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TEAM ARCTIC UPDATE: Feil and Erdman Pair Up for 2022 SOO I500

Team Arctic Pro Cross Country and Enduro racers, Matt Feil (L) and Ross Erdman (R)

Like most of you, I always enjoy hearing of the racer/team announcements (and rumors) for the upcoming season. This one is no rumor…Matt Feil sent me this photo and shared he and fellow Team Arctic Pro, Ross Erdman, will be teaming up for the 53rd running of Michigan’s SOO I500 race scheduled for January 31-February 5th.

As the year progresses, I hope to share more photos/video of their ZR race sled build here. Good luck fellas!!



  1. I’m pullin’ for you fellas! Just have to love the dedication and awesomeness to do it all yourselves.

  2. JRamstad…Considering the economy and the current problems associated with the US, it may be a problem for teams to race. Borders still closed and states still limiting travel.

  3. Fully open here in the Socialist state of Minnesota. Covid is about over. Fire up your ENGINES! Racing soon to be done!

  4. These are easy guys to cheer for. No big money backers or big fancy trailers, paid crews or high tech. Just old school hard work and determination.


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