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Here’s a glimpse at the 2023 ZR6000R SX (snocross) sled on the production line. Happy Friday! – Kale



  1. Sweet!!!
    It will be interesting to see the sno cross version of the catalyst when it comes out. Will it have ETT and the tunnel braces going up to the steering post?
    I can recall launching the mid 90’s cats and how the rear of the track would contact with the straight flat tunnel.

  2. I had no idea they waited this long to deliver these to the race teams. This seems very late and leaves little time for racers to dial them in.

  3. Kale, Thanks for getting up to the factory and getting us some pics of the race sleds. Now it’s a mad dash to the factory to pick up race sleds and get them prepped a.s.a.p.

  4. That’s because the Cross Country sleds were on a 129 skid and the S.X. were on a 137. It was determined through a lot of testing a few years ago, that the shorter skid just worked better with the old spindles. I think it was mainly Herf. that decided that, and you can’t argue with his results.

  5. I swear the way the guys on here treat each other is irritating. You would think we were on HCS amongst the Kool-aid drinking idiots. Chill out guys, not necessary to be douche bags to each other. SMH
    ,,,now back to the regularly scheduled RATIONAL discussion,,,,

  6. Just heard from my dealer that the estimated delivery date for my 23 RXC is now 01/15/2023. Originally it was late October, then middle December, now middle January. Seems to be a repeat of 2022……

    • Textron still can’t deliver sleds on time. Surprise? I’ve got two buddies with new boosts in their garage ready to rip and snow to ride…. the prospect of ordering a new Catalyst for next year and getting it before December sounds far from promising.

  7. Not even all the racers have gotten their XC sleds. Not goddamn happy. Thank God we save some stuff from last year…but it takes an immense amount of time to switch from ice 2 terrain.


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