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Want to Buy a 1975 Arctic Cat Factory Sno Pro?


1975 Arctic Cat Factory Oval Sled on eBay

After explaining to your wife why you spent $7k on a Triumph Sno-Cycle Conversion, you'll need an encore of the puppy eyes and smooth talking to convince her that spending another $11K (minimum) for a snowmobile is EXACTLY what you (and she) needs this week.

This might be a good time to buy some flowers and a gift-certificate for a day-spa. And switching to online-only bank statements (with a password that only you know).

I'm told that this uber-rare Arctic Cat Factory Sno Pro on eBay was purchased from the Andy Avelis Collection. I'm also told that it elicits uncontrolled weeping and knees-on-the-floor respect from anyone who sees it in person.

1975 Arctic Cat Factory Oval Sled on eBay

One of only a handful of factory Arctic Cat race sleds from the golden era of Sno Pro...CHECK!

Dual-plug Kawasaki liquid-cooled 440 engine...CHECK!

Genuine survivor in almost entirely-original condition...CHECK!

Likely piloted by the legend, Larry Coltom...CHECK!

You have four days to implement a domestic marketing program that wins the heart and mind of your wife/partner. Good luck.

Comments (15):

Todd Ulschmid says:
5/2/2012 1:51:00 PM

Hey, Mother's Day is just around the corner..... What say's Happy Mother's Day better than a set of open chambered pipes!
Paul Nadeau says:
5/2/2012 1:52:00 PM

Really now, is there enough chocolate and flowers in the world to sweet talk her into this one ? Maybe we can collectively come up with a domestic marketing plan Step 1: Day Spa, Step 2; Flowers, Step 3, pleading puppy dog eyes, Step 4, being brave, give up the checkbook for the rest of your life Step 5. .. . . Please add on guys, John, next time you are close to this sled, could you please drool on it for me LOL !!
Stephen Knox says:
5/2/2012 2:02:00 PM

I Did see that sno pro on ebay yesterday. That is the most original 75 sno pro left. Nice to see that there are a couple left with the L/C engines.
Greg Hallstrom says:
5/2/2012 5:26:00 PM

Sure glad I don't have the wife problem! Been there done that. Life is so much more simple when you are single.
jeff says:
5/2/2012 5:29:00 PM

a 75 sno-pro? since when? i knew they made some 74's and then there was an off year for some reason. the only race sled that i knew of for 75 was the Z. Is this not a 75 Z with a motor from a 74 sno pro?
We definitely need more info on this.
Stephen Knox says:
5/3/2012 3:19:00 AM


Sno Pro racing began in the 1974 season. For the 75 season they changed the name from Sno Pro to PDC (professional drivers circuit). So this sled is technically not a Sno Pro but a 1975 Arctic Cat 440 PDC. This machine is most certainly not a 75 Z with a 440 L/C. PDC was short lived, the name Sno Pro was brought back for the 1976 season.

Hope this info helps.
mike says:
5/3/2012 8:13:00 AM

Step5:Get all whiney and tell her it's the last sled you'll ever buy....PROMISE!!
John Sandberg says:
5/3/2012 9:58:00 AM

Tell her that owning this sled will actually strengthen the marriage.
Bob says:
5/4/2012 6:08:00 AM

WOW, John, you have done this type of thing before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greg B. says:
5/4/2012 4:24:00 PM

Did you see where someone told the seller he didn't pay any where close to 12,000 for the sled, his reserve is way to high for a 1975 snowmobile, and he is never going to sell it at that price. The seller's response is even better. I wish I had the spare change to pick that thing up.
Eric Bergstrom says:
5/6/2012 4:34:00 PM

Ended at $15,050 and still didn't meet the reserve. I think I'll stick to El Tigres and ZRs.
RL says:
5/8/2012 7:31:00 AM

Ultra rare with the dual-plug heads. And Mr.Knox is correct it is a PDC. It is an awesome sled and worth every dollar that someone is willing to part with to be the proud owner of this collectors item. I know if I had Johns money it would be in my garage.
Lawrence says:
8/19/2012 9:34:00 AM

yes this looks very rare to me as well, i had a 400 and a 440 free air cat engine with 4 plugs, and also a kawasaki 440 LTD 4/6 with a motor very simular to this motor in this sled, 440 LTD 4/6 had brutal power, i wounder if this engine is also a transfer engine like some kawasaki engines were.
Vinoth says:
3/24/2014 3:15:00 AM

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Jermajesty says:
3/25/2014 8:07:00 PM

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