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Newsbits 1-29-16: Jump to These for Infotainment

Yesterday Tucker Hibbert won his 9th consecutive X Games Gold Medal (and perhaps his 1,234,456th Pro Final). Here’s a link to watch the entire 20-lap final (or you can just watch it above) Congrats Tucker and team!

Man, they grow ’em tough and hardy in the farth north, as evidenced by this 71-year-old priest who survived a night at -43 C after his snowmobile ran out of gas.

Pretty brazen ride of this guy to ride an unfrozen canal near Cadillac, Mich. Interestingly, he was trying to do so anonymously, but then posts his video to YouTube.

This is a cool story and video showing the recovery of a sunken snowmobile in Latvia.

If you’re going to ride your sled on city streets during a blizzard, I suggest NOT crashing into a cop car like THIS GUY.

Here’s a really cool story about a group of snowmobilers who resurrected the old



  1. 1.Congrats to Tucker! Great race I’m sure.

    2. As for the Water Skipper, it’s stunts like this that bring unwanted heat to the sport. I’m tired of the “Entitled Generation” acting as if life has no consequences. They are called “Snowmobiles.” You want to ride on water, get a personal watercraft.

    3. Thanks for an excellent website.

  2. It is awesome that the guy that crashed his sled into the cop car is from a city named Suffern. The news article begins…”A Suffern man has been busted for crashing his snowmobile into a police car during the blizzard”. Lol, it’s probably accurate to say that the man is now sufferin’ to some degree, and, is also likely that the term busted has more than one meaning here too!


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