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Shop Tip #739 - Simple Way to Add Major Light to Your Workspace


To add a metric-ton of light to your workspace in minutes, CLICK now...

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Sticker Removal: Proper


Your three tools to peel stickers.

Peeling stickers may seem trivial, but there are proper ways to minimize surface damage...CLICK to read more.

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Sled Prep: How do you clean your snowmobile?


How do you clean your snowmobile?

Here's a few tips on how to clean nastiness from your snowmobile before summer storage. Share your tips...CLICK to read more.

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Explained: C-TEC2 Automatic Engine Break-In


Arctic Cat engineers comparing snowmobile top-speed and acceleration.

Buy a brand-new Arctic Cat 6000 or 8000 Series snowmobile and on it’s first ride you want to see how much wood is in the fire, right? So you slam the throttle to the handlebar the first chance you get, right?

Right. Which is why you’ll be rewarded with decidedly tame acceleration and top speed. In fact, your buddy on the 3-year-old 600 will blow right past you.

Arctic Cat engineers definitely understand our desire to pin the throttle to the bars. Consequently they programmed all C-TEC2 engines with an automated Break-In Function to protect us (and the engine) from such tendencies, and to ensure the best possible performance and durability for the engine’s lifetime.

Click to read exactly what this Break-In Function entails.

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Pump Away


Cold weather hand pump for...snowmobiles?

"Decide which hand you want to use, and pump away."

There you have it.

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Outta The Box: Initial Sled Prep Ideas


ArcticInsider's basic snowmobile prep ideas.

I'm guessing that when you buy a new sled, you perform a few basic adjustments and make a few custom touches.

Here are some basic adjustments and modifications I make to my sled prior to the start of the riding season... then I want to know what YOU do.

Click to see a few tricks.

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Printable Arctic Cat Belt Charts


Arctic Cat Drive Belt application chart. Photo by

Do you wonder (or need to know) the dimensional difference is between various Arctic Cat snowmobile belts?

Uncertain of which belt you need for ANY Arctic Cat snowmobile from 1967 to 2015?

Click for two printable pdf documents that are suitable for display in your living room this holiday season (or in your shop).

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My Preferred ProCross Sled Set-Up


Finding my happy face with sled set-up.

Note: This is a companion piece to THIS SET-UP story I posted earlier today.

Midway through last riding season and now again this season, I’ve worked to calibrate my ProCross-chassis Arctic Cats to handle exactly the way I want.

For groomed trails, I want more positive cornering, with less push and less inside ski lift.

Click to see my current set-up.

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ProCross Handling Tips: Find Your Happy Place


Arctic Cat Sno Pro model snowmobile

Snowmobiles come off the assembly with a mix of component choices and adjustment settings meant to satisfy a wide range of riding styles, conditions and riders. They work pretty dang well in most conditions, but they are not perfect for us.

I recruited the help of Arctic Cat suspension engineers for some suggestions on setting up ProCross machines for various riding styles and conditions.

If you're looking to tweak your sled to suit your style, these suggestions are worth experimenting with.

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Mid-Summer Love for Your FOX Shocks


Inside the FOX Midwest Service Center. Photo by

If the FOX shocks on your snowmobile, UTV or ATV are in need of a little maintenance love or an upgrade, now is a great time to have them serviced.

Click to read about how easy it is.





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Secret Recipe: Arctic Cat C-TEC2 Synthetic Oil for the 6000 Engine


Arctic Cat C-TEC2 Synthetic Oil for snowmobiles

There have been some questions raised about why the new Arctic Cat 6000 C-TEC2 600 snowmobile engine requires a dedicated oil.

Click to read why this is the case.











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Guts: FOX FLOAT X EVOL Shock Diagram


FOX FLOAT X EVOL shock diagram

Ever wonder what exactly was inside the FOX FLOAT X EVOL shocks that grace the front suspension of the RR and Tucker Hibbert-edition 2013 Arctic Cat snowmobiles?

Click here to see a diagram that explains everything.





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2013 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Drivetrain Updates


2013 Arctic Cat snowmobile reverse fix

Yep, there were some first-year gremlins on 2012 Arctic Cat snowmobiles.

And yes, solutions are coming.

Here's the first of a few posts detailing changes for the 2013 models.


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Animated Engines: The Visual Guide


Animated engines

For those of you who are completely clear about the basic principles of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, perhaps it's time to bone-up on the Gnome Rotary, Newcomen Atmospheric and even a little jet propulsion.

Click to see this cool interactive animated engine chart.



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Finding the Tool Kit on the 2012 Arctic Cat ProCross/ProClimb


Finding the tool kit on the 2012 Arctic Cat ProCross/Pro Climb sleds

Here's how to find the tool kit on your 2012 Arctic Cat ProCross/ProClimb sleds.

Click to see.


UPDATED to explain the lack of "extra" washer on 4-stroke models.



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Is a Torque Control Link on the New 4-Stroke Arctic Cats?


1100 4-stroke engine for Arctic Cat


It seems a few owners of 2012 Arctic Cat 4-stroke sleds are wondering if there's a Torque Control Link creating a fixed center-to-center distance between the drive and driven clutch?

The answer: Yes. It just looks different than the TCL on the 2-strokes.

Click to see.




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Let it Bleed: Service Advisory on the 2012 800 Arctic Cats


Service Advisory for 2012 Arctic Cat F, XF and M800 snowmobiles

In the wake of a handful of engine burndowns in Alaska and Canada, this last week Arctic Cat sent a Service Advisory to its dealers concerning proper set-up of all 2012 F, XF and M 800s.

Click to read about it.




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2011 Arctic Cat 800 Reflash: The Fix is in for Ethanol


Arctic Cat Limp Mode registers as "OCTN" on the instrument gauge

If you were one of the owners of a 2011 Arctic Cat sled equipped with the 800 H.O. engine and burned 91 octane fuel, you might have been surprised to occasionally experience “Limp Mode.”

Turns out the problem wasn’t octane. It was ethanol. And now there's a fix.

Click to read about it.



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Why the Smoke During Start-Up?


Is this what they mean by 2-Stroke, Cold-Smoke?

Q: When I fire up my 2010 F8 in the morning, it seems VERY rich and smokes heavily. It never fouls a plug. And once it is warmed up and "cleaned out,” it runs fine.

What’s up… is this is the way it’s supposed to be?

A: Click to read




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Worthwhile Tweaks for the Sno Pro 500


My personal Arctic Cat Sno Pro 500

With a half-season of testing, riding and racing the Sno Pro 500, improvements have been discovered. Based on what cross-country racers have learned and changed – particularly during the I-500 – I’ve made some tweaks to my Sno Pro 500 and can verify the improvements.

Make the jump to read them..



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