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Arctic Cat Will Co-Brand the 120 with Yamaha


2013 Arctic Cat 120 snowmobile

Arctic Cat-built Yamaha 120 snowmobile

Press Release-

2013 Yamaha SRX 120 Manufactured in Thief River Falls, MN

For the 2013 model year, Arctic Cat will be co-branding their Youth 120 model snowmobile with the Yamaha Motor Corporation.

Arctic Cat will manufacture the Yamaha SRX 120 in their Thief River Falls, MN factory per Yamaha’s specifications, but the snowmobile will be based off the popular Arctic Cat Sno Pro 120 platform.

Arctic Cat’s Snow Division General Manager, Brad Darling said, “This partnership makes perfect sense for our companies as we’ve been buying Yamaha’s 123cc 4-stroke engine for our Sno Pro 120 since 2009.”

The easy-to-start, fan-cooled, 123cc, 4-stroke engine found in the 120 is easy to manage for parents, yet is extremely fun to operate for the Youth rider. Wrapped in a package with bold graphics and color combinations, the 120 will instill a lifelong snowmobiling passion into Youth riders.

Darling goes on to say, “Snowmobile consumers are extremely brand loyal, so we don’t see this partnership cannibalizing any of our current Sno Pro 120 sales. Instead, the SRX120 will attract an added number of Yamaha youth to the industry. Any time we can be a part of growing the snowmobile industry, it’s a good thing.”

Comments (25):

Snogasm says:
3/2/2012 1:13:00 PM

The kid's sled is a huge letdown. The SRX 120. It is exactly the same as a z-120 from Cat. You think they could have design it differently.

JimR says:
3/2/2012 1:15:00 PM

Snogasm: These things cost way over the $2k price so how much re-engineering do you want them to do. Pretty expensive for a relatively useless toy.
MnArcticCat says:
3/2/2012 1:26:00 PM

JimR: "Useless Toy"....Seriously?

Tell that to all the kids out there who will drive all day long and refuse to get off until they're forced to from running out of gas. The 120 is a perfect transition from a Kitty Cat, I would not put my kid on anything bigger before he pilots his 120 for 2-3 years.
Rusty says:
3/2/2012 3:46:00 PM

My biggest laugh will come when Yamaha's parts pricing for the engines begins to make folks throw their arms up in disgust.......... Working as parts sales mgr sure alerts me to many "variances" in pricing that make me wonder how the heck Yammi customers stay as loyal as they do over the yrs
akrider says:
3/3/2012 12:06:00 AM

Is this a sign of more things to come? I'd be first in line to buy a Procross F1100 equipped with a Yamaha Nytro motor.
Eric says:
3/3/2012 10:02:00 AM

Should have made the hood look like the old SRX 700.
RL says:
3/3/2012 10:38:00 AM

Who cares if it does not look like a yamabog. The chassis is made in the U.S.A.
Keep Americans working.
Eric says:
3/3/2012 8:38:00 PM

The old SRX triple was cool looking and way FAAAASSSST thats all I was getting at. Thought it would be cool to see the 120's in old iron trim. No problem with it being built in the USA.
Tom Rowland says:
3/3/2012 10:07:00 PM

While we're getting all warm and neighborly with Yamaha maybe we should re-badge our M Series sleds as Yamahas and let them sell them as well. They could use some help in the mountain sled segment as well as the youth segment.
Captain says:
3/5/2012 7:48:00 AM

JimR, a useless toy huh? I guess every snowmobile could be considered a useless toy then. I bet most kids how have a 120 put more miles on their machines this year than the adults due to lack of snow.
I remember riding my kitty kat year round.
Comments like your's are really a good way to introduce new people (kids) to the sport.
snotcicles says:
3/5/2012 8:13:00 AM

I'll bet the green ones faster-:)
taperk600 says:
3/5/2012 9:45:00 AM

Wasn't there a rumor about Yami fitting a Cat Sno Pro race chassis style front suspension on a Nytro for some testing ??? Maybe there is some tech-swapping going on here besides co-branding a 120 ?
JimR says:
3/5/2012 11:20:00 AM

My point Captain is these things are getting really stupid expensive for something that goes 8 mph and most kids grow out of by the age of 10. What is needed is a tweener sled to bridge the gap between the 120's and the next smallest sleds the 550/570 class.
Captain says:
3/5/2012 2:08:00 PM

Though I wont disagree there is room for something in between this machine and a "full size" sled, but they can be made to go more than 8mph without any significant changes.
These things hold their value much better than a full size machine so even though you may think they are stupid expensive it is a much WISER investment than a $12000 machine that is worth $8000 the very next year.
ctomesh says:
3/5/2012 3:46:00 PM

Is this really real or is John now playing March Fools jokes?
ctomesh says:
3/5/2012 3:48:00 PM

Nevermind! I answered my own question by looking at the new Yamaha lineup info on amsnow.
hugh says:
3/5/2012 4:32:00 PM

Finally a Yama-rhino doesn't instantly sink in 6" of snow. Next thing you know they will make a motor light enough to actually lift the skis and bellypan over the whoops.
Mike F says:
3/5/2012 5:30:00 PM

Captain is right on the money. You can buy one for your kids, beat on it for 5 years, and sell it for a few hundred less than you paid for it. The funny thing is the folks who race these can't get any speed out of the Yamaha motor and they look for the older ones!
Ridey says:
3/6/2012 10:34:00 AM

Rusty: Arctic Cat/Suzuki engine parts are substantially more expensive than Yamaha parts. reason being Yamaha makes many more therefore price per part is less. In this case pricing will be similar.
Bill says:
3/23/2012 4:34:00 AM

quote JimR says: "What is needed is a tweener sled to bridge the gap between the 120's and the next smallest sleds the 550/570 class." unquote

there is going to be... after several years of delays it looks like the mid-size Premier sled is finally for real.
Bill says:
3/25/2012 4:15:00 PM

also just learned about a Canadian midsize/youth machine...

Don't know about availability stateside tho'. Their site says that they are manufactured/pre-assembled in China then imported and final assembly in Ontario, Canada.

vs. the Premier Enforcer sleds that their site says are Built in the USA from 'domestic and globally sourced parts and components', but emphasis that the 'engines are not made in China'.
Rob says:
6/1/2012 4:26:00 PM

To all, if you want to get the most out of the 120 either Yammy or Cat call Rereational Motorsports out of Iowa. If your worried about transition go to the website and look at the 120 long tracks Scott builds.
Layla says:
1/13/2015 3:47:00 AM

Sorry guys. Doesn't make any sense to me why would they leave on engine buedilr who they've had great success with only to start a new relationship with another? There would have to be massive relationship issues IMO. The next logical avenue for growth would be for them to completely take over manufacture of their own product with a possible mentoring partnership with zuk if need be, and I doubt the need is there. To enter into a partnership with Yamaha doesn't make sense to me. It would be lengthy and would not really change much for AC. Strictly opinion.Tyler.
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