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New Year, Same Story for Team Arctic at 2015 Detroit Lakes XC

Team Arctic's Zach Herfindahl wins Detroit Lakes. Photo by

Press Release-


Team Green Wins More with Victory in 16 of 19 classes and 30 of 57 Podium Places

Team Arctic cross-country racers rang in the New Year with a crushing performance at the USXC J&K Marine 200 in Detroit Lakes, Minn., scoring wins in 16 of 19 classes and capturing 30 of 57 podium positions while leaving the competition nursing a painful hangover.  It was the second event of the USXC season and it showcased the dedicated racers and crews as well as the speed, handling and performance of the production ZR6000R XC and ZR4000RR snowmobiles with EFI engines.

Team Green’s stunning performance was headlined by Zach Herfindahl’s emphatic victory in the 100-mile Pro Stock final, where he led every one of the 10 laps to win by more than 20 seconds over the next finisher. He and Pro teammate Wes Selby were the number one and two qualifiers in both Pro classes during the weekend.

Team Arctic's Wes Selby wins Pro Open in Detroit Lakes. Photo:

Selby’s run for the Stock class podium ended with a crash while battling for second place, leaving his sled inoperable, however he found solace with an impressive victory in Pro Open with Herfindahl taking second.

Team Arctic's Lance Efteland wins both Semi Pro races at Detroit Lakes. Photo:

Lance Efteland delivered a dramatic performance to win both Semi Pro Stock and Open classes. He was joined by Hunter Houle, who won Junior 14-17 and both Expert 85 classes, as the only other multiple class winners at Detroit Lakes. 

Other Team Arctic class winners at Detroit Lakes included Dylan Parsons, Ean Voigt, Dalton Fredrickson, Savannah Landrus, Keaton Black, Steve Martinson, Jesse Watland, Todd Frishmon and Erik Nymann. While capturing more than half of the available podium places, Team Arctic racers swept three podiums at Detroit Lakes.

“We’re so impressed with the hard work and effort on the part of our racers and teams since the last race,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “The fantastic results at Detroit Lakes reflect that effort, as well as the strength of the new ZR6000R XC with the 600 C-TEC2 engine and the new ZR4000RR in the ProCross chassis. From here the cross-country events move onto the ditches and rivers, so the challenges continue for the rest of the season.”

The next stop on the 2015 USXC cross-country schedule is Jan. 17, 2015, in Grafton, ND.


Team Arctic Results from the 2015 USXC J&K Marine 200 Race in Detroit Lakes, MN.


Pro Stock

1. Zach Herfindahl

9. Jordan Torgerson

10. Chad Lian


Pro Open

1. Wes Selby

2. Zach Herfindahl

4. Jordan Torgerson


Semi Pro Stock

1. Lance Efteland


Semi Pro Improved

1. Lance Efteland


Expert 85

1. Hunter Houle

3. Ean Voigt


Expert 85 Improved

1. Hunter Houle

2. Ean Voigt


I-500 Amateur

3. Joe Wood


Masters 40 Plus

1. Todd Frischmon


Masters 50 Plus

1. Erik Nymann

3. Brian Perrault


Sport 600

1. Dylan Parsons



3. Jolene Bute


Sport 85

1. Dalton Fredrickson

2. Tyler Brown

3. Marty Feil



1. Ean Voigt


Classic IFS

1. Steve Martinson

3. Tyler Knutson


Junior 10-14

1. Hunter Houle

2. Ean Voigt

3. Tyler Brown


Junior 10-13

1. Keaton Black

2. David Brown

3. Anson Scheele


Junior Girls 14-17

1. Savannah Landrus

2. Marissa Kallock



1. Jesse Watland



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