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A Tribute to Roger Skime

Honoring the man, the legend. The one and only, Roger Skime.



  1. Roger is 100% what snowmobiling is about

    Does not matter how busy Roger is when you see him he always has time to talk
    Thanks Roger for some of the best snowmobiles ever made!!!

    Your are my HERO

  2. had the chance to visit with Roger at the 46th annual Snodeo USXC race last Sunday …always fun to visit with such a down to earth guy. it is so nice to see a company and the industry treat him with the respect that he has earned. there is only one Roger Skime, a man that enjoys life and the sport of snowmobiling that he has been such a big part of!! Thank you Roger!

  3. Thanks John for posting this excellent video. It has been great having Roger as part of my life for over 50 years. I always thought it was special just being with Rog especially when around snowmobile folks whether at Cat Fest, in the Cat factory, when I visited the engineering department or at the race track.
    Thank You Roger!!!

    John do you have a video of the unveiling of the Roger Skime tribute sled
    In Las Vegas?

    Keep this great stuff coming John !!

  4. Great article John. Congratulations Roger on doing such a great job to help make Arctic Cat such a big part of our lives. Keep up the good work. I love the history that the company and its employees have created.

  5. yes a living legend.
    one has to wonder, Roger has always wore the latest Arcticwear each season since its inception, he must have one hell of a collection of Team Arctic Jackets.

  6. This guys story is nothing short of epic. What he has done to get where he is a story I could read everyday, his passion is inspiring and contagious. Thank You Roger!

  7. Roger has the respect of anyone who has ever come in contact with him. I have never respected anyone more than Roger. You are my hero!!!!

  8. It takes a special kind of person to work at a company, and be dedicated to a company, for 55 years. The fact that when he went to Polaris in 1982 for a while and couldn’t make the competitor snowmobile a better product, and came back and helped bring back Cat, and keep them at the front, is just amazing.

    Roger, THANK YOU for everything!

  9. It has been slightly over a week since the 2017 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Dealer Show, where I was unexpectedly honored with a signature snowmobile for my 55 years of service to Arctic Cat. I have been humbly celebrating this honor for a week now, and I feel moved to say a special thank you for the following recognition.

    I want to say this career and life that I have enjoyed and loved so immensely could not be possible without the great people and their ideas and passion that I’ve been surrounded by for the last 55 years. I was very fortunate to have profoundly creative, passionate and talented people in the snowmobile engineering team who have been the innovators for Arctic Cat – some who have been loyal and faithful for 40 to 50 years.

    Thank you to our customers; without you we have no business. Thank you to our dealers, distributors, suppliers, employees and Arctic Cat leaders past and present who have made it possible for me to enjoy this life of snowmobiles.

    Special thanks to Chris Metz, Arctic Cat CEO; Brad Darling, Arctic Cat V.P./General Manager of Snowmobile; Kirk Hibbert, Snowmobile Engineering and snowmobile racing legend; and Tucker Hibbert, snocross racer phenom for your humbling, kind and most appreciated comments on the video. Your words are held dearly and will not be forgotten.

    Thanks to John Sandberg for creating ArcticInsider, and thanks to all who have left comments here.


  10. Every time I go home and get to see Mr. Skime, and that’s what I call him, he always says “NO, it’s Roger, just Roger.” I’ve known him for decades and he’s been a wonderful friend to my family. When you see him around town, he’s a “normal” guy and people don’t know or don’t realize how much of a legend the man truly is. Congratulations, Mr. Skime.

  11. At the 50th anniversary Roger came out of the factory and sat on my can am spider that I had painted green and black with Arctic Cat trim and logos that I rode around Lake superior to get to the festival! It was always an honour to talk with him! Roger I hope you still have input on new product around there! I did not get lots of my miles on my 2016 Eltigre6000 but I want to buy the Roger edition just because it honours you Roger! Thank you for making arctic cat the legendary sled that it is today!! Trivia question for all of you out of the 200 brands of snowmobiles that closed up/went bankrupt how many of them came back? That’s right only one!????


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