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Epping, NH Grass Drags Cancelled

2020 NH Grass Drags Canceled 

Despite all-out efforts by New Hampshire Snowmobile Association volunteers, the 2020 Race Into Winter, NH Grass Drags and Watercross, scheduled for October 9-11, is canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

NHSA’s Grass Drags Committee met with the town of Fremont Select Board and Emergency Services personnel to discuss the annual three-day snowmobile event. Town officials expressed concerns that holding the event would not be in the best interest of the community. The New Hampshire Snowmobile Association fully supports the decision-making process and appreciates the need to safeguard the health of the town and surrounding communities.

Town officials made it clear that they support the NH grass drags and club volunteers, and look forward to continue the snowmobile tradition in 2021. 

The fiscal role and economic impact that Race Into Winter event plays in funding local clubs, the Association, local businesses and the snowmobile manufacturers makes canceling all the more difficult.

Many local snowmobile clubs in NH depend on the income from the event which allows volunteers to maintain upwards of 7,000 miles of trails throughout the state. This is the single largest fundraiser for snowmobiling in NH and the impact to club budgets will be substantial.

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to everyone for their unwavering support. The snowmobile community, town officials, emergency responders, vendors, competitors, volunteers and residents have been instrumental in the success the NH Grass Drags and Watercross. The NHSA volunteers thank you and are already planning for an exciting return in 2021. 

About Race Into Winter

The NH Grass Drags and Watercross is a three-day powersports extravaganza held annually by the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association on Columbus Day weekend in October. Also known in the snowmobile world as “The Grass Drags” or “Epping,” the Race Into Winter Grass Drags and Watercross is the premiere event for snowmobile enthusiast and competitors. 

The biggest, baddest snowmobile event in the world. Considered the start of New England’s snowmobile season, over 40,000 snowmobile and outdoor enthusiasts turn out each year to watch some of the fastest snowmobile racers from the United States and Canada. The event starts on Friday at 2pm and doesn’t end until 6pm Sunday at Brookvale Pines Farm, 152 Martin Road, Fremont, NH.



  1. I was bummed to see this. This is really the only Eastern snow event I look forward to every year. For us, this is the equivalent to Haydays. This Corona horsesh#t can suck it.

  2. With the number of new cases being reported daily, I will be surprised if Haydays happens. Seems like things are heading in the wrong direction at this point. Hopefully things will change by September!

  3. I went to ERX Offroad National race this past weekend, and it gave me hope for Haydays. There probably wasn’t the volume of people at the race as haydays, but it was still big and social distancing wasn’t a problem. BTW – Congrats to Speedwerx. The Wildcat XX piloted by Jeremy Houle looked strong. Somebody needs to explain to me the class rules. Not sure why a Polaris RS1 is allowed in there. They have to have a distinct weight advantage. Cross your fingers for Haydays.

  4. I was at the ERX Offroad National this weekend too, it was truly a breath of fresh air to be enjoying an outdoor motorsports event again! It seems to me like those that felt secure attending, were there by the droves. Everyone seemed to exercise common sense regarding covid precautions. I am guessing those that would have been uncomfortable at the event were not present. No pressure either way, it was a blast. Hoping to see everyone at Hay Days in a month-and-a-half! And yes, Jeremy Houle and the Speedwerx team made it a great time to be a fan of Team Arctic, congrats on the podium finish!


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