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Both Christian Brothers Racing (CBR) pro teams departed the Duluth national snocross opener with a perfect record, a pile of cool photos and a couple truckloads of snow.

#43 Pro Logan Christian Testing Set-Ups at Fridays Dominator Event

The CBR Pros got a chance for track time during Fridays Dominator event but didn’t get a chance to race on Saturday or Sunday due to the massive blizzard which dumped 20 plus inches of snow and ultimately cancelled the rest of the weekend.

#43 Pro Logan Christian

“Duluth will be one to remember for sure,” laughed Logan Christian. “We may have got snowed out, but our spirits remained high and we succeeded having fun as a family and team. The Dominator event on Friday gave us good opportunity to test set-ups for rounds one and two.  Regardless of not competing Saturday and Sunday, Team 43 was ready. Our equipment looked great for our sponsors and Arctic Cat fans, and I can’t wait for our hometown race in Fargo in two weeks.”

#44 Pro Lite Anson Scheele

The Christian Brothers Racing Pro Lite trailer occupied by Anson Scheele (#44) and Andy Pake (#64) were all smiles too when asked about the snowy weekend, but it was mechanic Aaron Scheele that summed it up the best, “This weekend reminded me of that meme I’ve seen floating around on Facebook. Says something like, If you choose not to find joy in the snow, you’ll have less joy in your life but the same amount of snow. [laughs] We live in Minnesota. You just have to deal with the weather.”

#44 Pro Lite Anson Scheele throwing down a few laps on Friday

#64 Pro Lite Andy Pake takes flight

Next up for CBR is the Country Cat Snocross National in Fargo, ND, December 13-15 where a third day of racing will be added to make-up for the missed Duluth Round 1 and a third day will be added to the Canterbury event Jan 3-5 for Duluth Round 2. 

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Truth! Let it Snow!



  1. IMO the graphic design on CBR sleds this year is best ever. Is the team selling those wraps? Can’t wait to watch Livestream of you guys in Fargo.

  2. My Livestream was going goofy Friday. Guessing it was the weather in Duluth. Was bummed not to have them race Saturday and Sunday. We watch in my shop on the big screen! Snowmobile racing and beer! The perfect evening. Good luck in Fargo CBR!

  3. I look at the CBR race sleds and am envisioning the Blast. Thats gonna be such a cool sled. Hoping there are race classes for them.

  4. I knew the writing was on the wall when Tucker retired and AC let some ICON’s go. But XC racing is where it’s at when it comes to testing and developing sleds.

    But for Team Arctic to let some bright future stars go, it has become more apparent to me that Textron is not willing to put more effort into SX racing. AC will get left behind in terms of innovation, technology, etc. when it comes to race sleds. Sure using a ’18 or ’19 model year sled is okay, but Poo and Doo will always be a step ahead now. For AC to be very competitive in the world of SX racing, they must have the talent, the teams and the sleds behind them. I know building limited amount of SX sleds is expensive, I just hope they are updating the 2018 and 2019 SX sleds


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