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TGIF: The Nov. 16, 2018 Cowboy Edition

Vintage Arctic Cat and cowboy.

I’m thankful for my trusty Panther, saw and red scarf.

I’m thankful for all those cowpokes back at the ranch.

I’m thankful for the lone cow trail that’ll lead me back home.

And I’m thankful it’s Friday, Nov. 16, 2018.



  1. 1970 Panther 399. They did use JLO and Hirth but it seems the survivors out here are all Kohlers. That was a tough little engine. 23hp. Back when 45mph felt like 80, LOL. 17 inch wide full cleat track and I think the length was about 122? So many years ago….

  2. The 70 Panther is the sled that started my lifelong slide into Arctic Cat infatuation. It is still probably my favourite all time Cat. This cowpoke will want to head back into town to get his gas tank replaced before all his 20:1 leaks out and he’s walking.n

  3. Yes the tanks on the 70 Panthers were recalled and the 1969 tanks were installed as replacements. I still have the recall notice in my old books. The old plastic tanks failed from super cold weather with vibration. The steel tanks were far better. Lesson learned quickly cause the 71 to 74 Panthers all used the steel tank with styled covers and lasted for years and years when taken care of. However I got a buddy who’s 399K Never had the recall and works fine. Eh, go figure. Lol. Cheers.

  4. Y’all call that a cowboy…pfftt. Everyone knows round these parts that a real cowboy carries a saw a whole lot bigger than that boy scout nail file. Heck, I remember this one time in shop class, had this here feller from one of them banana belt states, ain’t never seen snow before I reckon. Well anyway, this here kid comes to shop class colder than a Bullhead that’s been laying out on the icepack overnight. He goes to fire up the band saw to work on one of them cutting boards for Mother’s Day and cut one of his fingers dang near clean-off. Ain’t no place on snowmobile for bananas.


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