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Inside Look: 2022 Riot 8000


Built for the ultimate adventure rider playgrounds, the Riot 8000 crests the peak of the Trail Crossover category adding the all-new ADAPT CVT System and ATAC adjust on-the-fly suspension for 2022.


The C-TEC2 794cc twin-cylinder engine, delivers clean responsive performance with leading fuel economy thanks to DSI, Electronic APV Exhaust Valves, Exhaust Pipe Temperature Sensor, electric oil injection, ceramic exhaust and convenience of push-button engine reverse and electric start.


Smile-Inducing power, smoothness and reliability is backed by the new Arctic Cat ADAPT CVT System. New Drive and Driven clutches are lighter-weight and employ a compact design with advanced idler system. ADAPT maintains constant belt tension throughout the RPM range resulting in minimized wear and maximum throttle response throughout your drive belts longer life without fade.

Riot 8000 hits the perfect blend of crossover performance thanks to a combination of the ARS II front suspension and the uncoupled 146-in. CROSS-ACTION rear suspension. The end result is a playful, smile-inducing ride on the trail, or in the trees, thanks to its great weight transfer raising the front end up with every throttle hit. 

The Riot 8000 has choice of three different suspension packages – the first capitalizes on Arctic Cat’s 1.5 IFP ski shocks on the ARS II front suspension. The uncoupled CROSS-ACTION rear suspension has Arctic Cat IFP 1.5 front- and Arctic Cat IFP 2.0 rear-track shocks.

Seasoned riders will appreciate the moderately aggressive suspension calibration with manually activated FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 ski shocks and equally calibrated Arctic Cat IFP 1.5 front- and FOX 2.0 ZERO QS3 rear-track shocks.

And those looking for the ultimate level of premium rider performance can opt for the ATAC adjust on-the-fly suspension system. The innovative ATAC utilizes a thumb-operated button on the left handlebar controls to operate the FOX ZERO iQS3 ski and the rear track shocks, allowing the rider to instantly switch between three factory compression settings (Soft, Medium and Firm), with two additional settings (Driver 1 and Driver 2) allowing you to customize your own calibrations between front and rear shocks.

Other key features add to Riot’s signature 50/50 trail crossover versatility, including the loose/deep snow performance of its 146-in. Cobra track available in either a 1.35-in. or 1.6-in. lug height, G2 ProClimb-7 skis, ice scratchers, tether, laydown steering post, mountain seat, 5.5-in. race-height windshield and an adjustable 41.5-in. to 43.5-in. ski stance with sway bar. 

The performance-inspired bodywork comes in Green or Red (QS3 and ATAC packages only) and includes a commemorative 60th anniversary badge.  


Snowmageddon Ordering and Accessory Kit

During the Snowmageddon Order period you’ll get your best deal of the season. All Riot 8000 models are available in Green or Red with an Accessory Full Send Kit option including Pro Mountain bumper, Team Arctic handguards, mid-size rear storage mountain pack and taller 12-in. mid performance windshield.

Comments (18):

Bob Klapperich says:
4/1/2021 8:30:00 AM

Love my Riot, best sled I’ve ever owned.
Don Eft says:
4/1/2021 12:25:00 PM

I may be alone on this, but I love the gray. I ordered Riot 6 in green.
Jason says:
4/2/2021 5:31:00 AM

Kale, at the top it says leading fuel economy thanks to dsi. Aren't these engines sdi and what are they leading in?
David says:
4/2/2021 7:20:00 AM

Still a great sled but wow what a change of appearance. For the past 2 years the Riot lineup was one of the best looking schemes on the snow for color combos and decals. Then they crank out this... some gray is fine but the entire sled is fugly. I guess if nothing else it makes the RR look that much better.
Puss600 says:
4/2/2021 12:00:00 PM

If Cat offered the option to replace the gray with black, I bet very few customers would pick gray!!!!
CATMAN says:
4/2/2021 12:11:00 PM

Well said Puss600, You hit the nail on the head, I would guess 1 gray to 9 blacks. And also would be more order totals
Matt F says:
4/2/2021 9:00:00 PM

I argree, the grey is just too much! With the minimal changes to the sled as a whole, the least they could do is offer some color choices. They could have hit the ball out of the park with some retro schemes for the 60th and yet they settled on GREY! The RR look awesome and will likely be the bulk of the order book.
Kyle T says:
4/4/2021 1:40:00 PM

Saw a 22 RR and a Blast XR yesterday at my "local" dealer. Guess what? I STILL HATE THE GRAY. Perhaps EVEN MORE SO once I saw it in person.

That's part of the idea I came up with almost a month ago Puss. ALL sleds should be available in ALL orange, like the Riot X and Ms, ALL green, like the RRs, ALL purple, and ALL black. Looks like all of our advice against the gray is being ignored. Sales WILL suffer.
Jeff says:
4/4/2021 8:02:00 PM

Everyday I pass numerous new F150’s, challengers, and Tacoma’s all in this very same shade of grey. This is a colour that’s in style now. Get over it guys, we’ve had black cats since the late 60’s it’s nice for a bit of a change.
Jason says:
4/6/2021 6:47:00 AM

Kale, I'm really starting to see alot ppl that are blowing up 20,21 sdi 800 motors. Seems like it's a mapping/ injector issue. 4-5k rpms motor has a stutter or burp puts to much fuel into a cylinder if u run at those rpms to long and when u get into it ignites all unburned fuel and blows apart cylinder. Have you heard of these problems, is there a fix yet?
AdamC says:
4/6/2021 11:15:00 AM

Jason: The problem has really been with the 21's and I am willing to bet the actual number of sleds affected is much less than the Facebook pages and forums make is seem. Remember you only hear the bad. A lot of speculation about what the actual issue is but hopefully Cat releases an update or recall soon.
Kyle T says:
4/6/2021 7:34:00 PM

Thought I posted something like this but it was gone...

Jeff, I see those grey vehicles too, but the thing is, that's not the ONLY color F-150s, Challengers, or Tacomas come in.
Ger says:
4/7/2021 5:59:00 PM

My 2021 Riot has siezed 4 times in roughly 500 miles it's been in the shop so long I forgot what it like.
Bobby Flame says:
4/8/2021 8:59:00 AM

None of this really gave me a look inside the snowmobile. It's mostly just outside views.
CW142 says:
4/8/2021 4:54:00 PM

Jason, unless they’re running nitromethane ! Excess gas = followed plugs ? Not blowing cylinders apart ! Ger, that stinks ! Are you saying the motors been rebuilt 4 times ? Or it’s seized and you kept on riding it ? Sounds like and air leak . Iv got a 021 Riot only 400 miles on it . Guy I ride with has over 1700 miles on his . Both ran flawless . Mine was driven slow with the kid . To riding hard with the guys, and in 12” of Virgin forestry roads . Only thing is, mine mite have a 020 cdi program. It was built 02/17/20 . ( Leftover show sled I’m thinking. ) It’s also has a Y-pipe & a can on it ! I Forgot to put the D&D Bull’s-eyes in the air box ! Extra 4 HP . Good Luck on your sled .
Malik Ali Mohamad says:
4/9/2021 2:02:00 AM

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Ger says:
4/9/2021 7:35:00 AM

CW142, First engine siezed around 200 miles,
Engine replaced, seized again with about 30 miles on it, rebuild complete top end, 300 miles
One side seized. Oil pump and injectors were replaced after first engine siezed. This all
happened at around 40 miles an hour.
Mark says:
4/9/2021 2:20:00 PM

Hey Malik! If you are a psychic - can you tell us what's coming for 2023?

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