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Craig's-List-of-the-Week July 8


1978 4-cylinder Arctic Cat Jag...for SALE!

A prototype 1978 Arctic Cat Jag the company was afraid to produce... or what happens when you mix mechanical ingenuity/a great sense of humor/beer?

Either way, I love it.












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Happy 4th: Black Cats and Smoke Bombs



Happy Independence Day! A heartfelt THANKS to everyone who made it possible.

And always remember: Light fuse and get away.






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Arctic Cat Ragged Shirt Contest Winners


The winners: Jon Edwards (left) and Mike McArdle

Of all the legendary race wins recorded by Arctic Cat competitors, Jon Edwards (left) and Mike McArdle recently captured one of the most prestigious: the Ragged Shirt Race. And in doing so, won a huge cash prize along with the adulation of their co-workers, friends and family.

Click to read.



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Q&A with Brian Dick, Team Arctic Racer and Arctic Cat Engineer


Brian Dick

During the 2009-10 USCC cross-country racing season, Team Arctic’s Brian Dick joined the elite ranks of legendary Arctic Cat racers to score multiple class wins and the overall high-point Championship title in a single season of competition.

We talked with Brian about his race season and his job at Arctic Cat. Click to read about it.







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Arctic Cat Summertime Warp


Dirtbiking at the gravel pit

I wonder what's going on at Arctic Cat this summer?







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Updates on Arctic Cat Snowmobile Engine Production


Arctic Cat Engine Facility in St. Cloud, Minn.

After several conversation with people from Arctic Cat during the past couple days, more information has come to light about the company's the shift to build its own engines.

Click to read.





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Goodbye Suzuki: Arctic Cat to Produce its Snowmobile Engines


Are you sitting down?

Arctic Cat today announced that it has entered into an agreement to transition its snowmobile engine manufacturing from Suzuki Motor Corporation.

Arctic Cat will begin manufacturing some of its own snowmobile engines in St. Cloud, Minn., after the 2014 model year.

Click to read the release.







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Hibbert Out of Summer X Games with Knee Injury


Tucker and Rob during happier (but confused-looking) timesStupid knees!

While practicing motocross for his first appearance at the Summer X Games, Tucker Hibbert hyper-extended his right knee. As a result, he must forgo his racing schedule this summer and focus instead on healing.

Click to read his press release.




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Classic Arctic Cat Styling DNA


Two Classic Arctic Cats

I recently came across this photo that I shot at Waconia Vintage Hullabaloo in 2006. It strikes me now like it did two Arctic Cats, separated by nearly 30 years, can look so similar.

And so good.





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ArcticInsiders Visit BRP in Wausau


I drove through Wausau, Wis., yesterday. It was a beautiful summer afternoon.

And it reminded me of the time I passed through last winter...

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Help Minnesota Spend its Money on Snowmobiling


Minnesota's North Shore

Are you a Minnesotan who want to provide input on how your tax dollars are spent for trails, parks and the environment?

Learn how by clicking to read a letter from Terry Hutchinson, MN United Snowmobilers Assoc. Director at Large and Chairman of the MnUSA Trails Committee.





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Ode to Rocky "Rox" Cutsforth (R.I.P.)


Rocky on his project F10

The news is as shocking to write now as it was when I first heard about it: On Thursday, May 20, 2010, Rocky Cutsforth (42) of Cohasset, Minn., died from injuries sustained in an ATV accident near Nemo, South Dakota.





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Fathers, Sons and Kitty Cats


1973 Arctic Cat Kitty Cat advertisement

I've been doing research for a project I'm working on, during which I came across this advertisement for a 1973 Arctic Cat Kitty Cat ad. And I can't stop thinking about it.

Click to see it larger.












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Craigs-List-of-the-Week for 5-24-10


craigslist of the week

Doesn't ride like a wet fig... the Ski-Doo guys get real nervous when they hear it... smooth as a babies ass... and it'll hit 120 mph before you can even look down at the gauge.

Goodness, I love craigslist! Click to see today's gem.











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Polaris Goes WAY Mexico


Polaris Goes MexicanSign of the times? Smart leadership? Giving the people what they really want?


...does this represent everything that wrong with American manufacturing? And is this the beginning of the end?



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Bring 'em Back: Drawings of Snowmobiles


1975 Z Drawing

Now that everything old is new again, I'd like to see a return to cool drawings like this one of a Z racer (piloted by Charlie Loften, I believe).








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2011 Arctic Cat ATV & Prowler Intro


 2011 Prowler HDX with EPSArctic Cat just released their first wave of 2011 Prowlers and ATVs. The big news here is the expansion of Electronic Power Steering (EPS), and a more work-oriented HDX Prowler with a bench seat and a flat-bed-capable rear box.

Click to read what's new on these models.




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Tucker to Compete at Summer X Games


Snazzy Tucker Hibbert photo by John HansonFor the first time ever, Tucker Hibbert will compete at the Summer X Games. Not in trapping. Not in mountain biking. Not in Hot Stuff pizza eating.

He's going to X Games for his other love, motocross. Click to read his press release.





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Arctic Cat's 2010 Full-Year Financial Report


1.3 Million of these... in the black.A swing to a (slight) profit for 2010... decreased inventories... increased market share in both ATV and Snowmobile markets... zero short- or long-term debt... and a new ATV model coming shortly.

The painful expense-cutting in response to the weakened recreational vehicle market has resulted in a decidedly upbeat fiscal 2010 report. Light appears at the end of the tunnel.

Click to read.



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Legendary Leafers to Race Again


Brian Nelson returns to the I-500?

Wondering why the price of Arctic Cat Cross-Country Cats has reached the stratosphere in recent months.

Blame the guy in this photo.

Click to learn why.











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