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Questions about Sno Baron's Hay Days 50th Anniversary


Clowns at hay days, by

Will Happy the Clown return for another year whatever the hell it is he does at Hay Days?


Snow bikes at Hay Days. Photo by

Will every vendor booth contain a snow bike this year, or will there be a couple hold outs who didn’t get the memo?


The amazing swap meet at Hay Days. Photo by

Just how many more Polaris Pro X seats will sit languishing in the swap again this year?


Weird snowmobile graphics wrap, photo by

What will be the creepiest sled wrap seen in the swap or vendor area?


Get your beer (mug) at hay days. Photo by

Will the special commemorative Hay Days beer mug exceed the SuperSizeMe 120-oz. capacity as it did a couple years ago? And will Chad let me shoot a photo of him again this year?


Great napping at hay days. Photo by

Passed out and sleeping at Hay Days.

...Which begs the question, how many people will be passed out before Noon on Saturday?


Arctic Cat's Roger Skime at Hay Days. Photo by

What will Roger Skime think of all the mayhem?


Hugo egos at Hay Days. Photo by

Hugo egos at Hay Days. Photo by

Whose ego will be rewarded for having built the most outrageous LOOK-AT-ME hauler?


Weird snowmobile products that make you go hmmm?

What product will I run across that stops me dead in my tracks and makes me actually ask “WTF?” out loud?


Team Arctic's Logan Christian is a DOC racer and drinker.

Will Logan Christian take a break from staring at his can of delicious Doc soda long enough to sign autographs with his other Team Arctic teammates?


Arctic Cat legends Roger Skime and Jim Dimmerman. Photo

Will Arctic Cat legends Roger Skime and Jim Dimmerman be able to clearly focus on all the beautiful, lovely snowmobiles?


D&D Team Arctic grass drag winner. Photo by

How many first place finishes for Team Arctic grass draggers?


Team Arctic's Ryan Simons bags on Dwight and DJ.

What hilarious shirt will Team Arctic’s Ryan Simons wear that honors his mentors Dwight Christian and DJ Ekre?


Arctic Cat engineers Russ Ebert and Greg Spaulding. Photo

How many questions about Arctic Cat’s long-rumored 800 engine will engineers like Russ Ebert (left) and Greg Spaulding answer during the weekend?


Arctic Cat booth at Hay Days. Photo by

How many people can you shove into the Arctic Cat booth?


Team Arctic's Rob Kincaid, Jolene Bute and David McClure. Photo:

Will Team Arctic’s Jolene Bute continue to make Rob Kincaid and David McClure look presentable?


Bad-assedness at Hay Days. Photo by

Who will be the most bad-ass swapper?


Arctic Cat waiting for winter guy gets married. Photo by

Arctic Cat's Waiting For Winter guy married winter at Hay Days a few years ago. Was #20FootTucker their first or second child?


Burned up Arctic Cat Firecat at Hay Days. Photo by

Will the temperatures be seasonable, or wicked hot?


I bang ditches. Sort of. Photo by

Do you really?


The Webmaster by night, paperboy by day.

Will Rodney the Webmaster forgive me for stealing his best material? Will he continue to deliver the paper on time? And will he please continue to impart his special brand of humor on me and anyone else who crosses his path?


Arctic Cat unveils snowmobiles at Hay Days. Photo by

And finally, what sled(s) will Arctic Cat unveil at 1pm on Saturday?

Thanks for reading!

Comments (13):

Derek says:
9/8/2016 3:45:00 PM

I can't wait to se the new 2017 ZR 6000R XC sled, should be a riot and can't wait to get mine.
Ron Juriga says:
9/8/2016 5:38:00 PM

In the box, RS 8000 ( 860 ). Do you know the build date for RS 6000
Paul Nadeau says:
9/8/2016 6:46:00 PM

What ever is in the box, I am sure it will be awesome! To all the Arctic Insiders going to Haydays this year, have a great time, take lots of pictures for us back in northern Maine who can't be there! Hope the weather is good, the deals are great and the racing dominated by Arctic Cat! Have fun!
Mike F says:
9/9/2016 8:56:00 AM

That Ekre shirt is
Ton says:
9/9/2016 3:15:00 PM

Likely snow bike and 600 race sled. But cat is in the underdog position and hungry. Very hungry. So a new limited build early release 800plus cc ctec maybe?

If it was, it would put a washday shine on Haydays and make it a seriously awesome event again.

There's been too many years of everyone already knowing "what's in the box" from the Internet and planned corporate "leaks." Then the box opens up and meh...

A truly unexpected un boxing would put a chub in the pants of even the most cynical. I'm waiting with loose fitting pants in hopes of something good.
Derek says:
9/9/2016 5:01:00 PM

Well Cat has to do something about the 800cc sled? As this sled is falling behind the times with it's older EFI system and a little down on HP compared to the other boys.

If they went to the new CTec 2 engine in an 800cc or bigger, I'd cancel my ZR 6RXC sled and get this new one.
SnappyDave says:
9/10/2016 2:08:00 PM

Its 3pm EST here in Michigan,, and here's the Question--- What was in the box ??!! c'mon, Inquiring minds wanna know !!
Derek says:
9/10/2016 6:06:00 PM

Nice looking race sleds for 2017. I like the colour scheme. It's nice to see the SX sled go to EFI.
Zscape says:
9/10/2016 7:52:00 PM

Looks like AC was hard at work with nothing new. The Yamaha mountain sled (King Cat) with orange paint stuffed into a Mountain Cat with the new plastics and the RS 600 XC with some add on's. Old news.
The SX is Speedworx special...should be sweet...but not Cat's work.
Come on are better than that. Disappointment.
Skidoo and Polaris continue to rule the roost. unfortunately. Why spend the money on a wooden box? Part bin specials.
Ton says:
9/11/2016 11:28:00 AM

The people who made the top secret box decision should be punished. Drop them off in the middle of nowhere with nothing but box stock 2012 procross turbo 1100's. Even if they make it home, they'll have black lung from belt smoke.

What a taco bell level of synical marketing. If your going to go to the trouble to put a box together, put something real in it. Something non obvious. Something "secret".

Ron says:
9/11/2016 1:10:00 PM

does the RS 6000 share the new tunnel ( front and REAR cooling system ) as the new ZR 6000 R XC cross country ?
Akrider says:
9/13/2016 12:09:00 AM

Ok, I missed the opening of the box. What was inside?
9/13/2016 4:11:00 PM

While I was at Haydays....a little bird told me the 800 c-tech will be here real soon !

Good things happen to people that wait !

Loyal Cat People will keep the faith.

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