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Team Arctic's Logan Christian Signing Autographs at Minn. State Fair


Team Arctic Cat racer Logan Christian

Team Arctic snocross and cross-country pilot Logan Christian is set to sign autographs at the Minnesota State Eatery.

Er, I mean Minnesota State Fair.

Super-cool that Logan is supporting his state snowmobile association!

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Arctic Cat Black Magic Sale: Buy a Sled, Get a Watch


Buy a new Arctic Cat snowmobile now during the Black Magic sales event and you'll get a sweet Zenith watch worth upwards of $350!

The only trick?: You have to travel back in time to claim it.

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Tell Us a Story: Brian Espeseth and the 1984 Snow Goer Shootout


1984 Arctic Cat el Tigre in Snow Goer Magazine

I'm adding a new, semi-regular department to ArcticInsider called "Tell Us a Story."

And I'm kicking it off with the guy (and story) who inspired it: Brian Espeseth, sharing a hilarious story about some "leveling of the playing field" at the 1984 Snow Goer magazine Shootout.

Click to read the story.

And thanks, Espo!

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New Gear from DRIFT Racing for 2013


2013 DRIFT Racing Suit

A Racing Suit that's identical to what P.J. Wanderscheid, Logan Christian, Garth Kaufman, Ryan Simons and D.J. Ekere wear...

A Sloper Jacket that Bobby Flame would be proud of...

...Check out some of the new DRIFT Racing gear for 2013.








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Aim For the Mascot: Tucker Hibbert to Throw First Pitch at MLB Twins Game


Monster-Arctic Cat snocrosser Tucker Hibbert is a baseball animal

Tucker Hibbert will throw the first pitch at an upcoming Minnesota Twins MLB game.

If you agree with me that him beaning the mascot with the ball would be the absolute funniest possible outcome (as well as a sure-fire way to make every television and internet highlight reel), please chime in.

Oh, and click to read details of the day.




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FOX Shock Service = Sweet Hat


FOX hat looks cool, and your sled will work better too

From now through September, when you get your FOX snowmobile shocks serviced or upgrated by the FOX factory service centers, you'll score this sweet hat.

Click for info.





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More Updates on 2013 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles


2013 Arctic Cat XF High Country snowmobile steering update

Additional updates have been incorporated into 2013 model year Arctic Cat snowmobiles.

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What's New: The 2013 Arctic Cat ATV and Side-by-Side Line


2013 Arctic Cat Wildcat Limited

Arctic Cat released information on its 2013 line of ATVs and side-by-sides.

There's a Wildcat Limited, new 400, 450 and 500 models; and swaybars on several existing models.

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Arctic Cat Firecat Commercial from 2006 Featuring Two Moose


Two Firecats, a pitstop and a couple moose. What's not to love about this Arctic Cat commercial for the 2006 season!?

Trivia Question: Name the famous Team Arctic racer that rode inside the moose to create the jump shot?

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Tom Wantland is Tweaking a Thundercat to 147 mph


Tom Wantland's Arctic Cat Thundercat project

To achieve his goal of setting an NSSR World Speed record this coming season, Tom Wantland went to a wind tunnel with his Arctic Cat Thundercat Pro Stock racer to find an extra 3 mph.

Will it be enough?

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(A Brief) July Trip to Arctic Cat


Arctic Insider is welcomed by TRF

Last week I spent a brief amount of time at Arctic Cat following the succesful Class 5 Rally.

Here's a very short post on what I saw.





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Class 5 Rally (to TRF): 400 Miles of Awesomeness


Arctic Cat Wildcat Class 5 Rally to TRF


The Class 5 Rally from St. Cloud, Minn., to Thief River Falls is complete!

While there were no checkered flags, crashes or even competitors, there were plenty of pit stops and course infractions.

Click to read about the adventure.



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Friday Roundup: The July 27 2012 Edition


Wild Bill Cooper

As always, there's stuff happening in the world of Arctic Cat, snowmobiles and ATVs.

Click to read the Friday Roundup.






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Arctic Cat Fiscal 2013 1st QTR Results


Arctic Cat Fiscal 2013 1st QTR

Arctic Cat reported yet another strong fiscal quarter. Among the highlights:

* Net sales grew 49 percent to $111.3 million

* Operating profit of $3.1 million versus a loss of $3.6 million

* Raising full-year outlook for fiscal 2013

* No long-term debt.

Click to read the report.


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Class 5 Rally: The Preview


Arctic Cat Wildcat for the Class 5 Rally to TRF

For the next couple days I'm going to ride in this Arctic Cat Wildcat on a 400 mile trip to Thief River Falls.

Wish me luck.

Click to read.




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True Story? 1999 Arctic Cat Tigershark Commercial


An Arctic Cat Tigershark TV commercial from 1999.

Based on a true story? I hope so.

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How Tough Are Arctic Cat ATVs? Watch the Commercial


An Arctic Cat ATV commercial from 2006 that (sort of) spoofs Arctic Cat ATV commercials. Yep, tough!

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New Snowmobile PG&A from Arctic Cat July 2012


2013 Arctic Cat Retro Shop Shirt

Now is the time of the year when the snowmobile industry starts revving up for the approaching season by promoting their newest products.

Here are the latest clothing and accessories from Arctic Cat.







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CPC Revisited: Episode 5 – The Epilogue


CPC Revisited: Arctic Cat History image by

For a four year period beginning in 1982, Certified Parts Corporation of Janesville, Wis., and its owner, Jim Grafft, were an integral, brand-saving chapter in the Arctic Cat story.

Click to read the fifth and final episode of the CPC Revisited series - The Epilogue. 





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CPC Revisited: Episode 4 – Tales from the Crypt


CPC Revisited: Arctic Cat History image by

For a four year period beginning in 1982, Certified Parts Corporation of Janesville, Wis., and its owner, Jim Grafft, were an integral, brand-saving chapter in the Arctic Cat story.

What remains of anything-Arctic Cat at CPC today? I was lucky to find out.

Click to read Episode 4 – Tales from the Crypt.



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