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Zach Herfindahl is USXC Racing Goodridge-Grygla 500 Back-to-Back Champion


Herfindahl Wins the Prestigious 500 for Third Time -  And on His Birthday

#312 Zach Herfindahl is Back-to-Back GG500 Champion posing with his custom USXC Henry Rifle

Team Arctic racers and crews took to 500 miles of rough ditches, twisting riverbed and dense woods during the USXC Racing Goodridge-Grygla 500 and came out victorious when Pro Factory 600 leader, Zach Herfindahl, dominated the course and competitors. 

#312 Zach Herfindahl raced flawlessly on his ZR

Herfindahl’s flawless pace was matched by a smooth-running ZR and notched a back-to-back win at the 500, which is also the third time he has won the prestigious event. 

“Winning the G-G 500 is extra special and I couldn’t be happier,” said Herfindahl. “Even though I’ve run at the front of the pack this year in the Pro classes, this is the first time I’ve won this season! What a birthday present! [Laughs] Winning this race is partially dependent on rider ability, but it takes much more to win including the hardworking team behind me. Hector and Cory are ace mechanics and I want to thank Arctic Cat and Team Arctic race manager, Mike Kloety, for believing in our team, and truly going the extra miles for the Team Arctic race program.”

#931 Cale Anseeuw won Semi-Pro 600

Other stand-out performers included Cale Anseeuw’s Semi-Pro 600 win, up-and-comer Jesse Hallstrom’s dual-class wins in Expert 600 Limited and Junior 14-17, while the Junior 10-13 class swept first through ninth place on Arctic Cat’s led by Dawson Darco.

Roger Skime (R), Mike Kloety (M) congratulate Jesse Hallstrom on his dual-class wins in Expert 600 Limited and Junior 14-17

Team Arctic Race Manager, Mike Kloety commented, “Watching Zach this weekend was pure poetry in motion. His purpose is to win, and he tames the ditches, lakes and woods with the utmost fluidity on his ZR - A true cross-country master. When you start the second day with a 7-minute lead, that’s alot of time to think about everything that could go wrong. But not with Zach, he clears his brain and concentrates on going fast, being consistent and crossing the checkers first.” 

#9 Alicia Martin secured second in Pro Women

#9 Alicia Martin rode to a strong second place finish in Pro Women class. She told us, "The Goodridge/Grygla 500 was a rollercoaster for me. Low light on Saturday shook my nerves and I finished the day in 3rd, and off the pace. Sunday was a different story as the sun came out and I poured the coals to my ZR coming in first, but it just wasn't enough to compensate for day 1."

#15 Wes Selby Pro 600 finished 6th behind David Brown

#15 Wes Selby finished in 6th right behind Team Arctic teammate David Brown. Selby said, "My curse of the i 500 continues! [laughs] I had a good run after Saturday and was sitting in second. On Sunday, about 30 miles in, I started having motor issues which slowed me down 10-15 mph the rest of the race. Congrats to Herf winning back-to-back!"

Team Arctic USXC GG500 Results

Comments (8):

Greg says:
2/11/2020 2:22:00 PM

Zach had a 6:29 lead after day one. Opened the gap to 10 minutes then backed it down to the finish. Was a great weekend!!!
Allen Teach says:
2/11/2020 10:23:00 PM

Congratulations to all on Cats but there has to be a huge story with the guy named Joseph Rainville! Nothin runs like a Deere except a Cat Joe?
Dulpher says:
2/12/2020 7:48:00 AM

Nice running Team Arctic! Congrats Zach on the back to back wins.
Mike Nelson says:
2/12/2020 8:18:00 AM

Great job Arctic Cat Racers! I bleed green forever... And will forever, but it is a little concerning the amount of support Arctic Cat is giving or basically not giving its race programs...
I just want to urge Arctic Cat to continue to support it’s racers. I know it’s a lot of expense, but it leads to a lot of innovation in its consumer sleds...
Thank you Arctic insider always love your articles.
Classic Cat says:
2/12/2020 9:06:00 AM

Congrats to all those that finished. You forgot the highly contested win by Dave “Wild Man” Chambers in the 50+ Vintage class on his finely tuned 79 cross country el Tigre 6000!
Kale says:
2/12/2020 9:52:00 AM

Classic Cat - USXC results has Dave Chambers listed as racing a John Deere. Sorry for the miss if he was on a Cat...and congrats Dave!
Joseph D. Rainville says:
2/13/2020 7:26:00 PM

Allen Teach and all,

Yes, there is a story: my I-500 prepared Liquidator ate a cylinder and jug badly. It was not repairable without a total tear down and rebuild. Adam Leubner had just purchased a 96 ZR440 set up for vintage snocross and offered it up. So "Classic Cat" and myself and crew jumped on changing it over to cross country.

So my first time on a sled this winter was on a sled I've never ridden in flat light riding blind as my glasses fogged and were removed at the start.

I was glad to have not crashed too often, didn't wreck Adams sled, and actually finished in one piece. And man, those old ZR's can still haul the mail...

"John Deere Joe" Rainville

Linda Mark says:
5/4/2020 2:05:00 AM


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