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Unveiled at Hay Days: 2014 Arctic Cat M6000 Sno Pro and ZR 6000 RR


2014 Arctic Cat ZR6000 RR by

2014 Arctic Cat M6000 Sno Pro by

The big news from Arctic Cat at Hay Days is the just-announced 2014 ZR 6000 RR and M6000 Sno Pro.

Both sleds feature the new C-TEC2 599cc Arctic Cat engine with Dual-Stage Induction.

Here are the Press Releases from Arctic Cat, followed by tech specs:


2014 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 Sno Pro RR

2014 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 RR. Photo by

Arctic Cat launches into 2014 with the all-new ZR 6000 Sno Pro RR, a consumer race replica snowmobile powered by the new C-TEC2 599cc 2-stroke engine and boasting an array of component specs proven during two seasons of championship-winning success in snocross and cross-country racing.

This no-compromise race-replica shares many of the same race-winning features that carry Team Arctic racers like Tucker Hibbert, Brian Dick and Ryan Simons to victory, including competition-spec components like FOX FLOAT EVOL X ski shocks; the complete RMC race brake system; lightweight disc and race pads; and running board edge-rolls and reinforcements. The ZR 6000 Sno Pro RR even comes with the race-version of the FastTrack SLIDE- ACTION rear suspension, complete with FOX ZERO-X shocks featuring remote reservoirs and clicker adjustments.

The platform for the RR’s race-bred performance is the ultra-light and tough ProCross chassis and Tapered 2-Piece Tunnel. The front Arctic Race Suspension delivers the ultimate precision and steering control, now with lightened spindles. Boasting 10 inches of travel up front and 13.5 inches at the rear — with all shocks calibrated to the same specifications as the cross-country Sno Pro race sled — the RR is built to blast bumps and handle even the most aggressive riders.

Powering the Sno Pro RR is the all-new C-TEC2 599cc laydown engine designed and built by Arctic Cat for the 125-hp class. Featuring the new Dual-Stage Injection system and electric oil injection that’s matched by the latest iterations of batteryless EFI, APV electronic exhaust valves and the exhaust pipe temperature sensor, the C-TEC2 599cc delivers instant throttle response, powerful mid-range and top-end performance as well as clean emissions. Its push-button engine reverse adds convenience with no compromise of added weight.

2014 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 RR 

ZR6000 RR New Features

6000-Series Arctic Cat C-TEC2 599cc 2-stroke engine with Dual-Stage Injection, batteryless-EFI, APV valves and EPTS

Lightweight ski spindles deliver a nearly 1-lb. weight reduction

Increased fuel capacity 15 percent to 12 gallons

Seat foam and shape features added height, revised sculpting and improved ergonomics for greater overall comfort

Driven clutch sheave with larger cooling fins reducing drive belt temperature for improved performance and durability

Fixed clutch guard for added durability

More durable cover for brake disc


ZR6000 RR Technology Highlights

6000-Series Arctic Cat C-TEC2 599cc 2-stroke engine with Dual-Stage Injection, batteryless-EFI, APV valves and EPTS

Push-button engine reverse

ProCross Chassis

Tapered 2-Piece Tunnel

Arctic Drive System (ADS)

Race Version RMC Hydraulic Braking System with lightweight disc, race pads and 9/16 master cylinder

Race Version SLIDE-ACTION rear suspension with Tri-hub rear axle system

Arctic Race Suspension (ARS) front suspension

FOX FLOAT EVOL X shocks on front suspension featuring adjustable compression?and rebound

FOX Zero-X remote reservoir shocks on rear suspension featuring adjustable dampening

Race running board edge rolls

Race running board reinforcements

Deluxe digital/analog gauge

Low windshield

15 x 129 x 1.25-in. 2-ply Ripsaw track

Tether switch

2014 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 RR Specifications


2014 Arctic Cat M6000 Sno Pro 153

2014 Arctic Cat M6000 Sno Pro

Arctic Cat returns to the mountain 125-hp 2-stroke class for 2014 with a lightweight, high-performance M6000 Sno Pro featuring the powerful, new C-TEC2 599cc engine with Dual- Stage Injection. Equipped with premium Sno Pro-package components, the all-new M6000 is aimed at boondocking excellence, with lightweight, easy handling for maximum fun-factor in all deep snow conditions.

The 6000-series C-TEC2 599cc engine debuts as the first 2-stroke snowmobile engine designed and built by Arctic Cat. Thanks to Dual-Stage Injection, batteryless EFI, APV electronic exhaust valves, exhaust pipe temperature sensor and electric oil injection, this high-tech, laydown-style engine delivers instant throttle response and low emissions. It also features the no-compromise convenience of push-button engine reverse.

Equally innovative, the ProClimb chassis complements the light weight and instant power delivery of the 6000-Series engine. The combination of lightweight-yet-ultra-rigid construction and optimal rider ergonomics make the ProClimb chassis the ideal platform.

Up front, the 38-in. ski stance is matched by a vertical steering post and a 153-in. PowerClaw track for outstanding side-hill maneuverability and deep snow performance. Likewise, the ARS front suspension with FOX FLOAT 3 shocks handles the full range of mountain conditions with control and comfort in equal measure. At the back, the M rear suspension is repositioned lower and rearward compared to previous years, delivering improved maneuverability and ability to stay on top of deep snow, with minimal trenching.

All mountain riders will appreciate the easy adjustability and versatility of M6000’s Telescoping Steering system, as well as the enhancements to its RMC hydraulic brake system. A new seat shape for 2014 results in a lower and shorter perch for improved ergonomics, while a built-in storage compartment and 11.5-gallon fuel capacity are even more rider-friendly.


M6000 Sno Pro New Technology

Lightweight ski spindles deliver a nearly 1-lb. weight reduction

Seat shape that's 1.5 inches lower, 5 inches shorter and is 5.5 lbs. lighter

Improved snow evacuation at rear?of running boards, with rear bumper machining for increased boot clearance

Lightweight drive sprockets and aluminum bottom gear in chaincase

Lightweight brake disc and race-version master cylinder on the RMC hydraulic brake for enhanced braking

ProClimb chassis weight reduction: Aluminum spars (instead of steel); HCR heat exchanger system

Skidframe weight reduction: Lightweight aluminum axles; lightweight shock bushings and new rail cap

Rear suspension repositioned lower and 0.75-in. rearward for improved deep snow performance

Arctic Cat IFP rebuildable gas front arm shock in skidframe

FOX FLOAT 3 ski shocks feature improved air valve access for easier pressure adjustments

Increased fuel capacity to 11.5 gallons

Lightweight ski shock bushings and 8mm suspension hardware (instead of 10mm hardware)

Ice-scratchers come standard

Fixed clutch guard for added durability and reduced weight

More durable cover for brake disc

Driven clutch sheave with larger cooling fins reduces drive belt temperature for improved performance and durability

Rear-mounted spare belt bag

19/50 gearing for improved performance

M6000 Sno Pro Tech Highlights

6000-Series Arctic Cat C-TEC2 599cc 2-stroke engine with Dual-Stage Injection, APV valves, batteryless-EFI and EPTS

• ProClimb Chassis

• Push-button engine reverse

• Arctic Race Suspension (ARS) front suspension

• 38-39-in. adjustable ski stance

• Vertical steering post

• Tapered 2-Piece Tunnel

• Arctic Drive System (ADS)

• RMC hydraulic brake system

• Simplified Steering system

• Deep-keel mountain ski

• 10.75-in. roller cam driven clutch

• Tri-hub rear axle system

• FOX FLOAT 3 shocks on the front suspension and rear of skidframe

• Arctic Cat IFP rebuildable gas shock on front of skidframe

• 15 x 153 x 2.6-in. PowerClaw track with 3.0-in. pitch

• Telescoping Steering system

2014 Arctic Cat M6000 Sno Pro Specifications

Comments (16):

Kevin says:
9/8/2013 2:05:00 PM

Nice sleds but it's high time AC to stop hiding behind sled weights and once again publish them. We all know it's a big factor in the mountain segment - important enough that several more pounds were cut off this sled. If more space is needed on the spec sheet go ahead and cut out the part telling us that the drive system is an Arctic Drive System or cut the part out telling up that it has a dual halogen light -- we can figure those out on our own.

Cats might not be the lightest but they are very competitive - and people want to know sled weights so why keep hiding it??
AllenO says:
9/8/2013 5:33:00 PM

It is so heavy they had to ride the ski-doo and Polaris to see what a sled should feel like. There was an article some place.
RL says:
9/8/2013 6:01:00 PM

Published weights by the manufactures never match up to real world tested weights. If everyone's so worried about it give Jenny Craig a call. Both sleds look like winners!! So on the RR we know it has all the goodies that the race sleds get but is it the same chassis?? Also were any 2014 El Tigre 6000's run in the grass drags? If so how did they do.
Concerned Consumer says:
9/8/2013 6:28:00 PM

Looks like AllenO has been starved of oxygen for quite some time now. Lol

Be a good idea to maybe pull your head from the sand before it becomes detrimental to your clear thinking.
9/8/2013 6:29:00 PM

I had to a double take when I saw a Sunday post.
Mike F says:
9/8/2013 7:43:00 PM

Have no fear, John never takes a day off!
9/8/2013 8:35:00 PM

Well I was a little thrown off. I had watch that Rocky Mountain rob clip like five times may have been headed for number 6 and it wasn't on top of the list anymore. During the race season I look at the AI page on and off all weekend long just to make sure I didn't miss a post........... Smile John,we are a loyal group of followers! One of these years I will make it to Haydays, until then I will have to settle for Big East Syracuse show.
John Zanon says:
9/8/2013 9:52:00 PM

I have a new sno-X sled and would also like to trail ride it. I think the new RR-6000 is the sled I need! ...I could trail ride and race snocross at the Plus class regionals, and be competative. Roger & Russ think this is going to be a great cross country racer and Roger thinks I can win with it at snocross...Mike Kloety said it's no good for snocross without the deeper lug tracks. If someone would give me $500, I think I'd make the switch from the snocross sled to the RR!!!
I think this one hit a home run, and I bet the guys who bought the El Tigre early might be sorry they didn't wait for the RR 6000!
Greg says:
9/8/2013 11:25:00 PM


If you are going to race a lot of snow cross I do not think you would be happy with the RR. there are a lot of differences between RRs and the actual race sled when you see them side by side. If you are only going to race a couple races a year the rr will be a great fit for you. I am guessing the sno pro 500 will be going away soon and the 600rr will be its replacement. Jr. racers will probably have to run a throttle limiter or something like that.
Ryan W. says:
9/9/2013 10:33:00 AM

While I agree the RR looks awesome and will probably work great for XC, I hope it is not going to be the only option for future entry level XC machines. Having to buy a $13K machine opposed to a $8K sled to be competitive is going to turn a lot of people away.
Brandon M says:
9/9/2013 3:30:00 PM

As a mountain rider, I can appreciate a smaller displacement sled. Not everybody needs big bore. I love the green sno pro M's this year. Kudos to Cat for powder coating the tunnel!
Concerned Consumer says:
9/10/2013 6:49:00 AM

Greg,, Certain age group racers are already having to run limiters on their 500's. 10-13 yr olds I believe.
Jesse says:
4/24/2014 1:23:00 PM

Arctic cat rules
Moko says:
1/14/2015 2:01:00 AM

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1/14/2015 11:17:00 PM

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