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Interview: Catching Up With VP of Arctic Cat, Troy Halvorson

It’s been nearly 5 months since Troy Halvorson took over the role of Vice President of Arctic Cat, and it was nice to catch up with someone I worked closely with for 16 years. For those of you who don’t know Troy, he may have a VP title, but that doesn’t mean he’s a desk jockey. His career and passion has been modeled around performance snowmobiles and powersport products, and he’s left a trail of success no matter his direction. I’m happy to see him in his current role and I can tell you firsthand, he’s wicked fast on a snowmobile and rips on a motocross bike. Included below is a bit of our conversation centered around Snowmageddon and what effects the past year of COVID have had on the industry. 

Troy Halvorson, interim VP Arctic Cat  

AI: Troy, thanks for taking the time to talk with myself and those following ArcticInsider. Tell me about your current position, and for those who don’t know you, give us your elevator pitch on your work history at Arctic Cat.

Troy: I started in April of 1997 as a Product Engineer for the ZRT and Thundercat triple-cylinder line of snowmobiles. I switched over to the ZR’s in 1999 and worked for Kirk Hibbert for a while. In 2003, Roger Skime gave me the opportunity to lead the race sled development team. After a couple years, Roger added all the High-Performance snowmobiles to my plate.

Troy Halvorson, Photo: SnoWest 

Shortly after the launch of the 2012 ProCross line of snowmobiles, I was asked to move over to the Mountain sled division where I had the opportunity to lead the mountain development team. That was a great experience and very satisfying to see all the changes the team made to make the mountain sled work the way it needed to. 

From there, I stepped away from engineering slightly, to take on the role of Snowmobile Product Manager, and from there, progressed to Director of Snowmobile Engineering. After a few years in that role, I moved to Director of Operations, and it marked the first time in my career I was involved in both Snow and Off-Road, which helped me learn a lot about the dirt product. After Craig Kennedy moved on, I was asked to fill the position of interim Vice President of Arctic Cat.

Troy Halvorson

AI: I’ve been curious about the state of the powersports industry and how the past year of COVID has affected it, whether positively or negatively. I know sales and demand are up, but that has also triggered some supply issues. What can you tell us?

Troy:  As you know a lot has happened over the last year.  When the pandemic started, everyone was concerned how it would affect our industry. I don’t think anyone expected the demand to go up like it did. (laughs) Because there were so many events and activities cancelled leaving people with more free time, it added focus to the outdoor activities they could do. And that led them to buy off-road products, and then snowmobiles. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to enjoy the outdoors. With regard to part delivery, it’s been challenging.  Standard lead times have increased due to a variety of reasons, so we must plan accordingly.

Units Like ZR 120 and 200 are sold out.

AI: Since we are talking about Supply and Demand, I’m hearing reports from dealers that units like the ZR120 and 200s are sold out already during the Snowmageddon spring order period. Is that true? Any other units?

Troy:  Yes. We’ve communicated to dealers we are “sold out” of those models. We are getting close on some others as well.

2022 Thundercat is Sold Out due to popularity and addition of EPS 

AI: Some reading, are probably thinking, how can an early order only program like Snowmageddon be sold out? Can’t you just make more?

Troy:  That goes back to what I said about lead times. We enter units in the schedule based on a forecast well before we release the new model line-up. If we didn’t, there would be no way to build product based on when the customer wants it.  In the past, we’ve been able to adjust our plans up or down in the later months of the production schedule, but with lead times getting so much longer, it makes late adjustments much more difficult.

AI: If build numbers are limited because of parts availability, are other OEMs or industries in the same position?

Troy:  I can’t speak for other OEM’s, but I know other industries must be facing the same issues as well, based on people I’ve talked to.

AI: Snowmageddon is great because you get your best deal of the year. And if I understand correctly, if you don’t order now, you may not get an Arctic Cat.  That said, will there be any in-season units available?

Troy:  We opened up select models for dealers to order in-season.  However, if we sell out of a particular model during Snowmageddon (like the ZR 120/200 or Thundercat) there won’t be any available. Consumers can see which models are available in season through the Arctic Cat website or by speaking with their local dealer. Again, there may be in-season units available, but the prices won’t be as low as they are during Snowmageddon. (Snowmageddon early order period ends for Arctic Cat April 30th)

AI: Shifting away from snow, can you tell us anything about the dirt side of the Arctic Cat business?  I think there are plenty of Arctic Cat followers excited to see some new dirt products. Will we see anything new soon?

Troy:  The Off-Road engineering team has been busy, and everyone can expect to see something new very soon.

AI: I’m excited to hear that Troy! Thanks again for taking the time to catch up.



  1. Thanks for this interview Kale. It excites me to hear sales are going well for AC. My dealer told me ZR 8000s are nearing sold out too. This will be an interesting upcoming season. I can guarantee now you’ll see a bunch of whiners complaining the used cost of a ZR200 is $5000 this season. Welcome to supply and demand!!! LOL. Its finally time that clean used snowmobiles will hold their value.

  2. I raised my eyebrow a few times this winter when I saw people asking $4800 for a 2-3 year old ZR200. Zed R I think you are spot-on. The days of waiting for discounts and rebates on aging inventory are over. (At least until supply catches up.) I kick myself now for not ordering a Thundercat with EPS.

  3. Troy said he couldn’t speak for the other brands, but my dealer carries all four. They told me the other OEMs are facing same issues. Lucky for me, I got my Thundercat EPS order in early!

  4. Im hopeful for a new ATV. My Alterra 700 is getting a bit long in the tooth. Been an awesome unit. Best I can tell, Ive got over 10000 miles on it. Kale, when is off road launching?

  5. Well, maybe everyone can quit b*tching about the color gray. Looks like it was popular on the Thundercat since it sold out. Silent majority always speaks with their wallet and not their keyboard. I ordered new RR. Dealer told me those were nearing sold out too. Thanks for getting these interviews. Troy sounds like a good person to have at Arctic Cat.

  6. This is the summer Im buying a new ATV. Im stimulated. THREE TIMES! LOL! I can relate to Jamey. Hoping there is a new Alterra. My first year 650H1 has been ridden to death and I can’t afford the prices asked for new side by sides.

  7. Please keep us posted on UTV developments. I’m a long time A/C owner -I’ve been waiting for a utility/sport UTV ?????? But I’m now on a wait list for a Kawasaki Teryx2SLe ?

  8. As a Textron Employee and a Cat enthusiast, I am happy to hear Cat is selling out. Personally, I am also looking forward to buying my son a ZR200 when he outgrows his Kitty Cat.

    While I still love my 2017 ZR-RS (Skime Edition), I hope to get my wife to try out a Blast to see if she likes the smaller size, as she thinks the ZR6000 is too big and fast. We shall see.

    Kale, pleasure to ride with you this winter too!
    -Joe Rainville
    Fort Worth, TX

  9. I’m wondering what the offroad sales season is going to look like and how Arctic Cat forecasted that? Ill be honest, I gave up hope on Arctic Cat releasing new dirt product and put money down on a new Ranger Northstar with all the goodies. The unfortunate part, my dealer doesn’t even know if he’ll be able to get me one. Right now Im hearing, MAYBE mid-summer for mine to come in. For what Im paying, and how long I have to wait, I think buying a Jeep would have been a better choice.

  10. All markets are seeing supply problems. I wanted to order a new Floe boat lift 3 weeks ago and told I might see it by August.

  11. I have an idea. Put the Blast motor in a sport atv. Setup like a Trx 250r with an auto transmission. I think a modern epa 2 stroke would be cool. Cat spent the money already on r&d just as well be selling them year around.

  12. Trent – I like your thinking…a 65hp 2-stroke sport quad would be pretty impressive. I believe ATV emissions to be even more strict than snow…not sure that engine would pass? That, and unfortunately, the sport quad market is on life support.

    To this day, my favorite story is the time Sandberg and I spent with Jeff Tweet and his custom 450 2-stroke sport quad he built utilizing half of a ZR900 snowmobile engine.

  13. We ordered our new 2022 Thundercat eps the first hours that Snowmageddon was open…thankful to be getting one and really looking forward to next winter!

  14. I love my Havoc, but many of my riding group are really wanting something new to compete with the 4 seat razor. They are missing that segment, and a fancy enclosed cab work horse.

  15. Glad they put somebody with a passion for snowmobiles in the VP position, instead of a corporate ‘yes man’. Also glad they are selling out of at least some models. Hopefully things keep going in the right direction.

  16. Kale, any idea how many thundercats were pre ordered now that there sold out. I ordered mine yesterday, so relieved I didn’t wait any longer. Also any idea how long the new adapt clutches have been in the works? Or how much testing was done? I’m nervous first year for that and the eps. I’m praying it all works trouble free.

  17. Jason – Great questions. Build numbers aren’t shared for varying reasons, but I do know 2022 forecast projections were set above last year (2021 models) and are selling out. Tells me the demand is there. The ADAPT clutches have been in the works at least 2-3 years. If you haven’t read them already, I urge you to scroll back through the stories and read the interview with Kyle Olson on ADAPT clutches, and Ben Langaas Thundercat EPS interview.

  18. Never heard of him, but some old guy at Arctic Cat told me no ones grown his hair out and cut it off more times than this guy. Is this true?

  19. It’s good to see Troy proudly displaying the Major Contributor plaque presented to Arctic Cat by The Snowmobile Hall of Fame.

  20. Ordered my T-cat, PS. And ( John Deere Joe) ordered the wife a ZR blast, keeping her RS, but she wants to try a Blast. So we’ll see. The Gray is still total BS. Someone should have had the balls to stand up and say, It’s anniversary, it is a CAT. We will make a Black and Green special snow check. Sorry to rain on your parade. Good luck dealing with the corporate world Troy.

  21. The models selling out are all Yamaha powered. I wonder how textron really feels about Yamaha not being able to supply enough engines?

  22. Jason, you bring up a valid point. Let me pass this on to everyone. Do your fall sled check now. Parts are sometimes hard to find, or just can’t get them. Thank god I had time to dig into my 12, I got the last of 2 major parts, and waiting on a nation wide back order on a 3 dollar O-ring.

  23. Retro Randy,.. if it’s 2-stroke I wonder if I have it ? Post the part number. Did you Google or look on EBay . My dealer has been doing that for all makes . Just to get stuff fixed and out the door . Some dealers can even see . What other dealer have in stock ! I found rings for my F7 in ID off eBay . Same dealer helped me find pistons ! 1 in WY & 1 in MM ! It sucks ! But there’s a parts shortage on everything !

  24. Crnr2Crnr – You’re right, Troy is a good guy. And Im assuming you work with him and/or Textron to make your sad statement?


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