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Humor Alert: Best Man Video for Brian (and Alicia) Dick's Wedding


Last week, Team Arctic racer/engineer Brian Dick got married to Alicia Voss.

For the wedding, Brian's brother Adam and a friend created this awesome video speech that documents Brian's, ahem, training sessions for snowmobile racing.

If you've ever wondered what makes Brian so fast and such a good engineer, this video might explain it.

Note: Adam delivers a few expletives, so be warned. Also, Brian's nickname is Vern.

Congrats Brian and Alicia!

Comments (7):

Auggie says:
6/27/2014 8:53:00 AM

Congrats and awesome video. Was that Russ Ebert's plane??
John Sandberg says:
6/27/2014 11:27:00 AM

Nope, the plane belongs to Rusty Eichorn. Rusty is an OLD, grizzled cross-country racer (including several years on Team Arctic) and friend of the Dick family. Rusty is the guy whose plane was "stolen" in the video.

Filming took place on Pokegama Lake in Grand Rapids, Minn.

Did I mention that Rusty is grizzled?
Auggie says:
6/27/2014 3:23:00 PM

Yup, fished that lake many times and not to far from Hibbing, MN where I grew up.
Shawn Hopkins - 563 Motorsports says:
6/28/2014 10:34:00 PM

What an awesome video. The Video was probably the coolest wedding toast ever.

May want to delete the name of the plane owner so the F*A*A doesn't come after him since they did such a good job editing out the Numbers so can't be identified...
Sven says:
7/1/2014 9:51:00 AM

Awesome! Man Brian and Adam sound the same and talk the same. What a salute!
Gerard K says:
7/13/2014 5:10:00 AM

Owh my f'ing god. That's hilarious. Lol
akrider says:
7/24/2014 1:11:00 AM

That was great! I liked the training sessions and the water skiiing behind the plane was sick!!!

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