

Arctic Cat Wildcat with new rear suspension.

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