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Supercharged 800 CF/M by Speedwerx


Speedwerx Supercharger

Just got a note from the Speedwerx crew: they've been working on supercharger system for the 800 H.O. in the Crossfire and M chassis!

The beauty of supercharging (and unlike a turbo), is that there's zero lag. When the engine's running, so is the charger.

The $5,000 bolt-on Procharger kit includes: Speedwerx Full Exhaust, Lightweight Muffler, HYPERSHIFT Clutch Kit, Power Commander PCV Fuel Controller, Speedwerx Injectors, Pulleys, Belt, Tensioner, Bracket, Procharger Blower Head Unit, Plumbing, Waste Gate, Blow-Off Valve, Oil Injection Re-Locating Kit.

No chassis modifications are needed.

According to Speedwerx, it's the first 2-stroke Supercharger kit for modern sleds, and it's lighter than competing turbo kits. No word yet on the horsepower.

I hope to be able to test-ride this baby in the next week. If I do, look for even more tail-standing action than what you see on the Speedwerx-provided shot below.

Supercharger for tail-standing, ditch-banging and freestyling

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