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Rox Retro Arctic Cat El Tigre Custom


Rox custom Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

This past summer-Fall, Chris Olin and the gang at Rox Speed FX in Grand Rapids, Minn., built another one of their stunning custom sleds. It’s a tradition that began early on in the company history to highlight its products, vision and aptitude for customization.

Their most recent creation is one that stirs emotions for longtime Arctic Cat fans: a retro El Tigre-themed 2015 Arctic Cat ZR 6000.

The return of the Tiger in 2014 was a popular move for Arctic Cat, one that many people (myself included) appreciated because of the powerful emotions associated with the name. The El Tigre name expanded for 2015 and 2016, available as a package in 6000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 engine series configurations.


Rox custom Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

Rox had their own vision for what a modern ProCross chassis-based El Tigre needed to be. That vision was sparked a year ago by the purchase of an original 1980 El Tigre 6000 that had sat untouched for nearly 20 years, with only 627 miles on the odometer. Olin bought the nearly perfect Tiger, cleaned and restored it to showroom-like condition, and then launched his plan for a retro ProCross Tiger.


Rox custom Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

True to form for Rox, the retro El Tigre custom had to blend old and new in just the right proportion, and with just the right elements. Chief among them was the use of an original front bumper (complete with the OE decal and end caps) that was cut and welded to fit the new ProCross chassis.

Rox also fabricated two hood vents that matched the shape and size of the vents found on the 1980-81 Tigers, and then added them to hood/airbox of the new Cat.


Rox custom Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

Out back, an original round bar rear bumper and tunnel reflectors were added to fully frame the project. 


Rox custom Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

A new seat cover was commissioned to include the iconic green-over-green seat of the ’80 version.

Rox tapped Arctic Cat for unpainted suspension rails to match the original tigers, as well as a tinted windshield and black spindles. And Bottomline Traction came up with colorless hyfax that harken back to the old days.


Rox custom Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

New decals were imagined, created and dialed-in from Robb at Blown Concepts (who has done the decal work on nearly every Rox custom since day one).


Rox custom Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

Of course it wouldn’t be a Rox custom without a few products that highlight the company’s wares. Green anodized, adjustable height Rox risers add much appreciated versatility, while Rox Speed FX multi-color green Flex Tech hand guards and Rox bar pad top-off the custom perch.


Rox custom Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

Rox grip strips (anodized green, naturally) deliver a new level of foot traction for the running boards, while a 1.6-in. lug Camoplast ICE Cobra track eliminates any worries about getting the other kind of traction.

Rox added the ultimate set of dampeners: FOX Tucker Hibbert signature series FLOAT 3 EVOL RC2, ZERO C2 and ZERO RC2 shocks. And a set of SLP MoHawk skis completed the package.

The end result was the stunning sled you see here. Of course, like all Rox customs, the retro Tiger is no trailer queen. It was built to ride (just like the original).

So enjoy a little then-and-now images of two classic Arctic Cats.

Thanks for reading!


Rox custom Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

Rox custom Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

Rox custom Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

Rox custom Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

Rox custom Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

Rox custom Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

Rox custom Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

Rox custom Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

Comments (7):

kevin sebastian says:
4/28/2015 4:04:00 PM

Ahh yes the memories! I had a lotta good times on my 1980 6000!
Dulpher says:
4/28/2015 4:08:00 PM

Well done ROX on the ProCross El Tigre!!! The front and rear bumpers are truly awesome! Love the attention to detail. You guys nailed it.
Karl says:
4/28/2015 6:00:00 PM

You know Team Mattison likes it.
Jim Dimmerman says:
4/28/2015 6:42:00 PM

Nice job Chris & ROX Speed FX !! Sweet attention to details !
Bob V. says:
4/29/2015 4:18:00 PM

Very nice ! I like it.
Paul Nadeau says:
4/29/2015 5:17:00 PM

This needs to be a kit , excellent work!
Glen Mallory says:
5/1/2015 9:12:00 AM

This kit is very tasty and demonstrates great detail. It makes a statement without being “busy.”
Just my opinion but I think there is a balance between bland and too many graphic elements on the new machines that few makers hit. I mean across all the brands. This kit touches the retro emotions while still being fresh at the same time. When I was a kid the design term in the car mag’s that I read at night described this as the “Economy of style.” This is a great example. Congratulations to the design crew.

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