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The following is considered a “preview” of the 2023 Arctic Cat snowmobile lineup and the official launch will happen April 19th. The bulleted information are changes in the way Arctic Cat is conducting their pre-order period infused with some of my thoughts. Throughout the week Ill share individual model information and more photos.

  1. Arctic Cat will start their pre-ordering event on April 19th and conclude May 3rd. In my opinion, this is a good decision as they will fulfill commitments to customers who ordered 2022 snowmobiles not yet delivered.
  2. It’s also important to note Arctic Cat has shifted away from its Spring-Only purchase program (Snowmageddon) – There will be 2023 models available in-season at dealerships depending on allocation if you don’t/can’t order in the Spring. Take into consideration, your best deal of the season may be in the Spring. Pricing will be announced April 19th. If you wait to buy in-season, I can guarantee you this – with dealer inventory being so low, dealers won’t be willing to drop their prices if you think waiting will garner you a better deal.
  3. I know the comments section is going to get lit up like the 4th of July because the all-new snowmobile platform wasn’t introduced today. And honestly, like you, I was disappointed, but as the supply-chain issues increased last year, and 2022 deliveries were delayed for all OEMs, my tune on the matter changed and think this is a smart decision – those of you waiting on your 2022s should be relieved to know, your purchase won’t be replaced before you receive it. And the argument will be made that the other two camps introduced new stuff, so why not AC? My only response – its yet to be determined whether that “new stuff” will be delivered on time.

 “The supply chain continues to be an issue for all manufacturers, and we are taking an approach to ensure we can deliver on our current commitments to customers.” – Heidi McNary, Senior VP and GM, Powersports

ZR 120 – Black/Medium Green

2023 ZR 120 – YOUTH

The 2023 ZR 120 is the perfect introductory snowmobile for the youngest youth riders ready to hone basic snowmobiling skills. Parents will appreciate the easy to manage starting of a quiet, air-cooled, 123cc 4-stroke engine that can be speed governed to 8mph. Chances are, if you grew up snowmobiling, you got your start on a Kitty Cat built by Arctic Cat – the only snowmobile manufacturer who has owned the youth market since 1972

ZR 200 Black/Medium Green

2023 ZR 200 – YOUTH

The 2023 ZR 200 is a stepping stone for youth riders who have grown beyond the ZR 120 in both riding skill and physical size. Differentiating itself from the ZR 120 with turn-key electric start, longer tunnel and track, and a larger 2.2-gallon fuel tank, the ZR 200 also has a higher seat and handlebar to accommodate taller riders. 

Blast 4000 ZR 121 Black/Medium Green


The 2023 BLAST 4000 ZR is Arctic Cat’s most affordable entrant into the mid-size category of snowmobiles, and quite frankly, it’s the most fun. This right-sized package is centered around Arctic Cat’s C-TEC2 397cc single-cylinder, two-stroke engine with 65-class horsepower and Electronic Fuel Injection. The simplicity of the BLAST ZR, combined with the responsiveness of the engine, gives everyone who rides it a reminder of why this sport is so much fun. 

Blast 4000 XR 146 Black/Gun Metal Blue


The 2023 BLAST 4000 XR is one of Arctic Cat’s most popular new mid-size BLAST models. This venture-anywhere trail crossover performs incredibly because of its longer 146-in. skidframe. You can smoothly bridge the gaps between stutter bumps on the trail all day long, or when the snow turns deep, have the necessary flotation to power ahead. 

Blast 4000 XR Touring 146 Black/Gun Metal Blue


The 2023 BLAST 4000 XR TOURING shares many of the same great attributes of the BLAST XR in the Crossover segment, but adds a few key standout features making this a leading mid-size adventure touring snowmobile for two.

Blast 4000 LT 146 Black/Fire Red


The 2023 BLAST 4000 LT unifies nearly every positive mid-sized BLAST attribute into one simplistic sport utility snowmobile that satisfies many masters. Cabin owners, outdoorsmen and pure snowmobile enthusiasts looking for ONE mid-sized unit, can confidently rely on the fun-based riding nature of the BLAST LT to haul you down a trail at speed, but also assist as a key work tool around home or recreation property.

Blast 4000 M 146 Black/Skye Blue


The 2023 BLAST 4000 M is downright one of the most playful mid-size deep snow packages built to tame the playgrounds of legal backcountry riding. Who can resist the ability to carve the tightest circles from the industry’s only single beam rear suspension – ALPHA-ONE.

Blast 4000 M LTD Phantom/Spark Orange


The 2023 BLAST M LTD is a new model package built to perform with the ultimate maneuverability in deeper levels. The M LTD is light, easily manageable and reacts quickly to rider input.

Setting itself apart from the M, the LTD has a lightweight mountain seat with the perfect height to pull easy leg hop-overs from one side of the running boards to the other. A narrower front adjustable ski stance adapted from Arctic Cat’s fullsize Hardcore mountain models measures 35.5-in. to 37.5-in. for incredible side hilling, reduced snow drag and optimal handling. Finishing details on the front end include upgraded FOX FLOAT 3 shocks that are lightweight for superior ride control and direction, but also have infinite air spring settings to soak up the rough stuff.  In the rear, the ALPHA-ONE single beam suspension is upgraded to Arctic Cat’s 1.5 IFP front track shock and a FOX FLOAT 3 rear track shock. The BLAST M LTD package is strikingly finished in a combo of Phantom and Spark Orange accents. 

The Norseman 8000 X comes in Black/Fire Red and 153-inch track


The 2023 NORSEMAN 8000 X blends nearly every segment of Arctic Cat’s high-performance snowmobile offerings into one incredible do-everything snowmobile. It’s built to power through the deepest backcountry snow with high flotation, yet rally down a trail with precision, and the NORSEMAN X even has the where with al to carry and tow a utility load.

The ZR 6000 and 8000 are available in Black/Medium green (Pictured) and 8000 come in Black/Woody’s Orange
ZR 8000 in Black/Woody’s Orange

2023 ZR 6000/8000 137 – HIGH PERFORMANCE TRAIL 

The ZR – One of the greatest model designations in snowmobile history became a dream come true when Arctic Cat surprisingly released them in the fall of 1992 for the ’93 race season. 30 years later, the ZR is still an icon in the High Performance Trail category.

2023 ZR 6000R XC in Black/Medium Green
ZR 6000R XC is available to Team Arctic Racers and Consumers during the Pre-Order sales event ONLY.


The 2023 ZR 6000R XC – is a potent Factory Team Arctic race snowmobile that has been winning cross-country championship titles under the ZR name for 30 years. This is the snowmobile top Team Arctic Cross-Country racers will compete with during the 2023 season. For all of you who have said you’d buy a ZR6000R XC if Arctic Cat offered it, there’s a race saying, Put up, or Shut-up – now’s your chance to own one! For 2023, the ZR6000R XC will be offered to all cross-country racers AND consumers during the spring pre-order period only! Owning one of these limited numbered thoroughbreds will get you into an elite group of owners.   

ZR 9000 Thundercat 137 comes in a rich looking black metallic paint that really sparkles in the sun and has medium green and purple accent graphics.


The 2023 ZR 9000 THUNDERCAT is untouchable by the competition. They can’t catch the mighty Thundercat’s legendary speeds, match the ease-of-use electronic push-button suspension settings, or even boast the benefits of Electronic Power Steering.  

Riot 8000 in Black/Medium Green
New Riot 9000 146 available with 1.35 or 1.6-inch lug heights and in Black/Fire Red or Black/Medium Green (Pictured)
Riot 8000 in Black/Fire Red
Riot 8000 146 available in 1.35- or 1.6-inch lug track and Black/Medium Green or Black/Fire Red (Pictured)

2023 RIOT 8000/9000 – TRAIL CROSSOVER

The 2023 RIOT is one of the industry’s best 50/50 Trail Crossover snowmobiles due largely to the playful nature of the 146-in. rear skidframe that performs equally well on the trail, as it does when the snow turns deep. 

Riot 8000 X available in 2.6-inch lug PowerClaw track and Black/Fire Red or Black/Medium Green (Pictured)
Riot 8000 X in Black/Medium Green
Riot 8000 X in Black/Fire Red


The 2023 RIOT X is all about slaying deep snow in legal backcountry riding areas. The revolutionary 146-inch ALPHA-ONE single-beam rear suspension is the key to the playful ride.

M 8000 Hardcore models available in 146/154/165 lengths in color options Green/Spark Orange and Skye Blue/Spark Orange (Pictured)
M 8000 Mountain Cat models available in 146/154/165 lengths in color options Skye Blue/Spark Orange and Green/Spark Orange (Pictured)


The 2023 M 8000 snowmobiles are the lightest and most capable mountain snowmobiles Arctic Cat makes. The playful nature of the ALPHA-ONE single beam rear suspension is their signature cornerstone backed by a powerful C-TEC2 8000-series engine and a variety of track lengths (146/154/165) and lug height options. 



  1. At least they are embracing being in last place and just not trying at all. Makes it much easier to switch brands and have no remorse.

    • I see Arctic Cat trying. Not trying was last year.

      If all of the variables remain unchanged, how do you get a different outcome? Shake the box and see what combination the variables form. They tweaked the lineup, tweaked the graphics and colors, tweaked the spring order process and tweaked in-season availability. That’s shaking the box, and it means they’re trying.

      When you compare a release like this – what we see so far – with the competition, it’s a disappointment. Not because it’s bad, but because they are so, so good. I’ll bet most people like what they see. What they don’t like is what they don’t see.

  2. So Kale. What engine is in the ZR 7000? Is it the old 1049 or did the NA get to the 998 triple? RXC looks great, well they all look great but if you go RXC, chances are you are going to get a sled with new tech on it. My take anyway.

  3. Kale, can you explain why there is a picture of a 7000 as the first picture, and no mention of it in the article? “More to come”?

  4. As a lifelong, die hard, bleed green, Cat owner, and someone who ordered a 2022 ZR 8000 RR, I couldn’t be more disappointed in this company. I understand the supply chain and labor issues. But there is/was ZERO communication with the customer… not a peep.
    Now they’re using that failure and lack of communication as an excuse for their shortcomings in 2023.

    They should have reached out to customers like me… they should be offering us something, anything for failing to deliver a sled over a year after having ordered it.

    How about this: Dear Mr Customer, we are sorry we failed to delivery your 2022. So we are giving you the option of taking delivery of your 2022 (a year later) at a discount of $1000 (pick a number), OR ordering a 2023 at the price you agreed upon for a 2022 while guaranteeing you receive the FIRST deliveries (September maybe).

    A company that wants to stop bleeding customers, would do something like that.

    A big corporation that doesn’t give a crap behaves just like they are.

    • I’ve never heard of anyone being contacted by Cat. The only sources of information have been AI and Country Cat, and it seems like no thought was given to the customer until the last minute. To be fair, however, while it seems like the other manufacturers made an attempt, I think all of them have been pretty awful when it comes to communication about delivery schedules and setting customers expectations.

      • Not as bad as Catextron… they don’t even communicate with their dealers.
        …and they’ve had $500 of mine since last year this time. In case anyone is confused, that payment was to Arctic Cat NOT the dealer.

    • Welome to how Textron operates. They are a bleed it out for profit company. They have thrown many great brands under the bus. Cat is next.

  5. Interesting. No video? I think that’s both good and bad. Do either the regular Blast XR or ZR come with an antisway bar? It’s interesting that the 7000 is back in the line up and am wondering if this will be the same engine that the Yamaha’s offer in the Viper. Since EPS won’t “fit” under the current hood for two strokes, I wonder if it will be an option on the 7000 since I’m guessing it’s a four stroke? I like the colors much, much better. They should offer AI’s retro graphics as a factory installed option, imo.

    So much emphasis on the youth and entry level side of things. Whether that pays off or not is still a couple years down the road. I’m in favor of it, because the sport has catered to experienced riders for the last 10-15 years or more and the number of sleds sold every year keeps declining – obviously, that’s not a strategy that will work, no matter how many adrenalin junkies’ complain about it. Obviously, with the expansion of youth sleds at a competitor it seems they agree with Cat’s strategy.

    I don’t know how I feel about the delayed spring order. Once the snow is gone and the grass starts to green up, how likely are people going to go out of their way to order a winter machine? Making sure dealers have in-season inventory, however, is going to be huge – those dealers need something to keep the lights on, and I think the demand will be there.

    Would love another shot at riding the Thundercat with EPS, especially if I could compare that with the Riot 9000. I think EPS will become more popular as people are exposed to it, just like in ATV’s.

    • Bob saw it too! It was orange, right Bob? That’s 4, Kale!

      Bob, sometimes a snowmobile is a spur of the moment purchase. Image, you are talking to a riding (other than snowmobile) buddy in the middle of summer, and he (or she) suddenly gets the idea that sledding might kick ass. They go down to the local (LOL) textron dealer and want to order a sled. The last couple years, they’d be S.O.L. But NOW, they can! It’s a good thing, and about time it returned.

  6. Pretty sad line up for MY 23. I can see myself switching brands for MY ’23. Come on Cat, you guys are sliding right off the radar. No touring sleds in the 600 or 800, no big bore 850cc+ or no new 650? The only thing I like is the ZR 6R XC.

    • The Norseman can be set up with helper springs and a back seat. For MY 21, they offered an in-season Norseman with a touring package. Did anybody know that? I bet few did (I happened to see one when I picked up my 21 Riot, and that’s the only reason I know about it). I think Cat marketing could turn a lot of customer’s disappointment into an opportunity if they tried.

      • Forgot about the Blast XR Touring. I realize that might be a little underpowered for a 2-up, it is listed as an actual touring sled instead of the Norseman which doesn’t say it but can be configured that way.

  7. I was sledding in Eagle River March 1st to the 3rd. Went out to check out SAE clean snowmobile challenge held at the Derby track this year. Amazing what they stuff for engines in sleds, car and diesel engines. The rumor or talk there was No, 2023 Arctic Cats, new models would be 2024. Manufacturers were there checking out what the students were doing. Talked to Textron employees and got the same information. They said 2024 was the year for new cats. So, it looks like Textron employees were right on nothing new for 2023

  8. Kale, I hope when they build the 2023 ZR 6000R XC . They need to put them in the new chassis ! They need to bring the 90’s limit builds, back ! To get excitement in the A/C Camp !

  9. Definitely saw the 7000! Must be a late release depending on motor availability with Yamaha??

    The graphics and color schemes are much improved, Blast line looks good and like the M-Series Limited.

  10. “I know the comments section is going to get lit up like the 4th of July because the all-new snowmobile platform wasn’t introduced today. And honestly, like you, I was disappointed”

    imo, it’s worse than just no new platform which no one with half a brain was anticipating… MUCH WORSE

    and that my friends is just plain sad 🙁

    • Not even! It is what it is and the fact that this old chassis still dominates on the race track over the Poo and Doo sleds is all anyone needs to know.

      • JimR: Dominates on the race track? Have you been paying attention to this race season’s results?
        Snocross: Also rans
        Cross-Country: Competitive but shared the podiums with the other guys (especially Polaris)

      • If you want to talk about racing for a moment… do you know who was at the ERX Snocross Race this past weekend? John Stockman VP & GM of Polaris Snow and other Polaris execs., BRP execs. and Blair Morgan… and no one from Catextron that I recognized. In 2018 Arctic Cat had by far and away the best Snocross sled on the tracks and dominated nearly all the classes. At the time Arctic Cat had the GOAT (TH68) and a few other top notch racers in their stable. When TH68 retired Textron (had they been smart) could have continued on with his legacy in a similar manner that Polaris has with Levi LaValle, but instead announced they were closing the race department. Anyone else remember that? Who was left? A handful of privateer teams without full factory ”support’ like CBR. In the meantime while Cat had all their eggs in the TH68 basket BRP and Polaris were spending time, money and resources (created by sales of consumer snowmobiles) grooming young talented riders and improving their race sleds. It only took them a season to begin dominating over Arctic Cat because they leveled and raised the bar equipment wise to the 2018 Cats, talented racers switched brands because ‘racers want to win’ and ‘racers want to be on the best equipment’ and the riders winning the majority of the races since have not been racing Arctic Cat Snocross sleds. These are facts. Google it if you need to.

        If you want to discuss Cross Country Racing, Enduro Racing, Adventure Racing (Iron Dog) or Oval Racing… we can go there next as it’s my opinion that racing supported by the manufacturers is one of the most important realms of product development that benefits and trickles down to the consumer. What haven’t we seen since 2018 from Arctic Cat under Textron’s tutelage? Product development. Why not? Lack of sales to pay for product development… maybe?

      • If they aren’t going to change the platform why not address the easily fixed simple complaints, like the mushy seat, rattling cheap 1980s gauge, shitty mapping, mid-range bog and overheating issues of the 8000’s, snow injection… those sort of things. Show the 😺 loyal customers you’re making an effort to improve what you have.
        The new clutch was a step in the right direction… keep going.

        What aren’t people currently on other brands interested in? Another model of the gdam b-Last!

        Marketing and customer communication is abhorrent. Kale and Country Cat do a better job.

        It’s a freaking 🤡 show… for starters.

  11. The spring issue of Snowtech Magazine (that was delivered to my home yesterday) has pictures and details on the Arctic Cat 7000. They also state that the Pantera will be returning with the 7000 motor (1050cc Yamaha triple). Anyone else subscribe to Snowtech and see this?

  12. I think Kale was hinting at a 700cc.
    Which is sweet, never understood having a 600 and a 650.

    600, 700, 800 & 900 would shut everyone up ha

    I think everyone is forgetting why we love this sport, it’s fun! I could have fun on a ZR 200.

  13. As a customer that still hasn’t received my 22 tcat, I would still be happier to see something new for 23. Even if it was very limited supply it would show us cat still is trying. And I know my dealer would gladly take my 22 tcat, if I was to order a 23.and cat knows this too. And I DID receive a call from cat. They told me the tcat would be built 3/1. Its 3/15 and nothing.

    • Same here… no RR. I was told END of April (like 28th). So the BS of not taking orders until all of them are delivered, is a smoke screen.
      I’m probably being punished for my relentless online attacks on their primer gray (that’s the only reason I ordered an RR).
      I don’t ever recall a company that is so out of touch with their customer base… maybe because they last very long?

      • I’ve ridden and a few and my brother has one. They ride fine but my brothers rail cracked at 500 miles. They can still offer an alpha I was just saying it would be nice to have an option for a twin rail. Or really that they should have done anything at all to make them better. They are fine sleds but definitely not so great that there wasn’t anything that could be improved upon.

  14. Jimr you have to stop not a single person buys a sled based on what it does in racing. Sad fact put tucker hibbert on a polaris and guess what he still dominates.

    • You missed the point. They are just as good as the rebadged Polaris and Doo sleds. They are just the same sled covered in new plastic. I know a lot of people who buy what wins in racing btw.

      • You are wrong on that point The Procross has been around way longer than the other 2. The iterations on the other 2s current is plastics and that are both in a chais less than 5 years old. And if you do think ergonomics help the ride you really ought to ride something different and have your eyes opened. That’s the same type of thought process that has AC in this mess.

  15. I knew times were tough but…… Who’s running Cat? Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber?
    This intro has made me go from angry to just plain sad for Cat.
    During the last couple of years I’ve stuck to home riding my relics. Was thinking about buying a new sled and I hate to admit, it might be time to look somewhere else.

  16. I’m sure it’s more complicated than we think, BUT haven’t they had the time to start planning the 2023 line-up with their suppliers? Seems like they are heading into the model year with less time to build the 2023’s for themselves, Yamaha, and now Ski-Doo. It appears they want less orders from the Cat faithful.

    County Cat reported last week that a “very limited” number of each model are waiting for parts and/or delivery. Why is a dealership reporting the status and not the manufacturer? Poor communication to say the least. Seems like this is just a poor excuse now that they came out of hibernation since last spring order program.

    It’s been reported many times in the past that manufacturers have product plans many years out. Sadly, it appears they planned for a year of BNG. If they were somewhat serious about the future we’d at least see some new/refined parts, but all we got was BNG. Building “new” sleds out of the parts bin is not something to get excited about. Next year, they will act like a Riot RR is a NEW model!

    • What I’m hearing from others in manufacturing is that parts can be delayed, often for months, beyond their initial promise date. That is, if they can get a commitment on the order. Nobody seems to know when parts will actually come in.

      Communication from the factory hasn’t been abysmal, it’s been nonexistent, as far as I can tell. This is an area that desperately needs improvement and would help customers promote the brand.

  17. Agreed, I was expecting the full line to be shown with all the color and graphics options. Pics are limited, need more marketing material, hopefully not expecting everyone to wait till April 19th????

  18. No changes at all to the Mountain lineup is embarrassing. They could have at least offered the 154 skid with a 146 tunnel. Short tunnels have been standard for a couple years now and Cat can’t even do something as simple as that? Would also have loved to see a twin rail option again since the alphas are still so prone to snapping in half that even their team riders swap their sleds back to twin rail. Why would anyone want to buy a sled that is essentially exactly the same as a 2018? 2018 was arguably better than the current offerings considering you could still get a mountain sled with twin rails.

    • Isn’t the 146 tunnel the same as the 153/154 tunnel? For some reason, I thought it was. If so, then I think what you’d want is the 137 tunnel.

      If strength weren’t an issue, would the Alpha be better than a twin rail?

      • Bought a new Alpha in 2020, ride powder only, only the trail to/from the truck. Dug, I have heard of one Alpha rail breaking, the dealer and I figured the guy hit a rock dead on at high speed just so he could say he broke, bent really, a rail. I don’t see strength as an issue. Have you ridden an Alpha, the single rail is really nice, seems more maneuverable than a twin and is definitely lighter. Don’t rule out the monorail until you have tried it.

        • I’ve ridden and a few and my brother has one. They ride fine but my brothers rail cracked at 500 miles. They can still offer an alpha I was just saying it would be nice to have an option for a twin rail. Or really that they should have done anything at all to make them better. They are fine sleds but definitely not so great that there wasn’t anything that could be improved upon.

  19. Is there any word on a new gauge? That is truly all I am hoping for. I love how my ZR 8000 handles, but seeing the electronics in the Polaris and SkiDoo, it’s laughable what AC has. I know not everyone wants these features, but let’s make it an option. I am waiting one more year to see if AC can update that. If they don’t, I will be sadly making a switch.

  20. Amanda Fontaine 2nd degree connection2nd
    Marketing Specialist at Textron Specialized Vehicles

    Textron Specialized Vehicles

    The University of North Dakota
    Thief River Falls, Minnesota, United States Contact info
    As a cat loyalist they need help

    • Amanda’s About section on Linked in:
      Enthusiastic, hard working and creative young professional, with experience in marketing, communications, human resources, and wedding + event planning.

      Ok guys this is huge. She’s a marketing specialist for Textron and she has wedding and event planning experience. OMG, that’s huge!! No wonder Textron’s marketing for Arctic Cat is second to none. They literally have the best of the best!! :-\

      • 2022 Marketing Intern – Thief River Falls
        Textron Specialized Vehicles
        Thief River Falls, MN

        Hide job
        Actively recruiting

  21. Will be disappointing if Yamaha releases a Viper again with the 1049 engine in it, and Cat doesn’t. I have 3 7000s and love them.

  22. Not sure where my comment disappeared to, but I am hoping to hear if there is a new gauge in AC’s future? Hopefully something that competes with the 7s.

  23. Snowest says “If you were hoping for something all-new for 2023 from Arctic Cat for the mountains, you’re unfortunately going to have to wait. We can say with confidence to all you Arctic Cat die hards: hang in there, your time is coming.”

  24. At a minimum the new chassis needs to be brought out with the snocross and cross country racers in the fall…Followed by an early release of a production sled (2023.5).

  25. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. The first was the 60th anniversary launch. The second being today. My last Iota of optimism is officially gone. I guess it’s gonna be vintage Cat and new Polaris.

  26. Definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and over again (11 seasons now) and expecting different results.

    I’ll give Cat the benefit of the doubt regarding the rational for limiting the 2023’s to essentially BNG’s. They better have something light years beyond what the competition has for MY 2024 or they might as well hang out the “Gone Fishing” sign.

  27. 12 years of Procross. Yikes.

    Last year; disappointed. This year; unsurprising but sad.

    Textron just sell the brand already. Your passion is about as MIA as your marketing, racing, and engineering budgets apparently.

    I really don’t see how they maintain their hemorrhaging marketshare, let alone regain their former dominance. Hard to imagine anything they release won’t already be 5 years too late and obsolete. Just so, so far behind.

    • Yeah well, at least the Vikings and Bears have BEEN to a Superbowl.

      Hey Kale, a buncha my posts are awaiting moderation. Why?

  28. color and graphics are 10 times better then last year but they need to offer a 129 track option on the zr 6000 ltd. Are there any other changes to the zr models besides BNG?

  29. I sure hope pricing is reasonable along the line. Doo now offers a sled to compete with the Blast at close to 1/2 the price. I’m far from a marketing genius but even I can see thats foolish.

  30. Arctic Cat can careless what each and one of have to say. For us with the 2 2022’s they have our money and we have no sled. They also have previous years money. Customer service at Arctic Cat is terrible. Why is Polaris, becoming the up and new star??? They listen and care what consumers want.

  31. My wife wants a new sled. She doesn’t want a smoker. The 9000 is too much for here. The 7000 with power steering and ATAC would be perfect upgrade for her from the old Suzuki twin. Come on cat bring it back. Wife wants a new sled !!

  32. I dont understand why today is just show some stuff, and full release in april. It makes no sense. Nothing today would make anyone want to wait till april to order a cat. If you were on the fence with what brand sled you were gonna get your not waiting till april for bng. Arctic cat is a mess right now. It’s so sad

  33. I went for a rip on my 2021 Riot 8000. The sled does everything great. I don’t understand all of the complaining. I’d like to see the prices stabilized. Price inflation will kill the sport. I’m not leaving Cat. I love the ride.

    • My 21 Riot is my first Cat and it’s a great sled. Very happy with it.

      Things that made the difference:
      1 – I got to test ride basically the entire lineup, from the Blasts to the Thundercat and everything in between.
      2 – The Arctic Cat ProCross is still better looking
      3 – The price was quite a bit less and that’s ultimately what tipped me over the line

  34. Does anyone who is someone at AC read these comments? Does anyone at AC acknowledge there is a public perception problem with the brand. Or, are they in denial like Biden is in denial about inflation and raising gas prices? After this year, I feel AC doesn’t give a damn. I mean, they could have at least turbocharged an Alpha and made it an Alpha and not a beta at best. A twin 700 2-stroke in the ZR would have been nice. Who is the idiot at AC making the bad decisions?

  35. As a lifelong Cat rider and purchaser of many new Cat sleds it saddens me to say, pulling trail markers next week will be more exciting than the Arctic Cat 2023 sled release. Kale, I hope you or Cat can prove me wrong…

  36. I just can’t believe we didn’t get to see Heidi read from an Ipad and act like she knows anything about snowmobiles, or powersports for that matter. And not being able to see the one man marketing/social media guy from Arkansas also pretend he actually knows things about sleds. And last but not least, we didn’t get to see the President of Arctic Cat – I was hoping to hear how he might have rode a sled for the 2nd time in his life. But maybe that will be for next year’s release. If we are being honest, they saw the Doo and Poo releases and decided to not even try to compete with that. Tried saving face going this route….but still couldn’t save face.

    • Lauren Trzeciak 3rd degree connection3rd
      Arctic Cat Marketing Manager – Consumer at Textron Specialized Vehicles

      Textron Specialized Vehicles

      Miami University
      Augusta, Georgia, United States Contact info
      They have no idea what a snowmobile is georgia mn

  37. I was bummed this morning. But, after thinking on it for a few hours, it’s probably what Cat needed this year. Releasing a launch like this signifies to me that they have something new in the pipeline. But that ‘something new’ probably requires a few statements to be true before release:
    *Is the supply chain solid enough to support a new platform? (Probably not)
    *Have the 2022 pre-orders all been fulfilled to prevent back-outs? (No)
    *Is the new product ready for the public? (More development and testing probably not a bad idea)
    *Can we launch something new and not end up in the same scenario as this year? (Probably not)

    Also, there are two pretty significant patents out there from Cat for a new trail-length rear suspension and turbo-charged two stroke engine. Snowest commented today that the Cat loyal’s day is coming, just not this year. Hopefully they’ve seen something we haven’t.

    Thanks Kale for the awesome site. It’s always great to stop in and get the scoop.

    • I mean have other manufacturers not already been delivering stock turbo two stroke sleds for more than two years? Seems like they should have had plenty of time for testing and setting up proper sourcing for new parts. People need to stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. Every other manufacturer came out with something major even with the supply chain issues. If you are really worried about delivering on time do what Polaris did this year and only give a specified amount of sleds to each dealer. I would have rather seen something brand new with limited availability than an exact copy of last years sleds that no one was stoked about in the first place.

      • Agreed, Cat has had plenty of time for testing anything new…they clearly don’t have the resources, or Textron isn’t giving them the resources so they basically are behind behind behind on releasing anything. Like Dug pointed out, had they released something limited in new chassis but my gosh, do they think this supply chain issue is going to magically get fixed with the current administration, let alone state of the world? At that point, it”ll be 2025 by the time we see Cat’s new chassis. What if the supply chain is same next year, are they going to say the same thing next spring? Somebody in charge needs to say “The Show Must Go On” instead of playing it safe. Save the brand you white collar non-snowmobile riding morons at Textron!

        • Yep. They could have released a 100 build of something new. Even a limited build 850 turbo just so the perception is they are trying to keep up and then release the new stuff in 2024. Now AC just looks stupid.

        • There are no morons or stupid people. There are only constraints on what can or cannot be done.

          If a new chassis isn’t ready for prime time, then building 100 would be worse than not building anything new. The people that want Cat to push something out fast are the first ones who will howl when that thing is rushed to market and wasn’t ready.

          I agree with C2C and Krom that there are gaps in the lineup. I agree that marketing seems to have taken the year off. I agree that communication from the company has been awful. I agree that new development is exciting, good for business and good for our attitudes.

          Face it, Cat is now a little fish in a big pond. The simple fact that the little fish is still swimming around is a testament to its ability to swim away from sharp teeth of bigger fish. That achievement is not insignificant.

          • Quit being so sensitive to a word. I wasn’t referring to the people at AC as “stupid”. You cannot deflect from the fact the perception AC conveying to the industry at large by not releasing anything that shows it is still in the hunt is a “stupid” decision. No one on this site would dispute “New Coke” wasn’t a stupid decision.

            They have the same or similar computer equipment and programs just like BRP or Polaris and should be able to side step a few constraints to expedite development. If not, they need to learn how and fast because the magazines and public won’t wait.

  38. RXC needs to be built with the 800 engine in it. It seems like AC totally abandoned the trail segment. There are almost 50 choices in mountain sleds for 23, yet only 10 for the trail

    • At the heart of it (Full Size), there are only two Mountain Sleds (Mountain Cat and Hardcore) with variations based on choices of track lengths, lug heights and ES or Non-ES options. The Trail Segment has ZR6000, ZR8000, ZR6000R XC and ZR9000 Thundercat. So, it doesn’t feel to me the Trail segment has been abandoned. Those four models are the heart of the market.

      • Kale,
        For the 60t anniversary they didn’t even mention the trail segment.
        This year I counted 50 different mountain sleds, and 9 trail sleds.
        They only have one rough trail sled, and its just a 600, the vast majority of riders in that class want 800 and 850 machines.
        They don’t give us any real choices for trail sleds. I know at my local dealer last year the 800RR outsold all other 800s combined, and all 600s combined

      • I like math… let’s do some.

        Polaris Trail Models
        1. Indy VR1 650 129/137 3 Track Options – (6)
        2. Indy VR1 850 129/137 3 Track Options – (6)
        3. Indy VR1 Boost 129/137 2 Track Options (4)
        4. Indy XC 650 129/137 3 Track Options (6)
        5. Indy XC 850 129/137 3 Track Options (6)
        6. Indy XC ProStar 129/137 2 Track Options (4)
        7. Indy Adventure 650 137 (3)
        8. Indy Adventure 850 137 (3)
        9. Indy Adventure ProStar & Adventure X2 137 (7)
        10. Indy SP 650 137 (1)
        11. Indy XCR 650 128/136 (6)
        12. Indy XCR 850 128/136 (6)
        13. Indy Evo (1)
        14. Indy Sport (1)
        15. Indy Adventure 550 144/155 (2)
        16. Indy 550 LXT 144 (2)

        So that’s 16 or (64) depending upon how you want to look at things and excluding color and other options. Shall I include all the Switchbacks or shall we leave crossovers out of the conversation?

        I’ll do Ski-Doo, then Cat after lunch… LOL!

      • Ski-Doo

        1. MXZ XRS 129 600 (2)
        2. MXZ XRS 129 850 (2)
        3. MXZ Blizzard 129 600 (2)
        4. MXZ Blizzard 129 850 (2)
        5. MXZ Sport 129 600 (1)
        6. MXZ Neo (1)
        7. MXZ Neo+ (1)
        8. Renegade XRS 850 137 (3)
        9. Renegade XRS 900R 137 (3)
        10. Renegade XRS Competition 137 (1)
        11. Renegade X 600 137 (3)
        12. Renegade X 850 137 (3)
        13. Renegade X 900 137 (3)
        14. Renegade Enduro 900 Ace 137 (1)
        15. Renegade Enduro 600 137 (1)
        16. Renegade Enduro 900T 137 (1)
        17. Renegade Enduro 850 137 (1)
        18. Renegade Enduro 900R 137 (1)
        19. Renegade Adrenaline 900 Ace 137 (1)
        20. Renegade Adrenaline 600 137 (1)
        21. Renegade Adrenaline 900 137 (1)
        22. Renegade Adrenaline 900R 137 (1)
        23. Renegade Sport 600 137 (1)
        24. Renegade Sport 600 Ace (1)

        There’s 24 or (38)…

      • Arctic Cat… (sigh)

        1. b-Last ZR 4000 (1)
        2. ZR 6000 137 (1)
        3. ZR 8000 137 (1)
        4. ZR RXC 6000 129 (1)
        5. Thundercat 137 (1)

        I’ll just stop there…

          • most BRP comes in two colors, two tracks, optional gauges
            most Poo comes in ‘many’ colors, two-three tracks, optional gauges

            Cat… you’re right, I’ve made my point. LOL

  39. This is a tough Mountain release to swallow. No splash changes at all. Yes it is a good sled but with that said we are falling gravely behind. I have watched our local snowmobile club go from 80% Cat to 20 % Cat over the last five years. There are so many needs, I don’t know where to start. If Cat is still pointing fingers at supply chain they need to look in the mirror. It is all about passionate employees from top to bottom who wont take no for an answer. I was a senior Quality Engineer in the early 90’s and supply chain planning and development was every day life. A broken supply chain for this long is un acceptable. COVID or no COVID. I have been fortunate enough to be in circle with some of the master minds of Arctic Cat in the past. We raced, we tested, we developed and we kicked ass. Cat was not always on top but it was not because of effort or support from the top. There was always something new in the pipeline. We had support from the top down. One name was Roger Skime and you know the others on his staff. It is unfortunate there is only a few of them active and around today. Hopefully Cat can survive and strive again.

  40. Nice to see traditional Cat colours back on the sleds and the orange/blue really pops, as well.

    I’m holding out for something new so I’ll slide my wallet back into my pocket for another year. Having said that a new ZR7000 would have been a strong temptation.

    I am curious how well the Blast has done for Arctic Cat? I have yet to see one on the snow here in Ontario. Also curious if the Cat/Yamaha relationship will continue – it seems to have stagnated, but maybe that is also due to supply chain issues and the general malaise that has hit manufacturing.

    Thanks for the great site and all the hard work you put into it. As a confirmed Cataholic, this is one of my favourite places on the web.

  41. Some of you are familiar with the sage of my 22 800rr. ( The one I ordered still isn’t in) Now that it’s running right ( wiring harness, TB) and 500 mi. It’s up for sale. I’m happy to see what I wanted all along, ’23 TURBO RIOT! ( I’ll chang gearing right out of box) The 800 is just plain slow. I used to being way out front now I have all these 850 getting closer. So if I can’t get out most of what I have into the RR and the new prices aren’t absurd come 4/19 then I’ll be ordering a ’23 TURBO RIOT in green. (Thanks for your great site and hard work, Kale)

  42. This is a total disappointment after what Ski-Doo and Polaris just released. The way MY23 was communicated and launched looks like it was done by amateurs. As the saying goes, vote with your wallet. That’s what I did, and I’m on a different brand now.

      • Kale, That’s weird, my Snow-Tech mag arrived yesterday and it shows a 2023 7000 being in the lineup. They said there would be a Pantera 7000 too. Poor marketing by TextRon. Also I agree completely with what was said by. “Katden March 16, 2022 At 2:12 pm” Thanks for what you do Kale, reading all this negativity must not be fun. So I’ll end with a little positivity. The colors do look awesome!

  43. Like the turbo riot
    however would prefer it came with a 1.75 , 2.0 or larger lug track option,
    guess I’ll keep my 18 turbo cross country 1.75 ( lovin it)
    for another year

    • you would think they’d offer you (the buyer of said $20K sled) the option to pick a track like a Back Country X2, Storm 1.5 or Cobra 1.3257846″ but NOPE!!!

  44. I agree with Jim R. Everybody says cat needs a new platform. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! The doo’s look like you’re dry humping Daffy Duck for the last 15 years and the poo’s change every other year trying to come up with something that will hold up. Instead of all that electronic crap they should come with a fire extinguisher, never seen so many burnt up sleds along the trails.

  45. textron is a joke… I call BS on the supply chains. How does Doo release a Get 5 if the issues in the supply chain are that bad? Textron should just sell AC, as they have no interest in competing in the snowmobile market. Last year was too late. Now, you are really too late. You will Never get those customers back. I am speechless to be honest with you. Kale….. I am just dumb founded….

  46. Kale, Heidi needs to read this thread. Someone at AC needs to understand the public perception AC has. (It is not good.) Does she read this stuff? Or is she in her own little world dreaming of a better job and this position is a stepping stone?

      • But 40 HP to 65 and you have to add another 4-500 to that Neo for surecharges. Not such a great deal if you add everything up there TP.

        • And you would be wrong. The Neo + brings 55hp and more track width as well as other features. You want to get into snowmobiling , the Neo offers something for anyone looking to try the sport. Price point matters when you are selling to a possible new entrant to a sport. Ski doo has hit the mark with these units. In fact, all Neo’s have sold out. Shows just how attractive it is.

          • Yep, I would like a neo for my kids. The blast is priced too high, at least the 22’s, and I’m sure the 23’s will be much higher.

  47. Wow BOZ that’s cheap my quotes where more. It seems that the stuff in my shop is gaining in value more than most of my investments. New platform I hear what everyone is screaming about. It is funny to have a 12, and several years all lined up, right up to the 22. They all are different. It’s called dialing in. Sure, plastic and seats change. But you look at the geometry, and suspension’s, different. I tell you one thing they haven’t changed. Is that brilliant idea of a slip fit for the drive shaft bearing. I do realize that a locking collar, or set screw is a major engineering obstacle.

  48. I saw this coming. I said before that there would not be anything new from Cat except BNG. I’m Ok with that because, to me, there is nothing wrong with the current Cats. They have changed, added, updated and refined their sleds many times throughout the years. I somewhat understand why they did what they did this year because of the many failures this current administration has done to this country. It’s affected many businesses and people for the worst. They have to rethink and change things that they may have had in place prior to this. Now I am not letting the top people at Cat off the hook that easy because of this. They have been terrible at their job. I’ve made my comments on their horrible lack of marketing and communication. I am appalled that someone has to read from an iPad and have a dog on their lap to discuss the sport of snowmobiling. To me that is just plain out of touch and someone that should not be in that position. Same with the top guy riding a sled once. It doesn’t cost anything to be a good speaker and communicator. Also, to know a little something about the sleds. Sorry to be so negative to those people but it’s the truth.

    Now, I don’t understand the comments about Polaris and Ski-doo coming out with new and great things despite this. I did not see or notice anything great that they came out with. For sure nothing to make me switch. Plus they are the ugliest sleds out there. I like the current Cats. Especially the Thundercat. That sled looks amazing! If I was not building a house this year, thanks to those for all the extra costs of building, I would get that one. Thanks Kale for the info. The new sleds look great.

    • Ken, I agree with your statements on the sleds and the upper management. I also agree with Retro Randy about the development of the Pro Cross the last ten years. They are not the same sled when initially released in 2012. However, the general public perception and magazine (rags) perception is the Pro Cross is an eleven year old design and Cat is outdated. I really saw it this year on the trails. The number of groups of sleds with just Ski-doo or Polaris only sleds was staggering. There might be a very small handful of Cat or Yamaha groups. So, Cat is definitely losing the marketing war. Also, after this release, I can imagine what the rags are going to say about Cat. “Cat’s done.” I bet the snowmo-sheep (the mindless riders that just parrot the rags talking points) are going to believe it.

      Also, I agree with your statement about Polaris and Ski-doo new stuff is not all that great. Again, you know what the rags are going to say. Especially SuperTraks. “Ski-doo just keeps on innovating.” So, what Cat is really fighting is a perception war and they are losing.

  49. Dear Cat management,
    You completely dropped the ball not having a 60th anniversary snowmobile ready. Now even a full year later, nothing. From the time Textron has taken over the brand, you have downsized every single dept., unloaded all existing employee talent, destroyed your race program, and completely pissed off 90% of your customer base. YES YOU! Do you have a mirror in the house, please look in it, its YOU who have failed the snowmobile industry. You don’t belong owning or running a snowmobile, or off road company. Please do us all a favor, just sell and be gone.

    Kale, thank you very much for this awesome site. I wish you had better things to write about. As we all know, it used to be easy for a guy like you. Its hard on all loyal Arctic cat folks, and doesn’t need to be. These people need to go.

  50. For all of the Cat faithful who say there’s no reason to bring out a new design, two words- market share.
    Cat went from top dog in the U.S. market back in the early 70’s to nothing more than a bit player present day.
    Textron is in business to make a profit, so how much longer will it be before they come to the conclusion that snowmobiles are a losing proposition and shut down operations?

      • I don’t know if anyone is saying they are losing money but what they are not doing is creating a perception that they are in it to win it. When Textron first took it over they did create that perception – at least in the dirt division – I remember at Hay Days saying they were going to start kicking Polaris’ ass…then not too long after they must have decided to not stick as much $ into Cat and here we are.

        • The guy who said they were going to kick poo’s ass at haydays, has been replaced, his replacement has been replaced, and I think his replacements, replacement has been replaced.

      • mark: There’s a critical mass below which a company can’t make the business case to stay in operation.
        I can’t comment on what Arctic Cat’s critical mass is, but I have to believe they must be getting close.

        • I would believe the longer they wait, the bigger the splash has to be. They needed something small, and not a clutch, to show they are still around. Even improvements to the rear suspension would be a help. There is nothing so right now AC has proven the “Cat is getting out of snowmobile” crowd right.

          Just like the Yamaha crowd is now convinced there will never be a new all-Yamaha snowmobile. If Yamaha does not have a new all-Yamaha snowmobile this year, they are done. Yamaha might as well fold up shop in the snowmobile industry. I know a few people that would get out of the sport if Yamaha stopped making sleds and kept on rebranding Cats.

          Won’t it have been cheaper for Textron to build an engine plant then buy Cat for one?

          Anyway, this decline started before Textron took it over, they just are not doing anything about it. Also, don’t bring up the whole to much inventory thing, that ship has sailed.

          Cat has nothing left except for pony up or shut down.

  51. Lost in some of this disappointment, it nice to see actual windshields being put on trail sleds instead of speedometer covers and mickey mouse ears.

    Bravo for that Arctic Cat… Bravo!


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