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King Kats Gather at Wakonia

Arctic Cats gather at Waconia Vintage Ride In

Arctic Cat King Kats. Ische Family Collection

Amidst the sights, sounds and smells of what will likely be a historic Waconia Vintage Ride-In this weekend, a group of Arctic Cat King Kat owners/fans will gather to share some stories and probably a picture or two.

As of last count there were 23 confirmed owners who planned to gather. Some will be started and running while others will be on display and not running. Add it up and that’s a lot of cylinders.

The gathering will take place on Saturday (I’ll update this when I get the exact time/location).

There are roughly 26,000 reasons to attend Waconia on any given year. Since this is the LAST year the event will be held in its current location, you might want to fully commit to coming.

(Photo shown is of a gathering of El Tigre owners at Waconia in 2015.)



  1. I’m curious about the sled in the top picture at the far left. Caught my attention. Looks like a ZR with a 80 El Tigre 5000 hood with the headlight mounted on the left. Very creative.

  2. On the 2015 picture of. El Tigre’s , I believe you may have taken a video of all the sleds and owners in a row? Any chance you still have the video and are will to share that of all the El Tigre’s?

  3. Aaron Scheele has all the pictures of us taken that day, I think I even saved them somewhere. There was a treasure trove of unique retro-mod el tigre there that day. Most of them starting as 78 6000’s for obvious sexy reasons.


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