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Inside the Arctic Cat 8000 C-TEC2 Engine


Rev up your own internal combustion with this short video explaining the Arctic Cat C-TEC2 8000 engine with DSI.



  1. There is still the elephant in the room; spending years developing the Ctec2 800 and totally missing the mark. Not just in the CC game, but missing the horsepower mark also. After downsizing the last few seasons I seriously thought about moving back up to an 800 class sled if the Ctec was really good, it’s is lacking too much for me to plunk down my money.

  2. Peak HP doesn’t always win the race . Look at the 2017 6000SX. Makes more Peak HP then the 2018. Now compare race seasons ???? The other OEMS had to add 50cc. To compete with the Old Zuk and now the Ctec. After the 6hrs running time ( not idle time ). Motor is impressive on oil. Fuel is good, but I have a HC ( geared very low ). Compared to my Suzuki 8000. Everyone was impressed with the sled/motor ! That rode it !

  3. They need to do something with prices. I just traded my 16 rr8000 in for a new 19 rr 8000 7k out the door with trade ?? Had money saved aside but this might be last time buying new.

  4. @Matt, OUCH. That is really tough to swallow that trade diff.
    I remember trading every year for like $500. Those days are long gone.

  5. Captain, Ouch is right. I can remember trading for $500 then $1,200 in the 80s and 90s. Those days are gone it’s not a cheap sport. All the r&d and economy drive things up. Seems everything but our income goes up. Guess if you want to play you gotta pay. Just wish winters would come back like we use to have back in the day.

  6. Matt, living in Central MN we certainly had the cold here all winter, but very little in the area of snow. Well, that was up through January. Since Feb 1 I think we have had in excess of 40″ of snow. Its been pretty dang crazy for this time of year. Another 5″ yesterday, 8 last Saturday.
    It seems like the last several years we have had more of that then in past years, where the snow comes late. I remember 2013 was like that too, crazy amounts of snow in February and March.


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