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Tucker Hibbert’s 2018 Lake Geneva Snocross Recap

See the all-time greatest snocrosser win his umteenth Pro class and championship title. It all went down last weekend at the ISOC national in Lake Geneva, Wis.



  1. Tucker winning with the sunset behind him priceless. Congratulations on a great year so great to see the crew and family in the end congratulating each other. First class outfit right there. I’ll keep dreaming for a ride with Tucker, trail ride that is.

  2. Congratulations to Tucker and his whole team! It’s so cool to watch Tucker compete. He is the best there is. The whole team and sled are awesome!There will never be another like Tucker.

  3. If I was tucker, I’d park that sled and walk away. To try and push things beyond his years would be foolish. This is an extreme sport.

  4. Flintstone, you make me laugh! People told Tom Brady the same thing 8 years ago. Tucker’s training and workout routine STILL make him the one to beat. Betch’a Vegas Oddmakers have Tucker the fave to repeat. snap

  5. Tucker will race off into the sunset when he’s good and ready and on his own terms. He still kick’s butt out there. The entire team is a CLASS ACT. He has a few good years of racing left in him.

    Tucker proved this year that Kamm’s 2016-17 championship was a fluke. Even the best of the best have rough season’s. #68 will gladly defend his 17/18 championship next season no problem.

    Team AC did very well in all classes of racing.

  6. Tucker is an incredible racer and genuine class act, as is his whole team. I don’t believe Mandy and Tucker have any kids yet? I sure hope their is another generation of Hibbert coming soon to keep winning the championships!


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