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This is What 600 HP Looks Like


Hypersports/D&D built a 600-plus horsepower drag racer based on the 2012 Arctic Cat F1100 Turbo. The finished it just in time for Hay Days. Obviously they know what they're doing, as the sled was the #1 qualifier in the Outlaw class.

With Glenn Hall in the pilot seat, it threw down a 139.87-mph, 3.952-second E.T. in a measly 500 feet!

While the videos are cool, they doesn't do justice to the experience of watching this machine rip down the drag strip. I was trying to come up with an analogy, and the closest I could get is like a blast of lead from a slug gun, except with a wicked rumble that precedes the blast-off.

D&D Hypersports Turbo Arctic Cat

The sled was built by Mike Everson (r) and Craig Campton (middle), with lots of help/input from Glenn Hall (l) and the D&D crew.

For their outstanding effort, the crew was given the Best Engineering Award at Hay Days.

I'm told that there's still more hp to be tapped from the Z1 engine, but that 600-plus is "fine for now."

D&D Hypersports Turbo Arctic Cat

The question I have is, how fast/quick will it go once they get another month or two of tuning and racing?


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