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Which 800 is King, Which is Jester?


The Arctic Cat 800 H.O. engine

Arctic Cat 800 HO vs. Ski-Doo 800 E-tec vs. Polaris 800 Cleanfire

In a recent comparison test at DynoTech Research between the 2010 Arctic Cat 800 H.O, Ski-Doo 800 E-Tech and Polaris 800 CFI, Arctic Cat’s 800 H.O. came out on top with 163.4-hp.

It remains the horsepower king versus the E-tec and Cleanfire.

The biggest surprise was the Polaris Cleanfire, which could muster only a meager 143.2-hp. With a 3-percent drop in power for every 1000 feet of elevation, this engine produces less than 100-hp at 10,000 feet.

Traditionally off the mark with their advertising claims, the Ski-Doo E-tec produced 161.9-hp.

It bears repeating that you "Can't ride a dyno," and that real-world results are more meaningful that what happens in the lab.

A quick check of this season's grass drag results confirms that Arctic Cat is king of the dyno and straightline running.

Comments (21):

Captain says:
12/6/2010 7:20:00 PM

Pretty impressive numbers by AC and Doo. Equally UNIMPRESSIVE numbers by Poo.
jeff says:
12/6/2010 10:06:00 PM

Funny how a highly respected tuner/dealer and Hay Days record holder who sells both Cat and Doo came up with way different numbers for the E-Tec, but then again this is an Arctic Cat site. Bogus figures IMO but the snow is here and will tell the truth, Cat cant hide behind false claims forever. My 09 Doo Renegade X ran neck and neck with the 2010 F8 and had more legs on top. I am moded this year and plan on schoolin the kittys bad while getting alot better fuel mileage doing it !!!!!!!
Dulpher says:
12/7/2010 8:09:00 AM

Run against a CFR.
I heart Jeff says:
12/7/2010 9:52:00 AM

Jeff...we are all so impressed!!! Now, go post over on DT to prove how awesome you are
PronSno says:
12/7/2010 9:56:00 AM

Hey Jeff, I like to hear the facts and all evidence to the contrary, whatever you need to say to make yourself feel better, isn't there a forum where like minded people can lick each others wounds?! Id be depressed if I bought a ski-doo too, even more depressed if I spent money on it trying to beat a stock Cat. Do you pull your sled with a prius?
Cat House says:
12/7/2010 10:23:00 AM

So now the dyno is lying, Jeff come on.

And quite frankly, an F8 isn't suppose to be a rocket, but a would be left in the snow dust.

butarctic says:
12/7/2010 11:50:00 AM

Come on now Jeff d,ont you have better things to do than come on this site, why d,ont you run down to your local doo dealer and buy some of those 800 pistons before their all on backorder.
chris says:
12/7/2010 12:22:00 PM

I subscibe to dynotech, and the LATEST comparison has the doo-and the cat equal, at least if your comparing 2011 sleds
Hewhoshallnotbenamed says:
12/7/2010 2:00:00 PM

Maybe this will settle some of the confusion :P
flintstone says:
12/7/2010 4:54:00 PM

the 800 HO has proven to be reliable too!!!!
Phil Molto says:
12/7/2010 8:59:00 PM

What I love about the 800HO is how fast the motor gets to that max HP! Geez, you feel like you are on the starting grid when you touch that flipper!
Zach says:
12/17/2010 1:39:00 PM

I work at a Ski-doo/ Arctic Cat dealership and I've already got a couple of the 2011 800 e-tecs in with engine problems. One I already looked at and the pistons are ruined, including a serious coolant leak. the pipe basically was holding the coolant
Jerry says:
12/19/2010 11:03:00 AM

Anyone see the AmSnow shootout results? I'm puzzled as to why the cat dealer ran a F8 instead of a CFR. Seems that cost them the the race. Maybe I'm crazy but I'd like to see aCFR 600 in 2012 Sh*t yeah!
Jeff says:
12/29/2010 5:10:00 PM

Ya know what they say, the truth hurts BOYS !! Sorry that i pissed in your green party with a little real world testing whoop ass :)
acat600 says:
1/2/2011 1:36:00 PM

Good thing omc was for sale eh jeff?
toonse131 says:
1/4/2011 7:21:00 PM

my sno pro F7 smokes all the new sleds lighter faster no ski dont slolaris or the new cats can beat my sled.
z1turbo lxr says:
1/15/2011 6:46:00 AM

hey all just got back from a radar run that my freinds put together to horse around for the day. weather was great -7 degrees celcius now wind. the track was glare ice and you ran 1/2 mile. here are the results
1- cfr1000r 122mph 2010
2- cfr800 118mph 2010
3- yammie sxr 700 117mph 2002
4- yammie nitro 116mph(modified) 2008
5- z1turbo 114mph tied with my brothers apex gt. ac 2009 yam 2006
6- f1000 111mph 2009
7- several other apex gt ran 109-110 consistantly all day long between 2006-2009

all these sleds were stock except the nitro
Damon says:
3/8/2011 7:27:00 AM

i run my 2008 m8 against the doos all the time and smoke em I was racing my buddy on his mx-z 800 when his crank blew up
John says:
12/16/2013 7:33:00 PM

an old Yamaha srx 700 will kick 9/10 sleds ass in a drag.
Rev800 says:
4/23/2015 3:24:00 AM

I have a modded 2004 MXZ Renegade 800 non-H.O., black color; pre-mix 50:1, Boyeseen reeds, Japanese made Mikuni 38-35mm non-heated dual carbs (can't find these Mikuni carbs anywhere in U.S.A., these carbs even say 'Kick Ass' under the 'Mikuni Made In Japan'), 136x15x1.75 challenger track (no ice studs), sc-10 suspension, hpg shocks, stock pipe, stock can, slp pipe, slp can, woody's carbides on my unknown double-carbided ski's, unknown gearing (never check), original airbox on carburetor's (5-7 miles per gallon), RPM guage with digital speedometer, everything else is stock. Top speed on speedometer with slp pipe and slp can, fresh grippy few inches of soft snow over hard pack, 112mph, 110mph gps strapped in front of me on handle bar. Top speed on speedometer on lake/ice with some hard pack here and there, with slp pipe and slp can, 102mph, 99mph gps strapped on handle bar. Top speed on speedometer on hard pack/icy condition with slp pipe and slp can, 97mph, 96mph gps strapped on handle bar. Top speed on speedometer with stock pipe, stock can, fresh few inches of grippy soft snow over hard pack, 104mph, 102mph gps strapped on handle bar. Stock pipe with stock can, on lake/ice with hard pack here and there, 96mph speedometer, 95mph gps strapped to handle bar. Hard pack/icy conditions, stock pipe and stock can, 94mph speedometer, 91mph gps strapped to handle bar. I raced a modded F800 Sno Pro Arctic Cat that had D&D pipe and can with ice studs on its lugs in all these conditions I mentioned, fresh few inches of grippy soft snow over hard pack, hard pack/icy conditions, lake/ice, and I smoked that F800, left it way behind on the lake even with its ice studs. On the fresh few inches of soft snow over hard pack, I gave that F800 a 10 foot head start, and I still smoked it on acceleration and top end speed. All my rev 800 needs is a Japanese Mikuni dual throttle cable, and it will be back to a beast. I can't wait to get my new beast, All Black, 2016 Renegade X-RS 800R E-Tec, 137x15x1.6 Ice Cobra with QAS Adjustable. I know this won't be a beast like my Rev 800, but it will be a brand new improvement overall. I wonder what Japanese Mikuni company makes the carbs that say 'Mikuni Made In Japan' and says 'Kick Ass' right under it? I want to find these carbs.
Rev800 says:
4/24/2015 8:44:00 AM

I forgot to mention, I even let go of the throttle at 110mph gps with slp can and slp pipe on the fresh few inches of grippy soft snow over hard pack. I was still gaining speed, maybe 5 to 8 more miles per hour more if I hadn't let go of the throttle. It got to scary for me lol but good adrenaline, felt like I was about to float in the air at that speed, similar when going top speed in a car and the wheels start to feel like they're floating. I bought this sled with 305 miles from Craigslist in 09' for $4500 (owner passed away, family sold it for cheap), unknown gearing, rare Japanese Mikuni carbs, everything else is modded, etc. 3681 miles later, one side of my Dual throttle cable snaps, and now I run on one side, can't find the right Japanese made Mikuni throttle cable. With the stock pipe and can on, it still sounds like a beast, still has that mean rumble from idle to full throttle and/or 'braaaaap', I love the sound of the idle rumble. One little few foot high bump or when going up a hill, hard pack or soft snow, the ski's go up no problem, even when sitting down, no need to stand when we want to wheelie/cat walk on my 800. My 800 is very powerful and fast, that my hip joints or bones cramp sometimes from all the torque power (like the metaphor, 'he flew out of his shoes when he got shot from a 50 caliber', something like that, when something happens so fast in little time), I am 188 pounds 5'10".

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