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Top-7 Reasons to Attend the Classic Sled Roundup


SHOF Classic Sled Roundup

Looking to get your fix of snowmobiles, racing, swapping and history this Labor  Christmas President’s  MEMORIAL Day weekend?

Here are the top-7 reasons to attend the Classic Sled Roundup in St. Germain, Wis., this Sunday, May 26.


Arctic Cat Boss Cat

1. You WILL see the famed Arctic Cat Boss Cats from the original snowmobile speed era. And, if history is any indicator, the Warning family (who owns them) will ocasionally fire-up the growling animals. Pure music to the ears of anyone within a mile!


SHOF Classic Sled Roundup

2. The disarming of bygone rivalries as Cats, Deere and Dogs frolic with each other, celebrating the joy of vintage fornification.


SHOF Classic Sled Roundup

3. St. Germain, Wis., is the perfect saddlebag destination for those who like long-distance touring.


SHOF Classic Sled Roundup

4. Grown men (like Jon Bauer) wearing aprons, while racing legends like Mike Trapp and Doug Hayes smile nervously.


SHOF Classic Sled Roundup

5. One of the summer's best opportunities to smell the turpentine stench of old fuel in even-older fuel tanks at the Swap meet.


SHOF Classic Sled Roundup

6. Confirmation that snowmobilers have an outstanding sense of humor.


SHOF Classic Sled Roundup

7. Seeing the awesome Snowmobile Hall of Fame, the sleds, the wall of inductees and the great history contained in one place.

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