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Team Arctic Hillclimb Champions and King Crowned at Jackson Hole – Snocross Concludes Eagle River


Kaufman, Tapio, Kincaid Headline Hillclimb – Scheele and Biese Snocross 

Team Arctic hillclimb racers captured 14 podiums, four class victories and the Semi-Pro King of the Hill title at Snow King mountain in Jackson Hole this past weekend. 

Semi-Pro Riley Kincaid

A Cinderella-type story set the winning tone for the weekend when the young and talented, Riley Kincaid, won the Semi-Pro Mod class and later was crowned Semi-Pro King. Emotions ran high with the Kincaid family, friends and fellow racers, as Riley achieved these milestone victories aboard a mod M 8000 built for his dad and hillclimb champ, the late-Rob “RMR” Kincaid.

 #48 Pro Garth Kaufman

No strangers to winning or competing at the famed hillclimb at the Pro level, Garth Kaufman followed Kincaid’s lead by capturing the 600 Mod class, while Kyle Tapio put an exclamation point on two Pro Masters classes winning Improved Stock and Mod. Both Kaufman and Tapio were named World Champions.

#318 Kyle Tapio, Photo:Tristin Ironi 

#318 Kyle Tapio

#318 Kyle Tapio

The National Snocross season concluded as Team Arctic racers returned to the World Championship Derby Complex in Eagle River, Wisconsin. 

#44 Anson Scheele Christian Bros Racing 

Headlining the weekend was #44 Anson Scheele’s third-place podium performance in the highly competitive Pro Lite class on Saturday. Scheele’s confidence, determination and ability have all improved immensely during the season, and his three podiums and 6th place end of season points standing prove he is a contender for the top spots next year.

Sport Lite Jordan Biese, Gary Walton Photo 

In the Sport Lite class, Jordan Biese has been one to watch after his late start to the season due to injury. Biese has dominated, capturing 5 straight podiums, including a weekend sweep in Eagle River adding to his third victory of the season.

Next up, Team Arctic Hillclimb Racers compete in Pocatello, Idaho for the Mogul Madness Hillclimb, April 2, 2021.


Team Arctic Hillclimb Results Jackson Hole, WY


600 Stock

3. Wes Selby


600 Improved Stock

4. Jeremy Archibald 


600 Mod

1. Garth Kaufman

4. Calvin Irmen


700 Stock

4. Wes Selby


700 Improved Stock

3. Jeremy Archibald

5. Garth Kaufman


700 Mod

3. Russ Tapio


Pro Masters Stock

4. Todd Tupper


Pro Masters Improved Stock

1. Kyle Tapio

5. Todd Tupper


900 Mod

4. Kameron Lindsay


1000 Improved Stock

2. Kyle Tapio

5. Calvin Irmen


Pro Masters Mod

1. Kyle Tapio

2. Tony Zollinger


Open Mod

3. Kyle Tapio


Non-Pro Masters

2. Skinner Bell

3. Marshall Holtom


Semi-Pro Improved

2. Riley Kincaid


Womens Improved Stock

2. Tiffany McWilliams


Semi-Pro Mod

1. Riley Kincaid


Improved Stock King

3. Kyle Tapio


Mod King

3. Kyle Tapio

4. Garth Kaufman


Semi-Pro King

1. Riley Kincaid

Comments (4):

Jon Walker says:
3/30/2021 6:41:00 AM

Love looking at those mod mountain sleds! How about more insight on those?
CATMAN says:
3/31/2021 6:49:00 AM

Watched the hill climb videos, Those riders on them CATS made it look easy.
Arlo Parker says:
4/1/2021 7:01:00 AM

Kaufmans mod is interesting. Like Jon said Id like to learn more about that one. Knowing Kirk Hibbert was out there and related to Garth, there had to be some cool tricks on that 600. Those drilled out ARS spindles look like they came off one of Tuckers snocross sleds. Any truth to Selby racing Jackson on a ZR? I see he got 3rd.
Malik Ali Mohamad says:
4/9/2021 2:03:00 AM

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