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Just Launched: 2019 Arctic Cat ZR 6000R SX Snocross Race Sled


2019 Arctic Cat ZR 6000R SX snocross race sled

When you pretty much conquer every single snocross class the season prior, you can be forgiven for not completely reinventing a new snowmobile for the upcoming season.

Still, Arctic Cat did NOT rest on their laurels for 2019, as evidenced by the all-new ZR 6000R SX snocross race sled unveiled this past weekend at Hay Days.

They added the Dual Stage Induction (DSI) system to the C-TEC2 engine, made new forged aluminum spindles while retaining last year's outstanding geometry, recalibrated the FOX shock package, fixed a bunch of little gremlins and more.


NEW FOR 2019

• New 600 C-TEC2 EFI engine with Dual-Stage Injection (DSI) includes a new exhaust system, reed valves and revised ECM programming for improved low-end power and response, with an increase in class-leading horsepower.

• Revised 40:1 C-TEC2 oil premix ratio and calibrated for National snocross race fuel requirements.

• New forged-aluminum spindles on the ARS II front suspension are lighter and stronger for 2019.

• Improved durability throughout, including the steering support, clutch guard, new front heat exchanger system, new bonded rail brace on the rear suspension, reinforced front panel, new upper a-arms and front chassis.

• Improved race calibration on the FOX FLOAT 3 EVOL RC ski shocks, FOX 2.0 ZERO RC rear track shock and FOX 2.0 ZERO C front track shock.

• Tether switch and hand/thumb warmer switches are relocated to ease under hood access without detaching the wiring harness.

• New recoil rope mount allows under hood access without untying the rope.

• New coolant bottle fill location for improved access.

• Revised chain adjuster prevents reverse camming during installation or inspection.



• 15 x 136 x 1.75-in. SnoCross track provides optimal traction for holeshots and acceleration, greater straight-line stability and improved traction while braking.

• ARS II front suspension features optimized geometry for class-leading handling that’s predictable and confidence-inspiring, with maximized cornering bite and ground clearance.

• Foot enclosures on the running boards enable racers to better hold their feet in the toebox.

• 3-gallon fuel tank is small to reduce weight and nearly eliminate the shifting of weight as fuel sloshes/moves around the tank. The smaller size and the placement of the filler neck away from the seat area optimizes the comfort and ergonomics of the sled, making it easy for racers to move around the sled.

• Next Gen side panel bodywork and console optimizes the ergonomics by allowing racers to move further forward while cornering.

• The upper hood deflects snow away from the rider, while the lightweight headlight/ windshield minimizes weight.

• Cutout-style rear tunnel section exposes the heat exchanger, allowing teams to pack snow on the coolers for improved hot-shot cooling performance. 


The Best Gets Even Better

Following the most dominant season of snocross supremacy in a generation, the Arctic Cat ZR 6000R SX race sled gets even better for 2019 with an all-new engine package, suspension refinements and a host of durability enhancements aimed to maintain Team Green’s leadership in holeshots, cornering, handling and podium positions.

“The revolutionary 2018 ZR 6000R SX pioneered technology like a 136-in. track, C-TEC2 600 EFI engine and a suspension package that set the standard in big bump performance,” said Brian Dick, Director of Snowmobile Engineering. “In the hands of Team Arctic racers, it won 59 percent of all National snocross finals 2018, 54 percent of all podium positions and 12 of the 14 class high point championship titles. The 2019 edition will be equally potent and even more durable.”

Arctic Cat brings its award-winning Dual-Stage Injection (DSI) technology to the 6000 Series C-TEC2 EFI engine for 2019, with a new exhaust system, reed valves and revised ECM programming for improved low-end power and response, plus an increase in horsepower.

Last year’s ZR racer debuted the ARS II front suspension featuring taller spindles, revised geometry and a handling advantage that was the envy of the sport. The 2019 ZR SX enhances the advantage with a new forged-aluminum spindle that’s lighter and stronger while preserving the precision geometry.

At the back is a SLIDE-ACTION rear suspension and 15 x 136 x 1.75-in. SnoCross track that set a new standard for holeshots, acceleration, braking and straight-line stability. FOX FLOAT 3 EVOL RC ski shocks and FOX 2.0 ZERO rear suspension shocks feature revised calibrations for 2019 for improved action in all race conditions.

It’s matched by the new ARS front suspension featuring increased caster, adjustable camber and increased ground clearance. The result is significantly improved handling that’s more predictable and confidence-inspiring, as well as increased cornering bite.

Racers appreciate the ergonomic advantages of the ZR 6000R SX’s touch points, including a the lightweight seat design, ultra-compact 3-gallon fuel tank, Next Gen side panel bodywork and console that allow easy movement around the sled, especially while cornering, as well as a low center-of- gravity.

A wide array of detail refinements enhance the durability of the 2019 racer, including an improved steering support, clutch guard, new front heat exchanger system, new bonded rail brace on the rear suspension, reinforced front panel, new upper a-arms and front chassis.

The 2019 Arctic Cat ZR 6000R SX can only be purchased through the Arctic Cat Race Department. To apply, go to and click on Riders Only Information. 


2019 Arctic Cat ZR 6000R SX snocross race sled specifications

2019 Arctic Cat ZR 6000R SX snocross race sled specifications

2019 Arctic Cat ZR 6000R SX snocross race sled specifications

Comments (10):

Allen0 says:
9/10/2018 5:22:00 PM

Will Textron continue selling the Tucker Hibbert Edition
Steve says:
9/11/2018 6:22:00 PM

So..... new FRONT CHASSIS. New body work..... are we getting an early preview of “procross 2”?
jerry says:
9/12/2018 10:00:00 PM

Could you elaborate on "class leading horsepower"? considering the claims that "Skud" has supposedly increased the output on their E-tec 600 also. Just wondering if Cat has announced an actual horsepower rating.
hotrod says:
9/12/2018 10:04:00 PM

Jerry what is the number that "Skud" is claiming on the E-tec 600?
jerry says:
9/16/2018 10:30:00 AM

an honest 125 HP, haa
hotrod says:
9/16/2018 10:15:00 PM

Jerry is that for the snow cross race sled? If not what is the claim on the race sled also? I have not heard what they are doing?
jerry says:
9/16/2018 10:39:00 PM

That rating is for the newly updated 600 E-tec in the consumer sled, according to the latest sled magazines. I have'nt heard anything about the race sled, sorry for the confusion. I've also heard cats race sled was making more power but was mostly wondering how the consumer models compare.
krom says:
9/18/2018 6:45:00 AM

They ran a 2018.5 600R etec at dynotech research. with 0 miles in break in mode it made 126.6 hp. brp says it should make 130 once out of break in mode.
The new motor has 4-6 hp more at every point on the curve.
Haven't seen any info on the race sled yet.

jamie says:
10/7/2019 7:52:00 PM

what gears are they running in the 2019 6000r sx
jonah ogorman says:
3/21/2020 8:26:00 AM

is there anyway ,that sled can be converted to trail ,to run on pump gas

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