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Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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Jamie says:
3/17/2021 8:27:00 AM

Saw something like this shared on AC Trail Riders this morning. You steal the idea from them?
Kale says:
3/17/2021 8:34:00 AM

Jamie - Useless Fact #214 - Im not sure which photo you're referring to, but if it has anything to do with St. Patricks Day and Celebrating Green, it was probably something I created. When I was in charge of Social Media for Arctic Cat, I created and posted something similar to this, and it continues to live on. That had to be a solid 10 years ago. ;)
TP says:
3/17/2021 11:07:00 AM

Don't we celebrate St Patrick's day with the wearing of primer gray?? Who woulda thunk it was green.
Kale says:
3/17/2021 11:18:00 AM

TP - You spelled Dynamic Charcoal wrong...
Arctic buster says:
3/17/2021 1:15:00 PM

I'm glad that Kale has thick skin these days...
TP says:
3/17/2021 2:35:00 PM

Kale...My mistake! Do we make our beer Dynamic Charcoal also on such a festive day!

I look forward to this years Festivus celebration. Airing of grevances will be a big one this year! ??
Kale says:
3/17/2021 4:15:00 PM

TP - LOL! I drink my beer the mountains stay Blue!

You can air your grievances here all you'd like...but Ill be the first to give you hell if you're the guy who says, "I don't buy first year sleds" when the new mocha-chocha chassis comes out with twin turbos, 900hp, weighs 400lbs, has ATAC, EPS, a 65-inch liquid crystal plasma navigation screen and is wrapped in Team Arctic green. ;)
JimR says:
3/17/2021 4:58:00 PM

Thank you Kale. I doubt this guy buys anything. He is just here to annoy. Still waiting for Cats response on a 6000 with ATAC. Much prefer that motor to an 800. Will be ordering at some point here. Sold my 2020 with IACT and hard to go without that once you use it.
TP says:
3/17/2021 10:45:00 PM

Kale....Does Cat ever tell you the spring rates on the front suspensions of the Blast? With no sway bar it seems it may have a ski lift problem.
Kyle T says:
3/18/2021 7:35:00 AM

Aye, I'll smack that gray with me shillelagh.
Kale says:
3/18/2021 7:40:00 AM

TP - I can find out those spring rates if it will help you. Switching to Arctic Cat's offset dual ski runners helped minimize some of the ski lift while cornering. They for sure improved the trail handling considerably. Single bar runners have their advantages (cost and speed) but Im not a fan of the trail darting that comes with them. If you are a seasoned rider, you can live with it, but its very unnerving for new riders. Id be curious to swap the 40-in. front end with swaybar from the new XR Touring to the ZR Blast. That's kind of an expensive test though.
TP says:
3/18/2021 2:58:00 PM

Kale....If you could get the spring rate and the wheel rate, that would be both helpful and appreciated! I will contact you thru your email address. Thank you!

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