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Behind the Scene: It's Hard to Find Good Help


Here's a Behind-The-Scene photo from of our studio photoshoot with Project Eye CATcher.

My help for the day, Dozier the Spinone, was all but helpful. [sigh] That'll Do Dozier. That'll Do.

Dozier Napping on the Job

Project Eye CATcher

Rox Speed FX, Raceline Wheels, Speedwerx, Blown Concepts, Thomas Sno Sports

Comments (7):

Chad says:
7/7/2020 9:12:00 AM

Haha! I have a black lab does the same thing. They just wanna stay cool in the summer.
Matt says:
7/7/2020 9:15:00 AM

Imagine that. Kale cleaning. Do your toys ever get dirty?
Shaguar says:
7/7/2020 12:51:00 PM

I never realized that's how studio photos got taken. Always thought the backgrounds were just photoshopped out. Learn something every day!
Mark says:
7/7/2020 1:58:00 PM

I spy some vintage snowmobiles on the pallet racking. What are they?
Sam Sun says:
7/7/2020 7:24:00 PM

Those Raceline wheels look nice. Can we ask them for an ArcticInsider discount? LOL. They'd look even nicer on my 2016 700 TBX Special Edition Orange/Camo.
Matt says:
7/8/2020 8:54:00 AM

Looks great! Where does a guy get one of the Built Right Arctic Cat stickers?
Bobby Flame says:
7/27/2020 7:46:00 AM

Hey guyz, where can I get some of those snowmobile road signs? Did you just take them off the posts on the side of the road?

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