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Sled Loading Fail: I Can Relate

This video has gotten some good play in the last week or so (at least 359 of the YouTube hits came from my computer).

While I love laughing hysterically at this guy, I also admit that I’ve experienced a similar indignity.

The HUGE dent in the back of my old van tells the story of a time when I was loading sleds onto my trailer and forgot to lock the trailer coupler onto the ball. The sight of the trailer tongue pile-driving into the van’s rear door still makes me cringe and laugh.

So, a I-can-feel-your-pain nod to everyone out there who’s suffered the humiliation of a sled loading fail.



  1. Kinda been there done that on two occasions. Back in the late seventies tried driving a Honda Trail 90 up a two foot wide board into the back up my lifted Ford 4X4. Just got the front wheel on the edge of the tail gate, did not have enough speed, put feet down, grabbed nothing but air, and the bike came crashing down on top of me as I hit the ground. Good thing I was only twenty something. Other time was loading my wife’s Prowler sled on a open trailer. Did not quite have it far enough ahead so I grabbed the bumper and for whatever reason pushed down very hard. It seems that the bonnet was not latched and nearly knocked myself out getting hit by the headlight pod as the hood swung open. Would have won America’s Funniest Videos hand down but did not have a witness.

  2. After a day of ice fishing in the early to mid seventies we were loading up the sleds to go home. I was in grade school and had a 72 kittycat and I wanted to drive it up on the trailer like my dad and grandpa did. The ramp was pretty steep and a light snow made it slippery but I made it. Next up was grandpa on his Johnson Ski-Horse. Well he got going a bit fast on that tank and ended up with the skis on the back of the station wagon and the rear end on the trailer with my kittycat underneath. The angle was just right and my precious kittycat was underneath but untouched. However I did not know this since I was in the wagon thinkin my toy was smashed and grandpa hurt. I flew out of that wagon balling my head off. Than to make the trip more interesting on the way home the headlights on the wagon started to short out. I still remember my grandpa having out the window with a flashlight in-between shorts until we found an open service station to jerry rig the wires so we could get home.
    It’s funny how some things are unforgettable. I have more but that one I can see like it happened yesterday.

  3. Friend had his Raider with a 440 CCW heading onto his car hauler style trailer. Fuel was real low in tank and when the angle and motion starved the tillotson (and leaned it out badly), it became a non-controllable missile (considering the older era junk brakes on sleds) and landed just far enough “off center and slightly to the right” to land partially upon the roof and roll to the right off his ’69 Caprice wagon.
    It had him pinned yelling for help because he couldn’t get out by himself!! Another friend and I were laughing so hard we were in tears.
    He never let the fuel get that low again in any of his older “vintage carbed” rides”, Lol!


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