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TGIF: The Nov. 22, 2013 Edition

TGIF: The snowmobile gas can in the wilderness edition

TGIF: The snowmobile gas can in the wilderness edition.

I’m thankful that teaching you how to drive the snowmobile has brought us closer together.

I’m thankful we stumbled upon the stashed fuel in the middle of this wilderness.

I’m thankful our preparation for this year’s Alaskan Irondog race is going so smoothly.

And I’m thankful it’s Friday, November 22, 2013.



  1. You got that right Mike F!!! I got a shed full of crap plastic nozzle gas cans! Luckily my dad had a couple of the metal ones that actually work!

    Will The Iron Dog be live on the web via ustream or such?

  2. I am back home for Thanksgiving and was cleaning out my dad’s garage where my brother & I used to keep our 1969 GT300 & GT370 Rupps. I found the Eagle Sno Go can that we used back in the day and it was still in pretty good shape.

  3. Shannon: I don’t know yet about Iron Dog streaming.

    G Marier: I can’t wait to see you next… yesterday I learned about your career as a sno pro-era clutch wizard from Dimmerman. I never knew!!


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