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Rob Kincaid M8000 Giveaway



Arctic Cat Backcountry Pro, Rob Kincaid, lost his life to an avalanche in the Spring of 2020. Jason Nethercott, Rob's longtime friend and mechanic, built one last RMR103 mod sled. Arctic Cat and a variety of Rob and David McClure's sponsors, built a M8000 so detailed, it would put a SEMA Show display vehicle to shame, and they are giving it away! You have until March 1, 2021 to buy tickets to win it. Use code SNOWEST25 to get 25 percent more tickets when you enter.

CLICK THE LINK BELOW to enter for this amazing one-off 2021 Arctic Cat M8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One 165.

Comments (8):

JameyC says:
1/27/2021 10:28:00 AM

That is one incredible snowmobile! Don't bother buying tickets, mine are purchased and guaranteed winners. Hahaha. RIP RMR
Jason says:
1/27/2021 2:59:00 PM

Kale, I dying to know what's coming for 2022 snowmobiles, plus 60th anniversary? Anything that u have heard? We knew about 2021 already last year.
Kale says:
1/27/2021 3:57:00 PM

Jason - I can tell you MY22 sleds will be launched first week of March and at least one of them will be green! ;)
JimR says:
1/28/2021 1:46:00 PM

With a release date that late, it makes me think they are going to take the 60th seriously and give us some cool new stuff. Here is to hoping anyway.
Yooper Dan says:
1/29/2021 9:53:00 AM

Kale, any news on a new chassis? From a sales standpoint, I'm thinking it would be smart to stick with ProCross through the 60th and then launch new items in the following years. That way, the nostalgic who want tried and true will be happy, and those looking for updates will get theirs, too. Maybe kinda?
Jason says:
1/30/2021 8:36:00 AM

I'm thinking textron should realize if they dont have something new for cats 60th there in trouble. There are 0 customers switching to cat, and every year more cat faithful say sorry cat cant wait any longer. I like my procross, but it also is very much the same as my 2012 sled was. The few tweaks made in the last 10 years are all things that should have been done for 2012. The body panels, sdi motor, new switchgear, all took way longer than they should have. Polaris and skidoo are building some really nice stuff, I understand the cost associated with doing that but I'm really hoping my22 equals something awesome that cat and Yamaha came up with that isnt just another tweak on a 10 year old chassis with an out classed dirty 800.
JimR says:
2/2/2021 11:16:00 AM

The 2021 is so much better in every way to the 2012 that to me it is a complete different sled. It may look similar but that is about it. I would buy a new one in a heart beat! New is not always better.
NolanB says:
2/18/2021 6:43:00 AM

Doesn't Textron own Polaris too? I thought Cat would've done something new but I don't expect them to. It's Arctic Cat after all, I love my F8 don't get me wrong, but I think cat needs a new chassis, maybe an 850? 900 2 stroke?
They have so many opportunities but I have a gut feeling they'll find some way to butcher it..

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