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B. Dick & R. Simons Blast a Ditch in I-500

Want to know how to win the I-500?

Be capable of hitting ditch approaches in featureless, flat light at mach-3, just like Brian Dick and Ryan Simons display here at the 2011 USCC I-500.

Do this for 160 miles a day, without crashing, and you’ll win.



  1. Hitting a previously “snow blinded” (out of sight due to whiteout) hockey rinks 2-3′ tall approx 45* snowbanks at 75mph is fun too!,,, NOT!! Lol

  2. they are fast no doubt about that and they did a great job in the race but id like to see how fast they hit them after the other 100+ sleds have gone through and its a whooped out with moguls 3ft deep. to me the real heros of the I 500 were the guys in the middle/back of the pack who had to ride through that rough stuff especialy the guys on the vintage sleds!haha

  3. I kinda a gree with 500, but the main thing is that the pros spend a ton a ching. Who knows maybe they say they would like it, get totally reversed in the gnarly stuff and guess they would love it. Bad thing is; that all those wannabe idiots would cause alot bad crashes. The pros pound themselves bad enuf, where they don’t need to have to deal with first year fat boys, and idiots, like i saw this year in the 500…

  4. I think the running order does get reversed from day 1, to day 2. I believe I read that whomever started early on day one had to start in the back the second day, etc.

  5. Brian would be fast no matter where he started, day 2 he started back farther he was just clearing the holes on the backside of the crossings and clearing all the other holes. I was definatly impressed by watching him!!

  6. I too would like to see the Pros start at the back of the field in the I-500, because then we’d get to witness yet another dimension of their remarkable abilities.

    Tom: Yes they reverse the starting order from the first to the second day, but only within each CLASS. So the Pro class still starts first each day, followed by Semi Pro, etc…

  7. the new breed of cross country rider is amazing. The skills these guys have and the speeds they run now are insane. Hats off to all of the competitors that ran in this years 500. Watching the event is cool, but you do not realize how impressive these guys are unless you ride the course and see what they conditions they are riding in.
    John S. is there a way to get hold of you?

  8. Jumping ditch crossings like that is what got dirt bikes outlawed from riding ditches in the state of MN!!!

    awsome video…. those guys have some awsome talents and skills!!!!

  9. These guys run fast no matter what. Grand forks had huge holes and these guys flew over them like groomed trails.

    Congratulations to Brian and all of the I-500 class winners.


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