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Dale Lindbeck Wins 2012 IWA Watercross Opener

Team Arctic Cat racer Dale Lindbeck wins 2012 IWA in Moose Lake

Dale Lindbeck continues to rack up the watercross wins under the Team Arctic banner, most recently at the 2012 IWA Watercross season opener in Moose Lake, Minn.

According to Dale: “I was fortunate to score wins in the Pro Stock class, including the final. Running the same stock HCR in the Pro Mod class, I was able to win most of the heat races and and finished second in the final.

“Next weekend will be interesting with new race at Brainerd (BIR). It’s a small track but hopefully an opportunity for another great outing.

“Thanks to our sponsors: Arctic Cat, Speedwerx, Skinz, Waconia Farm Supply, Century Power Sports, LetterTech Graphics, Frog Z Skins, Millennium Technologies, Lucas Oil Products and”

Nice job, Dale! Check’s in the mail…



  1. nice win for cat!!!!! I have questions though, is that efi? If so isn’t it a pain to get it dried out if you sink it? what is the process for getting a efi sled running again if you go down? what about the computer, can you get those wet?

  2. Nice Job Dale !! There must be something in the drinking water in White Bear Lake that breeds snowmobile racers..Dale grew up a block away from me in Beartown. Oh, and Dale keeps the ECU up in his helmet and runs a cord down his arm that plugs into the dash..he doesn’t want to get his head wet might wash out the Gray !! he he Jim

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