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Team Arctic Crushes Haydays & More


Arctic Cat racers owned Haydays

Press Release from Arctic Cat -


New Stock Sled World Speed Record


Twenty-one class wins at the largest grass drag race in history… a new 141mph world speed record with a stock sled on asphalt… and news that Team Arctic’s Tucker Hibbert will compete in the entire ISOC national snocross circuit this season! Yep, it was an ugly weekend for any brand other than Arctic Cat.

The 21 class wins at the 44th Annual Sno Baron’s Haydays Grass Drags was a repeat of what’s happened at other grass drags this season, namely that Arctic Cat owns the big stock classes. Between Glenn Hall, Ron Gilland, Scott Moser and Denny Mousseau, Arctic Cat’s CFR 800 claimed four Stock and Improved Stock victories, adding to their World’s Fastest Snowmobile legend.

“We were looking forward to seeing what the competition was capable of with their new 800-class sleds,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “Seeing the claims they made in their advertising, we expected more of a fight. But at the end of the day, the 162-hp Arctic Cat CFR 800 H.O. is absolutely the best in its class.

While the World’s Fastest were cleaning up at Haydays, Team Arctic’s Billy Howard set yet another World’s Fastest Snowmobile speed record on asphalt, this time at Empire Dragway in Leicester, N.Y.

Aboard a stock, race-prepped Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo equipped with an asphalt drag track, boosted turbocharger and tweaks to the clutching, Howard ripped through the quarter-mile with a 140.91 mph/8.863-second elapsed time, setting a new world record for a stock snowmobile.

“When it comes to top speed for a stock sled, nothing comes close to the Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo,” said Al Shimpa, Team Arctic Drag Racing Coordinator. “Billy Howard topped 140 mph in the quarter-mile on his, with an elapsed time that’s quicker than what it took to read this sentence.

“That’s with a stock motor, stock suspensions, stock hood, stock clutches… pretty much stock everything except the boost pressure and the asphalt-only track. There is no other stock snowmobile that can touch these numbers.”

Arctic Cat congratulates all the hard work and great effort of all Team Arctic racers.

Billy Howards World Record Setting Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo


Team Arctic Race Results from Sno Barons Haydays Grass Drags


Stock Open

1. Ron Gilland

3. Kelly Shilts

4. Jamie Edwards

Stock 800

1. Glenn Hall

2. Ron Gilland

4. Jamie Edwards

Stock 700

1. Martin Gignac

2. Jamie Edwards

3. Brett Meyer

Stock 440

1. Matt Lamire

3. Brett Meyer

Pro Stock 1000

2. Barry Taggart

Pro Stock 700

1. Arron Casler

3. Dave LaCanne

Pro Stock 600

2. Ron Gilland

Pro Stock 500

1. Matt Lamire

2. Jamie Edwards

Imp. Stock 1000

1. Denny Mousseau

Imp. Stock 800

1. Scott Moser

2. Matt Lamire

3. Kelly Shilts

Imp. Stock 700

1. Matt Lamire

Imp. Stock 500

2. Terry Kyle

3. Matt Lamire

Imp. Stock 440

2. Bill Bennett

3. Matt Lamire

Heavy Mod 1000

1. Ian Langley

3. Will Ohara

Heavy Mod 700

2. Mike Neuwman

Heavy Mod 600

1. Ron Gilland

Heavy Mod 500

2. Dan Bickel

Heavy Mod 440

2. Matt Lamire

3. Ian Langley

Lite Mod 600

2. Ian Langley

Lite Mod 500

3. Matt Lamire

Lite Mod 440

2. Matt Lamire

3. Ian Langley

Factory Mod 1

2. Arron Casler

Factory Mod 2

3. Ian Langley

Pro Mod 1000

1. Ian Langley

2. Denny Mousseau

Pro Mod 800

1. Todd Drake

King of the Trail:

Glenn Hall

Semi Pro 800

1. Dave Kaiden

2. Troy Ahrenstorff

Semi Pro 600

1. Pat Lofdahl

Am. Stock Open

1. Kurt Meyer

2. Jason Gouvler

Am. Stock 800 SP

1. Jason Gouvler

2. Kirby Drul

3. Kurt Meyer


Am. Stock 800

2. Kirby Drul

3. Jason Gouvler

Am. Stock 700

1. Kurt Meyer

2. Jason Gouvler

Am. Stock 700 SP

1. Kurt Meyer

2. Jason Gouvler

3. Kirby Drul

Am. Stock 500

3. Taylor Masse

Am. Stock 440

1. Steve Ray

3. Taylor Masse

Am. Imp. Stock Open

1. Kyle Shilts

2. Kirby Drul

3. Kelly Meyer

Comments (5):

800Cat says:
9/22/2010 12:12:00 PM

Go Cat! Had this fight with my buddy over who'd dominate at Haydays,hes a mustard bucket lover. Shows who has the fastest 800s. Where the hell was the Terrain Domination of the Rush or 800 Pee-Tek?
Ron Patterson(classicstream) says:
9/23/2010 10:09:00 PM

JonnySox says:
9/24/2010 11:36:00 AM

Thats funny. Where has the RUSH been in racing? Havent seen it in Cross Country, Snocross or anywhere else.
Jim Dimmerman says:
9/25/2010 4:40:00 PM

SHIMPA...Yo Brah,wassup with this...140.91 on a virtual Stocker..
Congrats Billy Howard, Al Shimpa was the man who built the Worlds First Asphalt Drag cat,ZRT 800 (stocker)10.972@114.78 It doesn't surprise me he's behind the Worlds Fastest One!! WOW times have changed..AL, next time you go East "Draggin", give me a call, I,d like to go with. Jim Dimmerman
Beebop says:
9/26/2010 7:56:00 PM

Yah, where is that RUSH that we had to here so much about. and if the 800 PeeTec is so fast where is it in the Grass Drags.


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