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147-MPH in the Quarter-Mile

Team Arctic Cat speedmen

Billy Howard (left), Glenn Hall (right) and the D&D crew keep beating their own speed and elapsed time record for a stock-based snowmobile on a quarter-mile asphalt strip.

This past weekend the team delivered another record-setting run. Watch the video of the Big Twin final, in which Hall scorched a 145.29 mph/8.55-second run.

Earlier in the day, Hall, driving the D&D/Howard team Arctic Cat Z1 Turbro, nailed a 147 mph, 8.57-second ET in the quarter-mile.

The motor on this sled is stock except for the boost and the addition of a D&D HiJacker fuel control. 

If I were a betting man, I’d say they’ll top the 150 mph barrier before the season ends.




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