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  1. Haha. Very funny! Sure needs that. Hey, that photo is Jennifer Aniston! Haha.

    Sounds like the husband is more worried about his Cat than the wife. I know why she disappeared with it. She is mad at him for focusing on the sled! Not her! Haha.

    Good one! Its not April 1st yet! Speaking of April… any 2023 coming out yet and when?

    • So no laughing at my joke? Never mind! Of course the Snofest in Old Forge is cancelled. No new sleds as I was told by the town. It is ok.

  2. It’s all adding up to show the incompetence.
    1. How could AC communicate better? Well, first off, if they missed the originally expected build date, don’t provide success dates that are false. This is amateur hour at best. If you don’t know a date, say so. If you are short seat covers ( give me a break), shocks, gauges, just say what they are actually short. Communicating the truth people can deal with.
    So fat, there has been no communication except bullshit dates, someone should lose their job. Most often this would be a lower level employee, in this case, it’s just shitty leadership.
    2. Now the waffle begins. At first bragging that they won’t build incomplete sleds. Now what are they doing? Doo did this and at least shipped the sleds out to dealers. Smart move for capacity and turn around time when part gets to dealer. Why the change at AC? Is this another hidden agenda to counter calls for refunds on deposit etc.?
    3. This is AC’s fault!. Everyone is dealing with supply issues, but for the most part, it’s a failure to plan properly at AC. Yes they have some new tech, but so far I’ve heard nothing but shortages on items that aren’t new tech. Come on, it can’t be true about seat covers? Gauges… This have been the same for years, you know the projected requirements even before you start snowcheck.
    4. Open communication could at least allow people to make other plans. Not buy a trail permit based on continuous lies about delivery. Not sell a sled for trade at snowcheck. Buy a different sled. And of course many other options.
    5. 40+ years nothing but AC, now… this is it. FU!

    • Most people are happy when they see a photo of Jennifer Aniston…Dang.

      1. Yep. AC missed intended build dates. So did other OEMs who ran into same supply chain issues.
      2. Pretty sure AC said they won’t SHIP incomplete sleds. To my knowledge, they’ve held that promise.
      3. No matter if parts are old or new, they are still made from materials. Materials the vendors are waiting on to produce those parts for AC.
      4. Communication can always be better. I agree. Im guessing you, and everyone else would still be mad if you got a daily email, or letter telling you dates changed, or the company is still waiting on XYZ parts to complete your sled. That would make me mad(der). I feel for you and anyone else who sold their sled before they got their new one. Ive personally never tried to sell my sled (or any other unit) before I have a new one…for the situation we’re facing right now. Sometimes you win in that situation, other times you lose.
      5. Sorry you feel that way about AC. Id like to see you stick with the brand. Im nearly certain there are people who snow checked the other brands saying the same thing (FU) right now. Grass isn’t always greener, but maybe your FU reference means you’re getting out of the sport all together and are going to buy a new lawnmower? Cant blame you…mowing grass is my favorite.


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