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TGIF: The June 27, 2014 Edition

Arctic Cat Mountain engineer/test rider Shay Smith airs it out.

I’m thankful that Arctic Cat mountain engineer/test rider Shay Smith could confidently air it out while snowmobiling in Montana this past week.

I’m thankful it will be at least six months before I see the 8-ft. 4-in. Smith again, because he might forget that I posted this photo and thus won’t crush me into a whimpering ball of fear.

I’m thankful that shirtless snowmobiling is the new black.

And I’m thankful it’s Friday, June 27, 2014.



  1. I’m thankful for John Sanberg, thankful knows and write about ARCTIC CATS. Thankful he knows Blair Morgan and Roger Skime, and could write,tell or remember a story one of them! ….. Hint hint

    Have a nice weekend John

  2. – Oh. My. Gawd. This is by far the coolest wednidg EVER! As I was scrolling down through the photos I was saying thats my favorite, no THATs my favorite! I want to comment on every single one but I would be here all day. This is an incredibly unique wednidg and you have captured it impecibly, from the details to the moments to the unique and breath taking portraits of the bride solo, the couple together as well as the group shots. I am in awe!!

  3. It is unseasonably warm here in the North East at the meonmt. I don’t think many ski resorts are even open yet, unless you go farther up to Maine or Northern New Hampshire maybe. But not to worry, I’m sure they will be soon enough. [url=]rrvoclcl[/url] [link=]mlmqhmvfkke[/link]


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