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On the Wall at the Team Arctic Race Shop

Team Arctic autographs on the wall at the Race Shop

Over the years the Team Arctic Race Shop has had a few homes in Thief River Falls. Currently its about a half-mile from the main plant, on the north side of town and sharing space with Salvage/Special Services.

It seems like I’ve walked through the Race Shop a million times, and nearly every time I pause for a moment to look at the dozens of posters, racer autograph posters and awards on display.


Tucker Hibbert sponsor poster on the wall

Team Arctic sponsors so many racers, many of whom send the shop their personal poster. There isn’t enough wall space to hand all the posters, but there seems to be a yearly rotation of some of the images, while others have a permanent place.

For instance, here’s one of the posters that Tucker Hibbert gave the shop from the 2008-09 season. Tucker always produces a few special “thank you” pieces of media for his sponsors. This poster contains dozens of super-cool shots from throughout the race season, many of which have never been public images.


Jim Herzig memorial on the wall at Team Arctic Cat shop

One of the coolest permanent displays is this one for Team Arctic legend Jim Herzig, who tragically passed away in a racing accident in 1998. The checkered flag on the left lists the amazing triumphs scored by Herzig during the 1997-98 season prior to his passing. I count 14 class wins that season, plus USSA High Point driver. He scored four wins that season at the Eagle River World’s Championships (plus another win during Friday Night Thunder).

Jim was truly an awesome person… one of the good guys who made this a better world. His nickname was “Gentleman” Jim, which was exactly what kind of person he was.


Jim Herzig memorial on the wall at Team Arctic Cat shop

This framed memorial ad was produced by Arctic Cat at the time of Jim’s passing. Here’s what it says:

A Husband. A Father. A Champion.

Dedicated Team Arctic snowmobile racer “Gentlemen Jim” Herzig passed away Sunday, Feb. 22, 1998 in a tragic racing accident while competing at the Grand Prix in Valcourt, Quebec. Jim was a class act, true gentleman and gracious competitor. It is a great loss. And he will be terribly missed. Our deepest sympathy to all those who knew and loved “Gentleman Jim.”


Team Arctic race sled hoods

Out back, in the actual shop portion of the Race Shop, there are some battle-scarred hoods from various Team Arctic racers. Clockwise from the top-left: Chris Burandt, Ryan Simons, Ryan Simons, Tucker Hibbert, Robbie Malinonski, Ryan Simons, D.J. Ekre and yet another Ryan Simons.

I guess it’s kind of the Ryan Simons hood display, with a few others thrown in for good measure.


Team Arctic toolbox in the race shop

It’s not really a display item, nor is it on the wall, but this Snap-On roll cab is cool and worth looking at. Everything nice and organized.


Dawn Haugen managing the Team Arctic Race Shop

Always smiling (probably because she wins 93% of all the ArcticInsider Trivia Contests), Dawn Haugen keeps the Race Shop running smoothly.


Mike Kloety and Dawn Haugen in the Arctic Cat Race Shop

Here Dawn and Race Manager Mike Kloety are either trying to answer an important question, or their determining what to do with the scoundrel who keeps putting ArcticInsider decals in the Race Shop restroom.


Me and a friend in the Race Shop

Inside Mike’s office is a bunch of interesting items, including these two dummies.


Race Shop doodling

Mike’s son Derek produced this sweet drawing of Brian Dick’s race sled. Clearly the signature needs to be more prominent than the drawing.


Team Arctic Cat Race Shop treasures

On the the other side of the office, a Tucker Hibbert cooler and a box containing Troy Taggart’s 2001 I-500 trophy.

Taggart won the ’01 I-500, and it wasn’t long after that he quit racing. I’d hoped to run into Troy at the last year’s 50th Anniversary celebration, but I missed him.


Team Arctic's Troy Taggert's I-500 winning ZR

Out back of the Race Shop, Taggart’s ZR Sno Pro sat looking exactly like it did when he won the ’01 I-500. The sled was on display at the 50th, and Troy hadn’t yet picked it up when I shot this image late last fall.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Thanks for reading.



  1. You print the wroung date of Jim’s death. Tragically it was Feb 22 1998. Lost a great friend and teammate.

  2. John,

    Always good to give Dawn her props! Mike does a fantastic job, but if you really want to get something done, talk really nice to Dawn! Thanks again for all you guys do to keep us racing. It is greatly appreciated!

  3. The 50th was a fantastic event. I think we should have a 51st, or a celebration of Roger Skime’s 50th aniversary at Cat…”Lookin’ for an excuse to go back to TRF!!!!

  4. Nice shots John, as always. I ecspecially like the first one where Megan’s poster is clearly in view as the first one on the right. Thanks.

  5. Great job Dawn and Mike. I am sure your jobs get more complicated every year. Look forward to seeing you soon.

  6. Thank you for the tribute to my brother Jim Herzig. He invested much of his life racing Artic Cat machines. Thanks for keeping his memory alive.

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  11. Neat article .
    It was always a enjoyable experience dealing with the race shop.
    The hood collection could use Reimers Canadian edition …. : )
    Keep up the excellent work .


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