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Day 1: Arctic Cat 50th Report


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

Nothing like seeing hundreds of classic Arctic Cats, all prepped and delicious. Seriously, the sheer number of machines (as well as the rarity of many) leaves me in awe of how much work the owners put into preparing, detailing and bringing their sleds/displays here. THANK YOU to everyone who brought stuff!


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

Is it true Arctic Cat unveiled a new dirt buggy at the 50th? This pic might answer the question.


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

Lots of model making seminars, with the smell of Testor's glue and paint wafting through the air.


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

Did Edgar really sit on this? Only Wayne Kuster knows for sure.


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

I really wish Edgar would have made it to see this event. We all owe him such a debt of gratitude. The original Hetteen Cup did make it to TRF, however, thanks to the Hetteen family.


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

Team Arctic Legend Dave Thompson was a popular figure all day on Friday. Here he poses with Larry Coltom's 1977-1/2 Sno Pro 250.


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

Dennis "Z" Zulawski (r) was checking stuff out and comparing notes with Sweden's Bengan "Wet Bike" Westerlund. Lots of history here, folks.


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

One of the great families of snowmobiling, the Musselmans of Woody's fame are here to see old friends and some of the great machines they've helped make history with.


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

Greg Spaulding (l) and Donn Eide were kind enough to pose with some prototype engines on display, including a 500cc triple and 1100 triple that never went into production. Andy Olson built this sweet display. Thanks Andy!


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

Seeing the reproduction Boss Cat I (foreground) with the original Boss Cat II and III left me and thousands of others speechless. These monumentally-historic sleds draw a crowd all day long.


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

Serious kudos to Brad Warning (r) of the Warning family. They own all three Boss Cats and made such a reunion possible. Brad is awesome, allowing people to crawl into Boss Cat II and III to snap momento pix.

Serious kudos as well to the guy on the left: Kenny Halvorson, who did the fiberglass mold on the Boss Cat and hundreds of other Arctic Cats throughout the past 50 years.


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

Spyder-schmyder. How about this famous prototype from the Arctic Enterprises era?


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

The Scorpion Squadron is here. Famous race sleds' of Brad Hulings and Steve Thorsen. I always loved these oval beauties.


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

"Screamin' Scott" Eilertson is here, smiling big as always. He's signing his name on a raffle F1100 for the Snowmobile Hall of Fame. I tried to get Scott to jump over some cars with this sled, but he was unwilling. I guess it's not 1975 anymore, is it?


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

Lots of ATVs here, too. Curt Asche has ridding this 2007 TRV more than 31,200 miles! Awesome.


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

The Ische family has many of their incredible collection on display and looking beautiful. By the way... When you read ArcticInsider, nobody asks why.


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

Preston Lee is here with the Cat-colored twin track oval sled built by Dave and Durmont Wahl. Super cool.


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

Lots off stuff at the swap meet, including this Arctic Cat snowblower. No snowfall this weekend, but this place will be covered in five months.


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

I bought one...


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

...and brought it home in one of these bags.


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

Wait a minute... what's Kevin Thompson, Brian Dick and Tucker Hibbert doing watching Brad Pake shoot his gun? What the...???? For the record,
Tucker missed five in a row, while his wife Mandi went 24-for-25.


Arctic Cat 50th Party Day 1

Who's that Cat peeking behind a display?

Stay tuned, another report will be up in not too many more hours.

Comments (5):

akrider says:
7/30/2011 4:06:00 PM

Looks like an awesome event!
hugh says:
7/30/2011 5:57:00 PM

Bengan is a hoot, even if I only understand 1/2 of what he says. I think those are the same weird britches he had at Rum River a couple years ago when Rory and I drank all his beer.
greenrider says:
8/1/2011 10:07:00 AM

When they announced the 50th party and reunion in March, I knew I really wanted to go but was a little skeptical about the expense and time required to do this weekend trip, or should I say lack of time required to do it from half way across the country. But after careful thought, I figured you know what, I gave this company 33 years of my time and money, and I knew that this would be a once in a lifetime shot, so I bought the plane ticket, reserved a car and hotel and did it! Boy was I sure glad I did! If you missed it, the only thing I can say is, "I'm sorry"! If you are a true die hard Cat fan, you had to be in complete awe as you walked around the indoor arena and seen not only the quantity, but the quality of all the collectables, clothing, equipment and dealer showroom items that were on display. A true "tip of the hat" to all who took the time and expense to bring your items to this event, you truly made my day! When you walked around, and saw all of the "Z" model, "Sno-Pro" and "El Tigre'" sleds that were perfectly restored and on display, it really put a lump in my throat! From the autographs I received and the ability to just "walk up" and freely talk to some of the people, racers and engineers, that made, and have made Arctic Cat what it is today, was an experience I will never forget!! So in closing, "Thank You" to all of the Arctic Cat employees, engineers and racers that shook my hand and said, "Thank's for coming out, we truly appreciate it".

P.S. When I walked into the lobby of the factory, I asked all of the employees there, "so, how much does John bother you on a regular basis"? For some reason or another, the whole room erupted in laughter, what was that supposed to mean???!!!
Greg Hallstrom says:
8/1/2011 8:53:00 PM

Was a great show! Thanks to everyone from Cat that made it happen.

P.S. Yeah, Joey, that includes you too...........................
Diane Sutton says:
8/5/2011 9:03:00 AM

It was a great show thanks to all the people who brought their sleds. I am wondering why, in these reports and photos, there has been no mention or photos of the original sleds that Edgar produced when he first started Arctic Cat. After all, these were the beginning of the 50 years and were totally ignored. Edgar would have been happy to see them if he could've been there.

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