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What a day and great start to the weekend! Ive received and answered no less than 16,925 questions regarding the build date of Thundercats, and today is the start of that day! HOORAY! Spread the word and expect this post to break the internet…2022 Thundercats are on the line!

AC1 Rewind Wrap Kits for all GENII Procross bodywork are now available for purchase on our online Arctic Shop store.

Today we also launched a new line of AC1 Rewind Wrap Kits for all GENII ProCross bodywork. You can find those for sale on the Arctic Shop link.

We searched out an aggressive 6mm print film specifically engineered for bubble-free adhesion to snowmobiles, then covered with a premium clear overlaminate that maintains flexibility, but provides the ultimate in durability. Installation is moderately easy…we include a guide on each sheet to use as a roadmap for panel placements, and each kit comes with a 600, 800 or 1100 engine size graphic to be placed where you desire.

Have a great weekend! – Kale



    • From my understanding, your dealer has access to all build dates based on best information given to them from Factory. Given the supply chain issues all the OEMs are facing, those build dates are a moving target.

  1. Kale, will u have any real pics of the thundercat wrap on an actual production 2022. It looks awesome but the 22 has alot of gray and not sure how the wrap will look on that sled?

    • The best body color panels to wrap are Black and Gray…depending on the color of the kit, green, and in some cases white panels, work well too. To Daves point below, wraps don’t cover 100% of all the bodywork, so you will see your base body panel color show through between the graphic panels. Selfishly, I wish all snowmobiles were black with accent colors added through graphics or bolt-on pieces. (Bumpers, ski loops etc) Personalization would be much easier for those into that type of thing.

  2. Absolutely awesome wraps Kale! Brilliant idea. Those bring back some great memories. My 1997 ZR 580 EFI was a special ride. I am especially fond of that one!

    • I feel bad for anyone who purchased a 2022 that won’t be receiving it until later in the season (me included). This isn’t just an Arctic Cat issue, the other OEMs are in the same boat. Its going to be interesting to watch the market to see how many people back out of their Spring Order because of it. I have no doubt dealers will be able to sell those units fairly easily because inventory is so low, but I also wonder what 2023 ordering and production numbers will look like? Will supply chain be better by then? Will we see new tech and models from the OEMs, or will 2023 be somewhat “stagnant” as OEMs play it safe?

  3. Hmm. Mentioning badass, old school, good looking wraps in the same story as the butt-ass ugliest thundercat ever?
    Coincidence? I don’t think so…

    Shoulda got an 8000RR Jim. My buddy’s had his for about a month now.

    It’ll look goofy Jason. They need to be on a like colored background, as the wrap can’t cover every square millimeter.

    $2.00 Dave

  4. Kale, hopefully they will start building 2023 . Shortly after the 2022 are done . ( If parts are available ) And not wait till Spring orders are in . So everyone can get the sled they want. ( Racers included ! ) There’s racers out there with no sleds this year. Because they sold there 2021s . And I’m still bummed that I’m not getting my 2022 !

  5. Stopped by my dealer this weekend. He said, 2 of his T-cats where made Friday, and mine the 3rd should be made Monday. Then wait on trucking, could still be weeks. And the wifes Blast should be made first of December. Some what good news. The real good news is we finely got occupancy on are, long a waited place by Eagle river. House, Sleds, and left driveway in heavy snow. The season is right around the corner.

  6. I thought Arctic Cat was going to send emails to the customers when the build of their sled began and every step of the way, up to delivery? Has anyone received these update emails with their sled builds? Also, has anyone received their Cat’s Pride kit yet, for ordering a 2022 Snowmobile?

  7. Is the shade of green on the retro wraps medium green that matches 2018+ medium green? Thinking about trying one of these wraps once my ZR6000 shows up.

  8. I would like to know if anyone has heard about the delivery date of their RR800. I’m now being told by the dealer, delivery is now January . That will make my brand new sled technically a model year old. I would be a lot more forgiving if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve been lied to for months. I’m just soured by the whole situation. Also any info on cats pride program would be appreciated.

  9. Boz. Just think about the lucky Polaris riders who are going to get there sleds in March. No snow here right now and do have my 2018 that I can use until my 6000 RR arrives.

  10. JimR, did you get a build date yet ? Buddy’s 6000 Limited, is 1/25/21 !!!! But at least he’s getting a new one. Not the denial email like I got !


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