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The 2023 RIOT X is all about slaying deep snow in legal backcountry riding areas. The revolutionary 146-inch ALPHA-ONE single-beam rear suspension is the key to the playful ride.

Why To Buy

You’re looking to venture into legal steep and deep backcountry riding and want nothing but the best crossover snowmobile to play on.

1. Maneuverability – The ALPHA ONE single beam rear suspension responds to the slightest rider input for the quickest deep powder transitions

2. Fun Factor – Turn legal deep snow meadows into your playground. Hit the checklist for endless tailstands and turning the tightest powder donuts. 

3. Ergonomics – Narrow mountain bodywork and lightweight mountain seat paired with the vertical steering post are a perfect ergonomic fit for backcountry riding

Tech Talk 

Setting itself apart from the Riot, the X employs the lightweight front Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS) featuring mountain spindles and geometry for easy carving in snow and on hardpack. Its adjustable 39.5-in. to 41.5-in. ski stance and vertical steering post deliver excellent side hilling capability and confident handling in a wide range of crossover conditions, especially when gripping snow with the 2.6-in. lug height Powerclaw track.

The C-TEC2 794cc twin-cylinder engine, delivers clean responsive performance with leading fuel economy, 165-class horsepower, push-button engine reverse and electric start. Smile-Inducing power, smoothness and reliability is backed by Arctic Cat’s ADAPT CVT System. Drive and Driven clutches are light-weight and employ a compact design with advanced idler system. ADAPT maintains constant belt tension throughout the RPM range resulting in minimized wear and maximum throttle response.

The Riot X 8000 has choice of two different suspension packages – the first capitalizes on manually activated FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 coilover ski shocks and equally calibrated FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 Coilover front- and FOX 1.5 ZERO QSL coilover rear-track shocks. The L stands for Lockout – A manually switchable setting locking your rear shock for optimum deep snow flotation.

And those looking for the ultimate level of premium rider performance can opt for the ATAC adjust on-the-fly suspension system. The innovative ATAC utilizes a thumb-operated button on the left handlebar controls to operate the FOX 1.5 ZERO iQS coilover ski and Arctic Cat IFP 1.5 front- and FOX 1.5 ZERO iQSL coilover rear-track shocks, allowing the rider to instantly switch between three factory compression settings (Soft, Medium and Firm), with two additional customizable calibration settings (Driver 1 and Driver 2).

Other key features add to Riot’s signature crossover versatility, including G2 ProClimb-7 skis, ice scratchers, vertical steering post, mountain seat, tether and 1-in. mountain windshield. 

The mountain-inspired narrow bodywork comes in black with Medium Green or Fire Red colorways. 

The RIOT X at a Glance

  • 794cc, 2-stroke, C-TEC2 Twin-Cylinder Engine
  • 165-Class Horsepower
  • ADAPT CVT System
  • Swaybar
  • 39.5-in. to 41.5-in. adjustable ski stance
  • 146-in. ALPHA-ONE Single-Beam Rear Suspension
  • 15-in. x 146-in. Powerclaw track with 2.6-in. lugs
  • ATAC adjust on-the-fly suspension
  • Vertical steering post
  • 4.5-inch handlebar riser
  • Tether Switch


  1. Like the sled. Just wished they would put the Blast 2” track on this model. For riding in the MidWest ! Western riders are going to buy an M. With a 2.6” or 3.0”. Not a Crossover Sled.

  2. JimR, I looked into that when I bought my 018 HC . 20% restocking free at list price . Plus shipping. I ended up buying a new track online for $500. I’m not sure if anyone sells Alpha track. Besides A/C. I’ll look into that. If I get offered a sled this year.


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