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  1. I would have thought they would have something at country cat. Sad schedule actually…. Even erx would have been fine.

    • Its a metallic sunset orange with red graphics on seat. In Broken Arrow shots, I turned up the color in photoshop because it was such an overcast day. It brought out the reds of the log home and made the RIOT appear slightly more red.

      • I think it was DuPont that made an automotive paint that changed color, depending on which angle you looked at it. It was really an eye-catching paint, and I wonder if this orange is kind of like that. I like it, just can’t figure out what it is.

  2. Closest drive is over 6 hrs and requires a passport. Michigan snubbed again!

    Maybe some new dates will pop up, but with an event already planned for every weekend into April, I ain’t holding my breath.

  3. Orange, red, redish orange, does it really matter?
    Look how many shades of lime green we have had in the past number of years.
    Every second year it appears to change.
    Thats my beef.

    • I commented on the color, because I have seen it in person several times and can’t quite figure out whether it’s red or orange. I’m sorry if that frustrates you, I’ll stop commenting on the color. It’s a very good looking sled in person.

      For those able, please do go see them. The list of venues is short, and I hope they add more locations.

      Before the pandemic, I drove several hours to see new snowmobiles of another brand. I asked, when can I demo them, I’ll go anywhere. They said, “we don’t do that”. I said, I’m not buying one of your snowmobiles unless I get to test ride one. They said, don’t worry, your dealer can help you decide which one to buy.

      This is one of those times, when it’s really hard to describe how good something is, unless you can see it for yourself. I sincerely hope more venues will be added for potential Catalyst buyers. People need to ride it to believe it.

  4. I plan on being over at Eagle River. Kale, do you know if we will have to buy admission into the races to do the demo rides?

    Looking forward to riding them at a much lower elevation then out in Wyoming.

  5. “Marketing department is just killing it!”
    Well said. Maybe they promoted the styling team that came up with battleship grey and now white/powderpuff blue to the marketing team.

  6. they didn’t have one at the ditchbanger nationals at ERX this weekend but they SHOULD have one for people at ERX this coming weekend as the SX race in NY was moved to ERX for people to at least look at before they take them to Eagle River. considering going to Eagle River as it’s a short ride for me.

    c’mon marketing dept… people want to see these!

    • I didn’t see it on the 2024 ProCross models I rode during the photo shoot in January. That doesn’t mean it won’t be, because they would have to make changes to the production line to add it (and probably wouldn’t do that while still making 2023 sleds). But, I’ve seen nothing to indicate they plan to add it.

  7. Updated Feb 20: The Eagle River demo event is still ON, even though the races have been cancelled. Demo dates will be Saturday and Sunday, February 25-26, 10:00AM to 5:00PM.

    Eagle River – World Championship Derby Complex – Facebook page has more details.


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