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Prepping for the 50th: Captain...America?


Captain America and Corporal Crunch


Who is this capped crusader, and why is he prepping historic sleds (and decades of race gear) to display at the 50th?

Captain America? Corporal Crunch?


1990 Arctic Cat Kirk Hibbert Jeep I-500 Race Win Ad

Why, it's none other than the same guy featured in this Team Arctic race-win ad from the 1990 Jeep I-500.


1993 Arctic Cat Kirk Hibbert I-500 Race Win Ad

And from this I-500 race-win ad from 1993 that appeared in the Minneapolis StarTribune newspaper that year.


Famous Hibbert race gear

The Captain and his son Tucker (who no longer LOVES the nickname "Corporal Crunch") will have both I-500-winning sleds on display, plus a whole batch of Tucker's X Games-winning sleds and decades worth of their personal race gear.

Comments (2): says:
7/27/2011 10:18:00 AM

A good trivia question would be: Who came up with the nickname "Corporal Crunch" and why did that person eventually stop using it?

Or maybe not.
Angela says:
10/24/2012 5:14:00 PM

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